This is the third and shorter insallment in this sad attempt of a-... well, whatever the heck you can call this.

Warning: Rated T for implications of death and multiple horrors.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Berserk, but I DO own this poem and any future stories related to it.

Crack In The Nightmare

I feel free

And yet not so.

Just when I am about to spread my wings and fly away

I notice the chain linking me to all I have been trying to flee from.

All the memories I thought I've forgotten,

They still haunt me.

I thought I was going to get away from all this,

But now I seemed consumed in it.

Like the living nightmare that never ends.

Like my own personal Hell.

But I see, even in the darkness,

A lighting gleam;

It brings such powerful emotion to my being.

Is it, can it be? A way out of this Hell?

If anyone thinks I should do anything with this poem(like make it into a story) let me know.

Cookies to all who took their time to read this!

(apologies for anyone allergic to cookies!)