The Elf Prince

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"blah" Common Speech

"blah" Elvish

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Chapter 1

Tegalad Telcontar ran swiftly through the streets of Minas Tirith. His raven black hair was tied in a ponytail at the base of his neck to keep off his face and his emerald green eyes sparkled in amusement.

The elfling had grown much over the past ten years. He was no longer the small child who needed to be protected from the evils of Middle Earth. Now he was almost a young man, popular amongst adults and a positive influence over children.

The eighteen year old was the heir to the throne of Gondor and older brother of twins Eámanë and Elerossë Telcontar. The twins were nearing their ninth birthdays and both idolized their brother.

Eámanë had inherited her mother's beauty. Her raven black hair danced around her shoulders and down her back while her clear blue eyes were always warm and compassionate. Her ears were pointed due to her elvish blood and her voice, while young, had a musical quality that no man could ever mimic.

Elerossë was his father's son in every sense of the word. His dark shoulder length hair was tied up in a ponytail similar to his brother's and his greenish-grey eyes were always full of laughter. His ears were also pointed and where his sister's voice was musical and light, his contained hidden laughter and could cheer up anyone.

Both children had talent with the sword but it was Elerossë who enjoyed it more. Eámanë preferred books and music over fighting despite the ease at which the blade moved in her hands. The two were proficient in horse riding and often visited their extended family in Rivendale and Lothlorien.

Tegalad travelled with them and found he enjoyed the peaceful quality of the forests. He had come quite a way from the fearful child he'd been when he'd first met Aragorn. He was now more comfortable crowds but still preferred being by himself. His magic abilities had stayed with him throughout the years and he had trained himself until he had achieved mastery over his elements. Gandalf the White assisted him with his tasks and taught him much about the Istari, the wizards of Middle Earth.

As the heir to the throne, Tegalad had to learn to speak fluent Common Speech and the history of Middle Earth. He had a responsibility to the people of Gondor and being the person he was, Tegalad had thrown himself into a studying frenzy in an effort to learn all he could. He didn't want to disappoint his new father by being anything less than perfect.

His new parents, Aragorn and Arwen – the King and Queen of Gondor – were loved by everyone. They neither hid in their rooms nor ignored the people but instead were often spotted walking the city and speaking to anyone they pass by.

Tegalad joined them when he was not studying or learning how to handle various weapons but never felt entirely comfortable. Shortly before his brother and sister were born he began playing with other kids close to his age. His best friend was a boy named Locksley, but Tegalad called him Lock. Lock was a few years older than the elfling prince with light brown hair and innocent golden brown eyes. The two had formed an almost instant friendship.

Lock had tripped on some of the rubble from the battle of Minas Tirith that had yet to be moved. Somehow the boy had managed to get his foot caught between two rocks and was unable to move. Tegalad had seen the boy fall and had rushed over to see if he could help. The two had been friends ever since.

Lock had taken the elfling under his wing so to speak and introduced him to other kids in the city. Tegalad was almost instantly popular with everyone and very few even remembered his status. It was a life he had wanted back when he was first introduced into the wizarding world back in his previous life. His status meant nothing until he could prove that he deserved he station.

"Tegalad!" Tegalad stopped running and turned to look over his shoulder. Lock was jogging towards him with a serious expression on his face. Tegalad waited until his friend had caught up before continuing his journey at a more reasonable pace.

"What's wrong?" Tegalad asked when Lock didn't say anything. Lock looked at him in concern before speaking.

"Have you heard the rumours?" was all he asked. Tegalad frowned and nodded. Rumours were being brought to Minas Tirith on the lips of passing riders that a new evil was arising. Aragorn was taking the rumours seriously and keeping a closer watch on his growing children. No one knew what the new evil was but the potential threat was scaring most people.

"Have you heard anything new?" Tegalad asked still frowning. Lock nodded and bit his lower lip anxiously.

"The newest rumour is that this new evil is targeting your family…or more specifically…you," Lock refused to look into his friend's eyes as he spoke. Tegalad stopped walking, his eyes wide in shock and a bit of fear.

"Why me?" he asked. Lock shrugged.

"No one knows," he replied putting a comforting hand on the prince's shoulder. "Just be careful alright? Life would get pretty dull here without you." The last part was a weak attempt to lighten the mood but Tegalad jumped at the chance to defuse the depressing atmosphere.

"I know; what would you do with yourself?" Tegalad put a hand on his chest in mock despair as he started walking again. "You'd probably stay at home and forge new swords day in and day out." Lock smirked in amusement.

"Your lack of imagination astounds me, even after years of knowing you," he stated. Tegalad looked back over his shoulder with a similar smirk.

"That's what I have you for," he replied unconcerned. "You have the imagination and I have the skills to pull it off." Lock laughed. The two continued walking up to the higher levels of Minas Tirith to bring news to the King and see what mischief the twins had gotten into in their absence.

Aragorn looked down at his twin children with a raised eyebrow. The two squirmed under his gaze and refused to look into his eyes. Arwen watched from the corner, a book sitting open on her lap, but her attention was on the scene before her.

"What were you thinking when you decided to do this?" Aragorn asked keeping his face straight. "How do you think your brother would react when he returned to find his room vandalized?"

"Please Ada, Tegalad won't mind. He'd laugh before fixing it," Elerossë replied with wide eyes.

"He's too serious," Eámanë added. "The rumours are getting to him. He needs to relax." Aragorn sighed. He knew that Tegalad was becoming stressed over the rumours but didn't know how to deal with it.

"Tegalad will be fine," Arwen called from across the room. "The twins are right; he needs to be himself without the stress of doing what people expect him to do." The King nodded reluctantly. Tegalad spent much time in the city with his friends and was often forced to reassure people that the new-found evil wouldn't impact on their lives much.

The twins looked back and forth at their parents with sad expressions on their faces. They knew that their brother took on too much at one time to spare others the burden but didn't know what to do to help. Painting his room pink and placing a bucket of water over the door so that the first to enter would become wet seemed like a good idea in the early hours of that morning.

Unfortunately, Aragorn had been the one to open the door – becoming drenched in the process. That is what had led the twins to their current predicament.

The door to the room opened loudly, cutting off any reply Aragorn may have made to his wife. The four occupants of the room turned towards the door and saw the reason for their conversation.

"Father, Mother, Lock has heard of new rumours," Tegalad said as he walked further into the room. He raised an eyebrow at the twins' innocent expressions and his father's somewhat drenched appearance.

"Do I want to even know what the two of you did this time?" he asked the twins in elvish. Eámanë and Elerossë shook their heads in unison.

"How bad is it this time Locksley?" Aragorn asked looking towards his eldest son's friend. Locksley bowed slightly in respect before replying.

"The newest rumour is that your family is being targeted Your Majesty," he said solemnly. "The man I heard this from is particularly afraid for Prince Tegalad's safety. Apparently he is the main target." Aragorn nodded in dismay. He looked over at his son and saw the carefully blank mask on his face. Aragorn knew that Tegalad was troubled by the news but wouldn't do anything in public.

"Thank you Master Locksley," Aragorn continued. "I'd like to speak with my son shortly, do you need anything?" Lock shook his head.

"No Your Majesty," he replied bowing again. "Mother wants me to help father this afternoon and I must get going. I'll see you later Tegalad?" Tegalad nodded at his friend, a small smile on his face. The young man nodded in reply before leaving the room, shutting the door behind him.

Tegalad turned back to his family and focused on the twins. They smiled back innocently at him causing Tegalad to inwardly snort.

"What did you do to my room?" he asked instantly. The twins looked at each other sheepishly.

"We thought it could use some new colours," Elerossë said simply. Tegalad raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"What colours?" he asked.

"Pink," Eámanë replied smiling happily. "Your room looks so much better now. Ada saw it before you did though." Tegalad looked towards his father and his wet disposition.

"You put water above my door didn't you?"

"Only half a bucket, you don't get sick with half a bucket," Elerossë stated. Tegalad sighed. Being a fire elemental made him almost intolerant of water in large quantities. The twins had learnt that the hard way.

When they were five and just learning to swim, the twins had pushed their brother into the pool. When he didn't surface Eámanë had run off to get help while Elerossë stayed at the poolside to watch. A guard had pulled Tegalad out of the water moments before Aragorn had burst into the room.

A week later Tegalad woke up. The twins had promised to never do that again and had settled on smaller quantities. Half a bucket of water wouldn't make him sick but it would force him to dry himself quickly. The twins enjoyed seeing the flames cover his body as it banished the left over water.

"I'm going to say that it was a good thing that Ada prevented me from becoming drenched," Tegalad told the young twins. "Even if it meant he got drenched in the process." Tegalad looked towards his father and grinned. Arwen chuckled and walked glided over, her book forgotten. She pulled her oldest son into a warm hug which he returned gratefully.

"Why don't you two fix his room?" Arwen told the twins softly. Their faces fell at the thought of cleaning but dutifully ran off to remove the pink from their brother's room. Tegalad chuckled softly but kept his arms around his mother.

Aragorn settled himself in a chair and looked over at his son. Tegalad looked tired, a sure sign that he hadn't been sleeping well. He clung to his mother as if she would suddenly leave.

He must be afraid that the rumours are true, Aragorn thought sadly.

"Tegalad," he began. "What's bothering you?" Tegalad pulled away from Arwen slightly so that he could see both of them.

"What if this new evil manages to get to us?" he asked quietly. "What if he targets the twins, or you two to get to me if the newest rumours are true?" Arwen pulled the young man into another hug.

"We won't let that happen son," she said firmly. "Stop worrying about us. We are safe here in Gondor. You need to be careful about what you do though. Don't be a hero." Tegalad smiled sheepishly and pulled away again.

"I'm going to see how my dear brother and sister are going," he murmured with a small grin. "See if I can't help them out a bit."

The King and Queen of Gondor watched as their oldest son walked away. They looked at each other sadly.

"These new rumours are not good Aragorn," Arwen murmured. "What if they're true?"

"You know as well as I do that no one will let anything happen to Tegalad. He is too loved by the people for anything of bad intent to befall him," Aragorn replied standing up.

"I hope you're right," Arwen whispered. "I really hope you are."

In the barren wasteland of Mordor one man strode confidently down from the volcano. He was hooded and cloaked but not even the shadows could hide his glowing red eyes. On his right hand a familiar ring adorned his middle finger. Red lines surrounded the ring and darkness seemed to descend the further the man got to the bottom.

At the man's feet slithered a large black snake. Her black eyes glittered ominously as she followed her master. A fairly large scar was just visible on her back from where she had been struck with a magic blade.

"Nagini, come closer," the man hissed suddenly. The snake, Nagini, did as she was bid and circled up her master's legs and up to his shoulders.

"It's time to call them back, don't you think?" the man asked. Nagini nodded her agreement and watched in detached curiosity as the man raised his right hand and began chanting in a language that hadn't been spoken for thousands of years. Darkness became more pronounced and the wind picked up. Dark shadows grew from the ground until the shapes of two dozen cloaked men were decipherable.

The man lowered his hand and grinned sadistically. The newly formed men looked around in confusion until they saw the man above them. As one they knelt on the ground as a sign of respect or obedience.

"My faithful followers," the man began. "I have called you here from the realms of the dead to finish what was started. The boy who defeated us is here and I won't rest until his head is in my hands. We will triumph this time and no one will be able to stop us!"

The kneeling men cheered for their lord as they stood. The man, Lord Voldemort, watched them in amusement, the presence in the back of him mind echoed his amusement.

Soon, Sauron, soon we will defeat them all.

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