Disclaimer:I don't own Gundam Seed, Death note, and Code Geass

Disclaimer:I don't own Gundam Seed, Death note, and Code Geass.

A/N: Thank to for everything, hehe.. This is my first story and I know that this is nonsense but please read.. Btw, every chapter is connected to each other but it's still in the future. I'm sorry if there are grammatical errors.

Chapter 1 :Kira is "kira", eh?

Kira: Excuse me, I'm just new here, I'm Kira.

"L": You're saying that you're "kira".

Kira: Hai, and you are?

"L": Ryuzaki..

Kira: Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you). Can you help me tour the place?

"L": thinking I must observe him,and I'm sure that I will be able to know how he kills.

Kira: Is something wrong?

"L": tonikaku ii desu yo (nevermind), let's go.

Unknown to them, someone is watching them and is currently laughing like maniac.

Back to Kira and "L",

"L": You said a while ago that you're "kira", so how do you kill? A/N: "L" is always straight to the point

Kira: Wha-what do you mean?

"L": I wasn't expecting such reaction from you. Anyways,my first suspect of being "kira" is Light (Raito) Yagami but since you already told me that you're "kira", he's still not out of suspicion.


"L": I'm now sure that you're "kira".

Kira: Of course I'm Kira as in Kira Yamato!

"L": Kira Yamato is "kira", the killer.

Kira: Shut the F up! (turns into seed mode and began chasing "L")

"L": (running?)A/N: I can't picture "L" running, but I think it's funny

Go "L" run for your life! Anytime soon, the Strike Freedom will going to hunt or should I say "haunt" you. hahahaha.