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It was the second day of the school festival…

"I could enjoy the school festival at last.", Cagalli said to no one in particular.

"I'm so tired yesterday because of that play.", Miriallia sighed.

"C'mon my dear Milly, cheer up.", Dearka kneeled infront of Miriallia.

"Elsman, don't start ruining my mood or else I'll punch you square in the face.", Mirialli threatened and swung her fist in front of Dearka's face.

The others laughed after Dearka backed away a little with a sweatdrop. After Milly returned to her happy mood, Dearka approached her again.

"Do you want me to win that bear for you?", Dearka said with sparkling eyes.

"No need, I can win it on my own.", Miriallia replied sarcastically.

Dearka did not reply, instead he dragged Milly along.

"Stop dragging me! I haven't said 'YES', you know!", Milly yelled.

Back with the others

"Dearka is very hyper today.", Shinn commented and laughed.

"I wonder what the word 'NO' means in Dearka's vocabulary.", Cagalli said.

"For him, 'NO' means 'try again later'.", Kira answered.

"That's right, so poor Milly, hahahaha…", Shiho told Cagalli, "So, what shall we do now? Those two are already enjoying the day.", she added.

"I'm planning to go to the Dance Booth.", Stellar said.

"I'll go to the Videoke Booth, I really want to sing.", Lacus told them, "Wanna go with me, Cags?", Lacus asked.

"I will visit the exhibits first because I heard that those are really great.", Cagalli replied.

"I want to go there too, princess.", Athrun suddenly spoke.

"And your point?", Cagalli turned to the blue-haired guy opposite her, "It's better if you keep a 'safe' distance from me, and I mean by safe distance is 3 meters away."

"If I'm going to stay away from you, you won't be able to hate me more and you'll miss me very much.", Athrun said meaningfully.

"Hate you more? YES! Miss you? IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Ows?!", the others said in unison.

Cagalli glared at them while Athrun chuckled.

"Uhmm, sis, it's better if you leave now.", Kira said nervously.

"What's that suppose to mean?", Cagalli asked while raising her left eyebrow.

"Uhmm, hehe, nevermind."

Cagalli ignored her brother and left.

"Phew! I thought she'll kill me.", Kira added.

"If she hears you, I'm-", Shinn started saying.

"Stop talking behind my back!", They heard Cagalli's voice.

Kira and Shinn coughed while the others laughed, then they went on their own destinations. Athrun was peacefully sitting on the bench when 3 girls dragged him.



"I wonder where the exhibits are.", Cagalli said to herself.

Cagalli continued walking when someone put a blindfold in her eyes.

"Hey! What are you doing? Who are you? Whre are you bringing me?!."

The person did not say anything and just continued leading the way.


Few minutes later,

They finally arrived at their destination and Cagalli was instructed to sit down. Someone removed her blindfold and TADA!, there were confetti and the whole place is color red with hanging paper hearts.

"What is this place?", Cagalli asked, obviously conused.

"This is the Love-Jail Booth.", a girl with black hair said proudly.

"And why am I here?"

"Because you're caught just like me.", a familiar voice said.

Cagalli turned to look at the person and saw the one and only, Athrun Zala.

"You're here too?!", Cagalli exclaimed.

"Luckily, yes."

"Can someone explain to me the reason why I'm here.", Cagalli said.

"You're here because the Love-Jail Booth, 'imprisons' those who are caught alone.", a brunette girl said.

"That's not fair.", Cagalli protested.

"See, I told you that we must go to the exhibit together.", Athrun emphasized.

"Are you blaming me?"

"I never said that I blame you."

"But you're implying it."

"I don't"

"You do"





"I DON'T!"

"Why are you shouting?", Cagalli questioned

"I'm not shouting.", Athrun tried to calm down.

"Yes you did, so admit it already.", Cagalli said with an evil grin.

"This girl is provoking me, and I hate to adit that she succeeded.", Athrun thought, "Okay, okay I'm shouting a while ago...HAPPY?!", he said.

"You're still shouting, you know."

Athrun just rolled his eyes while Cagalli celebrated her 'victory'.

"You know, you two look cute together.", another girl with light green hair, obviously a senior student said.

"Definitely right." "Absolutely wrong.", the two answered at the same time.

Cagalli glared at Athrun while the others just giggled.

"Anyway, what should I do here?", Cagalli changed the topic.

"You have to stay here with Athrun, isn't that nice.", the senior student answered.

"What?! I'm stuck with Zala here the whole day? I thought I will enjoy this day."

"Actually, here are two ptions. Option 1, you'll stay here at the LJB for uhmm, 8 hours. Or Option 2, you are able to go outside and enjoy the day but with this.", the senior girl said as she showed the handcuffs she was holding.

"What is that for?", the two asked in unison.

"Nice question. Since you two want to enjoy the school festival, then you may but to make sure that you will still do the consequence, I'll handcuff you.", Their senior explained with a grin.

"Of course, I'll choose the second option.", Athrun declared.

"Whatever choice I make, I'll still end up being with Zala so I'll just choose the second option and pretend that I don't see him.", Cagalli said.

The brunette a while ago held Athrun and Cagalli's hand, then the senior girl handcuffed Cagalli's left and Athrun's right hand.

"Okay, you may go now, enjoy the day! Go back later for the key.", With that Athrun and Cagalli left the booth.



"Where shall 'we' go?", Athrun asked.

"I want to ride the merry-go-round.", Cagalli answered happily.

I thought, you don't see nor hear me.", Athrun said with a smirk.

"Whatever! By the way, like what I've said I want to go to the merr-go-round."

"You're aware that we're handcuffed, right? And you want me to ride the maerry-go-round.", Athrun said in disbelief.

"What's wrong with it?", Cagalli asked innocently.

"What do you think will the others say if they saw ME, ATHRUN ZALA, riding a horse in the merry-go-round?"

"They will that you're a gay and they laugh at you."

"Me a what? Why don't we just go on the Haunted House Booth and let's see if I'm a gay as you were saying."

"We'll go where?! At the Haunted House Booth! If I know, you have a plan."

"And what would that be?", Athrun asked curiously.

"You want me to HUG or worse, GROPE you if I got scared! You're really a pervert!"

"Huh? Oh, I understand. You're scared of ghosts. I never thought that you're a coward, princess. But don't worry 'coz you're knight is just beside you."

"For your information, I'm not scared of ghosts and definitely not a coward, and where's my so called 'knight'? I can't see him."

"You're no scared? Prove it.", Athrun dared.

"Okay, let's go now!", Cagalli said and pulled Athrun. "Oh my gosh! Where have I gotten my self into!", Cagalli's mind screamed.


Haunted House Booth


Cagalli's feet must have rooted on the ground, the moment they arrived at the Haunted House Booth. Because of her nervousness, she did not hear what the guy in front of them was saying until Athrun nudged her.

"WHAT?!", Cagali said in an irritated tone.

"We're next.", Athrun replied with a smirk.

The two started walking inside.


Few seconds after they arrived inside, they already heard shrieks and screams.

"Hey, are you alright?", Athrun asked.

"Mmm-me...Of course, I guess.", Cagalli replied.

They continued walking when suddenly, Cagalli felt something cold brush her right arm, then...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Cagalli screamed.

"Don't scream on my ear, it hurts.", Athrun said jokingly.

Cagalli finaly calmed down and blushed because of embarrassment but Athrun wasn't able to see it because of the darkness.

"Here, hold my right arm.", Athrun offered, "C'mon, don't be shy, I won't tell anyone."he added with a grin.

"As if.", Cagalli replied sarcastically.

Three minutes later, Athrun felt a trembling and cold hand hold his arm and he smirked.

"Don't get any ideas, Zala."


Few minutes later,

They finally got out of the Haunted House and looked for their friends.

"Hey guys!", Their friends called out and walked towards the two.

"What's with the handcuffs? Are you alright, Cags? You're so pale.", Lacus said with concern.

"Hehehe, you think so? And about the handcuffs, it's a long story.", Cagalli replied.

"Ahem, sis, why are you holding Athrun's arm?", Kira said with a glint in his eyes.

Cagalli looked at her hand and panicked.

"Huh? I'm not holding his arm.", Cagalli replied defensively, "I'm just...just...removing some dirt, hehehehe, that's right. I'm just removing dirt in his arm." She added as she started brushing Athrun's arm and shirt with her hand.

"You know princess, even though I know that you're lying, I'll just let it pass and pretend that I believe your alibi.", Athrun told his princess, aka Cagalli.

"Hahahaha, very Punny...With a capital 'P'!", Cagalli replied sarcastically, "Anyway, Shiho can I go with you? Please.", Cagalli begged while doing the famous puppy dog eyes.

"If you go with me, it means that Athrun will go with us too. I might be an interruption to your 'date', hehehe, so just enjoy Athrun's company.", Shiho replied.

After that, the others started walking again.

"So, where's the next stop?", Athrun asked.

"To hell, uhmm, I mean to the merry-go-round.", Cagalli replied.

"What?! I thought you've changed your mind already."

"That was like 20 minutes ago but now, I want to go there again."

"Please, anywhere just not the merry-go-round.", Athrun pleaded.

"Whether you like it or not, we'll go there."

"Okay, but just this once.", Athrun sighed in defeat.


After 8 'torturing' hours,

The two went to the Love-Jail Booth to get the key of the handcuff.

"Welcome back! Did you enjoy your day together?", the senior girl before asked.

"Yeah" "Slight", they answered at the same time again.

After the handcuff was removed...

"Hello, freedom!", Cagalli said happily.

The others just laughed and the two left. They saw their friends who were obviously waiting for them.

"How's your day?", Shiho asked.

"No comment.", Cagalli answered.

"Athrun let's go, we have to practice now.", Kira said.

"Oh, okay.", Athrun replied.

The guys bid farewell to the girls and left.

"What's the practice-thingy all about?", Cagalli asked in curiosity.

"You'll know soon.", Miriallia replied.


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