Ayesha Raees: Thanks for reviewing…the statement was really sweet…

Ayesha Raees: Thanks for reviewing…the statement was really sweet….


SHadowBlade7330: So I got only one review…..I just want to see the end of this story!

Chapter two

"Do you think they will succeed?"

"Yes. Emotions have made Kai weak. He will do anything to protect his friends from harm and when he hands over his medallion to Kane and he adds the darkness chip to it, Dranzer will disappear and our supreme Black Dranzer will reappear and with them on our side, no one will be able to stop me from taking over the world!"

"Indeed Voltaire! Indeed!" Boris smirked

Meanwhile at the woods

"Why do you think he wants us to capture that particular teen?" Lilly asked curiously

"He is the owner of Dranzer, no?" Gary added

"I suppose" Kim replied

"Well I overheard Master talking to that purple-haired shit…"Axel smirked


"Well, Master was saying that Kai, his grandson, had escaped from the abbey taking Dranzer with him but fortunately they still had Black Dranzer !It seems that this Kai was the only one who was actually able to control Black Dranzer and if they had Black Dranzer and her master on their side they would be unstoppable!"

"He's willing to have his own grandson controlled like a robot just to take over the world?"Lilly exclaimed with a shudder

"Is it possible you are feeling sorry for him Evans?

"NO! It's just that…"

"You were always the worst liar!"

"Oh shut up!"

"Anyways why does he want Kai?"

"I've heard that Dranzer was the ultimate bitbeast before they separated Black Dranzer from her! When they separated them they each were half and half and incomplete!"


"Yes! That they divided her power into half!"

"So only the true master of Dranzer could control them both and only with his aid they can take over the world?"

"That's right!"

"Then Kai doesn't stand a chance!"Axel laughed evilly

"Now where is the dojo?"

"Its two blocks away from Shi-fang"


"Shi-fang, you know the weird restaurant that serves lizards and snakes and…shudders…cats and dogs!"

"All right, that means that we're almost there!"

"Just watch out Kai! Just watch out!"

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