Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Seed Destiny

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Seed Destiny.

Chapter 1: The unexpected arrival

Hibiki manor, Saturday 5:00 pm

Kira's day couldn't get any better since yesterday. He finally had the courage to ask his long-time crush named, Lacus Clyne on a date. Thoughts about it makes him smile.


"Hey, Lacus!", Kira called as he spotted his princess.

"Is something wrong, Kira? You seemed exhausted.", Lacus said with concern.

"Uhmm, are you free tomorrow night?", he said as his cheeks began to turn red.

"Yes, why?"

"I just want to ask you if you want to go with me for a dinner tomorrow?", he asked nervously.

"Of course"

"Could you repeat it once again", he said disbelievingly.

"I said, of course"

"Really?! Then, I'll just fetch you at your house at 7:00 pm", he said with a wide smile.

"Ok, bye. See you tomorrow!"


Kira rushed downstairs to look for his mother but he accidentally missed a step and fell off the stairs, face first and a loud "BANG" sound was heard.

"OW!", Kira yelled causing the people inside the house to panic and hurriedly went in the crime scene.

"Oh my! What happened? Are you alright?, Via asked his son as she helped him stand.

"Don't worry mom, I'm fine", Kira answered as he gave his mother a reassuring smile.

"Are you sure? Or do you want me to call Lacus to cancel your date?"

"Mom, don't! I'm fine, swear. Anyways, I have to go now, see you later, bye", and with that Kira left.

PLANTS International Airport

A blond-haired girl with fiery amber eyes exited the airport and took a cab. The ride went smoothly and after 30 minutes, she finally arrived at her destination and paid the driver and the cab took off. Cagalli began clicking the doorbell until someone opened the gate and was surprised to see her.

"Cagalli?! Is that you?", Myrna said as she hugged the blonde.

"Myrna! OMG! Hello!, Where's mom?"

"She's inside, let me help you with your things, let's go."

The other maids opened the door and greeted Cagalli. Via saw her daughter and hugged her tight.

"Mom, you're choking me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just missed you so much. Why didn't you inform us that you'll arrive today?", Via asked as she let go of Cagalli.

"Is it wrong to surprise you? Uhmm, where's dad and my little brother?"

"Your father will be home late today while Kira is currently on a date with Lacus Clyne."


"He was so excited that he fell from the stairs awhile ago", Via said as she tried to suppress her laughter."

Via asked Cagalli about her stay in as during dinner. Then, Cagalli decided to surprise her brother. It was already 9 pm when Kira got home. He was still in "cloud nine" that he failed to notice a certain someone who is currently sitting on the couch.

"Hey, bro! How's your date?"

"What the heck?! CAGALLI!

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