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The Elf Prince

Chapter 3

Lord Bregolien stood in the middle of an endless green plain, Lady Faelwen by his side. Surrounding them were thousands of dead souls from the realm of wizards. Each soul appeared to be the same age as they had been prior to dying and some had been there for many years. Closest to them were those who had died in the fateful battle at Hogwarts ten years previously.

"Who are we going to bring?" Lord Bregolien asked in a whisper to the elven Lady next to him.

"We can't send too many across," Lady Faelwen replied. "It's not their world."

"It wasn't the Bright One's either," Lord Bregolien pointed out.

"No," Lady Faelwen agreed. "But we made him a part of Middle Earth; we can't do that for all of them."

"Who was he closest to? We could send them across."

"I like the idea of sending people across who are knowledgeable in war tactics," Lady Faelwen admitted as her eyes danced over the people surrounding them.

"The founders of his school?" Lord Bregolien asked. "The old man, Dumbledore? Alastair Moody?"

"The founders, Moody could be a help, those twins with the red hair, the Marauders and the Bright One's mother…"

"Not his friends?" Lord Bregolien asked as he spotted the group of young children cluttered together, laughing because of a joke the red haired male had said. Lady Faelwen shook her head.

"As much as it would make the Bright One happy, they'd expect him to be the same as he was or wrap him up so tightly that he'd never be hurt again," she explained sadly. "He's better off with them here, out of trouble and not putting any more expectations on him than he needs."

"So we have…the four founders, Alastair Moody, the Weasley twins, the three Marauders and Lily Potter? Am I right?"

"Yes, call them over."

"Very well My Lady," Lord Bregolien said with a bow. He strode off into the middle of the crowd of people, looking for ten specific individuals to return to life to save a boy once again in the clutches of those who would do him harm.

Lord Saeldur watched the scene in front of him sadly. The young elvish prince was deeply asleep, recovering from his torture session, with his siblings clinging to him as if he would disappear without them. The sight tore at his immortal heart and he wished desperately to be able to go and see them, to let them know that they'd be free soon.

He, and the other two elves, had been watching over the former wizard since his arrival in Middle Earth and the last few months he had spent in the wizarding world. It had been Lord Saeldur's idea to revert the boy to the age of an elfling child, so he could recover from his wounds and gain a family he had always wanted and needed.

Lady Faelwen had supported his idea and together the two of them had wrapped their own magic around the injured young man and made him a child again. A side-effect of their meddling had turned the human into an elf, not entirely unwanted but definitely a surprise.

The immortal elf turned when he heard his companions returning, several others with them. he stood up, pulling his gaze from the three children, and stared at the ten humans before him.

He was relieved to see that four of the humans carried swords at their waists, and obviously knew how to use them. One man was heavily scarred, the appearance of someone who knew how to fight and wasn't afraid to get physical, another good choice.

There were also two male red heads, clearly young still but experienced in war. He nodded at them after a moment as they stared back at him without fear.

Lord Saeldur wasn't sure about the woman with red hair, but one look in her eyes and he saw how determined she was and he nodded approvingly. The three men besides her had serious expressions on their faces. The two older men in the group of three had obviously been a part of a war, one had seen too much and the other controlled by a separate force.

Lord Saeldur focused on the man curiously. He had seen this man follow the elfling around, a concerned parent where Tegalad hadn't had any. He saw the wolf inside the man and considered what to do.

"Wolf man," he said in Common Speech. "Come closer."

The man did as he was bid and stepped out from the group, fearless in front of the immortal. Lord Saeldur stared into the man's eyes and drew out the wolf. The man transformed in front of everyone but didn't attack.

"To you I give this gift of being able to control your form without help. You will be able to change no matter the time and the full moon will not affect you. You are now free of this curse; you are but a wolf-man, completely in control of what you do and without the ability to turn someone." Lord Saeldur looked down at the wolf, who nodded and changed back into a human. The man had tears in his eyes as he thanked the elf. Lord Saeldur nodded at him and gestured for him to return to the group. His friends grabbed him in a hug instantly.

"You have been chosen to go to the land of Middle Earth and assist the land in ridding itself of the most recent evil," Lord Bregolien said, drawing everyone's attention away from the wolf-man. "This new evil originates from your world, but he is possessed by an immortal spirit who won't die unless he is bound to a ring of unimaginable power and thrown into Mount Doom, deep in the land of Mordor. This has been attempted once before, and that host was destroyed, but the spirit lives on still."

"The spirit, Dûrion, has taken the body and powers of the Dark Lord Voldemort," Lady Faelwen continued, ignoring the gasps from the group. "He has received all of Voldemort's memories, including the ones about a powerful young man responsible for his defeat, both in your world and Middle Earth."

"The ten of you will arrive in Mordor," Lord Saeldur continued. "Your first job is to rescue the young prince of Gondor, Prince Tegalad, and his twin siblings, Prince Elerossë and Princess Eámanë. From there you are to offer your assistance to King Aragorn of Gondor, and defeat this evil. We will always be watching and coming to you with instructions."

"I have a question," the scarred man said. "What happened to Harry after the final battle? I died before finding out."

"Harry was sent to Middle Earth," Lord Bregolien answered. "He has been there for ten years."

"Is my baby happy?" the red haired woman asked tearfully.

"He has been adopted, and up till recently has been very happy," Lady Faelwen said smiling. "He has recovered well but I fear that what is happening now will send him back to the child he was when we first sent him to Middle Earth."

"When do we leave?" asked one of the men with a sword.

"Now," Lord Saeldur replied. "Good luck."

The ten humans winked out of existence in a flash of white leaving behind the three immortals.

"Do you think they'll succeed?" Lord Bregolien asked worriedly.

"Yes," the other two replied without hesitation.

The three immortals stood together, watching the young prince and his siblings as they slept restlessly in the dungeons of Mordor.

Tegalad felt two small hands shaking him awake and sat up with a start. Eámanë was close to tears but Elerossë was staring at the door in fear. Tegalad pulled the two close to him and listened as footsteps came closer to their cell.

"What are they going to do?" Eámanë asked fearfully.

"I don't know Eámanë, I truly don't know," Tegalad replied. Elerossë buried his head in his brother's shoulder as he shivered. Tegalad didn't know what to do. He hadn't been tortured since he lived in the wizarding world but he remembered how it had felt. He didn't want his brother and sister to suffer the same fate.

The door to their cell opened to reveal a tall, cloaked figure. Tegalad recognised the posture as one of the Lestrange brothers and instinctively clutched his siblings tighter.

"Potter," Lestrange said in sick anticipation. "The Dark Lord requests your presence…and then we'll be able to have some fun." Tegalad felt sick at the thought of reliving his torture sessions with the Death Eaters. All of them were mentally sick to enjoy the things they did to him, and plan to do again.

Lestrange entered the cell with two others and waited until the twins were struggling in the hold of his colleagues before lifting Tegalad off the ground. Tegalad struggled to escape but in his weakened state in was rather futile.

"Let's go Potter, we'll have our fun later," Lestrange laughed as he began dragging the elf prince away. The other two Death Eaters followed with Elerossë and Eámanë who had been silenced with a silencing spell.

Tegalad was pulled ahead of his siblings and was able to see their tear-streaked faces and fear-filled eyes. He tried to tell them with his eyes not to worry but wasn't sure he succeeded.

The three elves were dropped in a large room inhabited by several more Death Eaters. Tegalad recognised many of them, particularly the unmasked Dark Lord, but ignored them in favor of pulling his brother and sister close to him and hide their eyes.

The Death Eaters laughed maliciously, their need to cause pain clear in the postures. Tegalad glared at them but inside he was shivering in fear. Voldemort walked closer to him and stared down his non-existent nose at the trio on the ground.

"Well, well, well," the snake-man murmured. "If it isn't little Harry Potter, the boy who defeated me…and two more little brats to have fun with."

The Death Eaters laughed again but otherwise remained where they were. Tegalad tightened his grip on his siblings, his injuries protesting at his rough movements.

"How long has it been Harry?" Voldemort asked. "You're looking much better than the last time we saw each other. Last time, I believe, you were close to death."

"I was dead," Tegalad growled. "And so were you I remember; stabbed with the blade of Godric Gryffindor. You didn't stand a chance."

"Crucio!" Voldemort screamed. Tegalad covered his siblings' bodies and tried to hold in his pained screams. Eámanë was crying silently, the silencing charm still in place. Elerossë wasn't faring that much better, staring at his brother with wide eyes, unable to believe that anyone would willingly harm another.

Voldemort released the curse and Tegalad went limp instantly. He had managed to keep his screams inside, not wanting to scare the twins, but he couldn't repress the shivers that controlled his body.

"Seems you have forgotten a very important lesson Harry," Voldemort said calmly. "Don't speak unless I allow you to." Tegalad shivered again, this time in fear. He remembered the pain from his 'lessons'.

"Take the children away from him!" Voldemort ordered the nearest Death Eater. Tegalad held the twins tighter but they were pried from his grip with ease. The twins were both crying and trying to get back to their brother while Tegalad was trying to get to them.

"You bastard! They're children!" he snapped in anger. Voldemort smiled at him, a truly repulsing smile that had the hair standing up on the back of his neck.

"It seems I must re-teach that lesson to you Harry," the man hissed softly. "Do not speak unless I allow you to. Crucio."

The curse hit Tegalad with much more force than last time. His head flew backwards and hit the ground with a sickening crunch. His body writhed on the ground, but he was silent. He wouldn't let his siblings hear him scream, not willingly.

Voldemort released the curse and stared at the limp man in front of him. He shook his head and reapplied the curse without warning. Tegalad tried not to scream but the pain was overriding his senses. Nothing existed except for the endless pain. He screamed.

He was no longer the Prince of Gondor. He was no longer the adopted son of Aragorn and Arwen. He was no longer Tegalad Telcontar. He was Harry, the abused little boy on his first trip into the wizarding world. He was the child the world had pinned its hope on. He was the child the world had condemned. He was the boy who had barely survived Voldemort's 'care' when he was still in the wizarding world. He was the fearful child on his first day in Middle Earth.

The curse was lifted but the pain didn't stop. Tegalad didn't know how long he lay there, staring at the roof through unseeing eyes, before he was lifted to his feet by one of the Death Eaters. He swayed, but he remembered the 'lessons'. Remain standing unless ordered to sit, don't speak unless ordered to speak, obey every order given.

He couldn't see his siblings, but that didn't matter. He couldn't remember them, he couldn't remember his name. He was broken.

Eámanë screamed with her older brother. His screams were heart-shattering. The cloaked med surrounding her and her twin were laughing. They enjoyed the screams. More of the men sent the jets of red light at Tegalad causing him to scream louder.

She didn't understand what was going on. The snake-man kept calling her brother "Harry" but she didn't know why. She wanted to go home and curl up beside her mother and father, everything just a bad dream. Tegalad would be laughing with his friends in the city, unconcerned with the evils of life, happy and carefree. Lock would be by his side, causing mayhem in the city. Abby would stand on the sidelines, shaking her head at the irresponsibility the two boys were portraying.

Elerossë was trying to fight, but the twins were nine and quite small. She was grateful that the men hadn't understood what their ears meant, if they had seen them at all. They seemed to be only concerned with Tegalad, and how loud they could make him scream.

When Tegalad's screams died out Eámanë increased her desire to be free, to be by Tegalad's side, to comfort him like she did after he woke from a nightmare. But one of the other men beat her to it. He pulled her brother to his feet and he swayed.

Tegalad's eyes were unfocused, like he was unaware of his surroundings. His face was blank, without emotion, and his posture was similar to that of a soldier who had given up. She wished she could scream at him, make him hear her, but she was still silenced, Elerossë too. There was nothing the two could do to reach their brother.

"Well done Harry," the snake-man congratulated. "It seems you do remember your lessons." He laughed, the cloaked men following his lead. Eámanë stared at her brother helplessly, angry tears wetting her cheeks.

"Take them back to the dungeons," the man ordered. "Let them wait for an hour and then you can have a go at torturing them." The cloaked men chuckled in anticipation and started to drag the twins out. Eámanë tried to go to Tegalad but her holder refused to let her go. The last thing she heard before being pulled out of the room was the snake-man once again speaking to her brother.

"You will obey me, Harry, and I will break you. Kneel."

Eámanë burst into tears, unable to stop the cloaked men from dragging her back to the dungeons.

Godric Gryffindor looked around the room they had arrived in. His dark brown hair was pulled back off his face and his brown eyes raked the room intently. His red robes trimmed with gold and with the design of a golden lion on his back stood out in the gloomy room. At his side was a sword, decorated with bright rubies and engraved with his name.

Beside him stood his best friend and brother in all but blood, Salazar Slytherin. Salazar wore dark green robes with a silver trimming and a silver snake on his back. A sword, similar to Godric's, hung at his side, but instead of rubies there were emeralds that twinkled in the darkness. His hair was black and tied at the base of his neck with a simple tie, and his blue eyes were cold.

Besides Salazar was Rowena Ravenclaw. Her blue robes were tight against her slim body and brushed the floor when she moved. A raven sat on her shoulder, camouflaged against her raven-black hair. Her blue eyes were sad but determined as she studied the layout of the room in front of her. At her side, almost hidden in the folds of her robe, was a delicate looking sword adorned with sapphires.

On the other side of Godric was Helga Hufflepuff. Her light brown hair was done up in a simple bun, her golden brown eyes, normally warm, were cold as she spotted some shackles in the room. Her black and yellow dress hugged her body in a similar manner to Rowena's robe and also brushed against the ground. In her hand was a long sword, decorated with a single golden topaz on the hilt.

Behind the four founders stood the Marauders; James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The three men were wearing battle robes, their wands in their hands, ready for immediate use. While all different ages, it was obvious that they still had a brotherly bond and were as close as they had always been.

Lily Potter stood beside her husband, also dressed in battle robes with her red hair pulled back off her face and her wand in her hand. Her green eyes roamed to room, very clearly looking for her son.

Alastair Moody stood apart from the group, his magical eyes moving quickly as he searched for any traps or other people around. His wand was also in his hand buy there was also a small dagger in the belt of his pants.

Fred and George Weasley, or Gred and Forge as they preferred to be known, were not the carefree troublemakers they were normally seen as. Their eyes were serious and lacked amusement while their hands were gripped tightly around their wands. They were very keenly aware that they were the youngest of the group and didn't want to be considered as a waste of time. Not until they were free anyway.

"What do we do now?" James asked quietly.

"Disillusion yourselves," Salazar ordered. "Blend into the background a wait. No one expects us to be here so let them think that for the time being."

"A group of Death Eaters are coming," Alastair interrupted. "They appear to have two children with them." Lily gasped but quickly disillusioned herself, distantly noticing the others mimicking her.

The Death Eater roughly threw the two children into the room and left. The boy got up again instantly and started to bang on the door. He appeared to be screaming but no sound escaped from him. The girl sat on the floor and cried, hitting the floor every now and then in anger.

Lily took off the disillusion charm and put her hand on the girl's shoulder. She looked up instantly in fear and leapt away. She bumped into the boy who turned around at her touch, and shielded her with his body. Lily cast a silencing charm on the cell and removed the individual charms on the children.

"My name is Lily," she said warmly. The children stared at her with mistrust. They spoke to each other in another language that sounded like bells. Their words seemed to flow off their tongues and held a musical quality that Lily had never heard before.

"Lily, we need to get out of here," James said as he cancelled the charm on himself. The others soon copied him and the ten humans were soon visible. The children shrank against the wall in fear.

"We can't leave without them," Lily argued.

"The Death Eaters won't stay away forever," Sirius muttered. "We don't know how many were brought back with him. That needs to be figured out yet."

"I can see twelve," Alastair clarified. "And old snake-face himself."

"Just see if you can find a way out of here and we'll discuss them later," Godric ordered.

"Yes sir!" Alastair replied and moved to the edge of the cell to find a pathway out.

Meanwhile, while the group was talking amongst each other, Gred and Forge had walked over to the two children and sat down in front of them.

"Hey," Fred said softly. "I'm Fred and that there is George."

"Do you know where we are?" George asked.

"Or how to get out?"

"Or even how many people are here?"

The children moved their heads from side to side as the twins talked; small smiles on their faces.

"I'm Elerossë," the boy said softly. "This is my sister Eámanë."

"We're in Mordor," Eámanë added.

"No idea how to get out."

"Tegalad would know."

"There are only the cloaked humans here."

"No orcs or anything."

"That may change though."

"True," Eámanë conceded.

Fred and George watched as the younger twins spoke, their eyes wide and smiles huge. They were ecstatic to find another set of twins who could speak like they could, one after the other.

"Who's Tegalad?" Lily asked as she came over. The others were still discussing possible escapes.

"Our brother," Elerossë explained. "He's with them still."

"They made him scream," Eámanë whispered.

"Tegalad never screams."

"Never, not even when we made him angry."

"They really hurt him," Elerossë looked towards the door in hope of seeing his brother.

"We don't know what they're doing to him," Eámanë continued. "But it isn't good."

"How do you know that?" Lily asked.

"They were enjoying themselves," Elerossë replied.

"Like orcs when they see the chance to cause pain," Eámanë added.

"Quiet you lot," Salazar ordered from where he stood next to Alastair. "We've got company." Lily and the Weasley twins disillusioned themselves and watched as two more Death Eaters returned to the cell.

Between them walked an emotionless boy. His green eyes were vacant, lost, and blood dripped from the many wounds his body possessed. His clothing was ripped and his shoulders slumped in defeat.

Elerossë and Eámanë waited until the Death Eaters walked away laughing before running up to the boy and giving him a hug. The boy flinched and stepped back, fear flickering in his before emotionless eyes. The twins spoke in the musical language again and the boy seemed to relax. He sunk to the ground and pulled the children into a hug.

"Harry?" Lily asked as she made herself visible again. The boy's head shot up and his grip tightened. He spoke in the musical language to the twins who answered soothingly. The boy continued to stare at Lily as if she would disappear if he blinked.

"We have to get out of here," Sirius stated as he stared at the boy. The boy moved his gaze from Lily to Sirius. His eyes widened in disbelief and he quickly looked to where the others were hiding, easily seeing through their charms. He spoke to the twins softly.

"This is Tegalad," Eámanë explained. "He wants to know how you all got here."

"And if you could prove who you are," Elerossë added.

"Will he be asking questions?" Helga asked curiously. The twins nodded.

"Tell us your name's first and we'll ask a question relating to you," Elerossë stated. Sirius decided to go first.

"Sirius Black."

"How did you escape…Az-ka-ban?" Eámanë asked, sounding out the word slowly. Tegalad was whispering in the twins' ears.

"In my animagus form of a Grim," Sirius replied, changing into the animal as he did so. Tegalad nodded and looked to the next person.

"Remus Lupin."

"When were you bitten and who did it?" Elerossë asked this time.

"I was six and it was Fenir Greyback." Tegalad nodded again, his eyes flickering down the line.

"James Potter."

"He wants you to change," Eámanë whispered as she stroked her older brother's hair. James did as he was told and soon a majestic stag was standing in the middle of the cell. Tegalad had tears in his eyes when he nodded and looked to the next person.

"Lily Potter."

"Name your sister's family," Elerossë ordered.

"Petunia, her husband Vernon and her son Dudley," Lily replied. Her eyes were curious as she considered the personal questions being directed to them.

"Alastair Moody."

"Who took a part of your nose when you caught him?" Eámanë asked; she looked queasy at the question.

"Evan Rosier, Death Eater scumbag," Alastair replied as he scratched his half-missing nose. Tegalad grinned slightly with dark humor. His eyes flickered to the next person


"And Forge Weasley." Tegalad looked at them closely and smirked. His whispered his question to the twins who shivered.

"Who turned Ron's teddy bear into a spider when he was three?"

Fred and George laughed in past amusement.

"Fred did," George replied.

"Screamed like Ginny did when she wanted something."

Tegalad nodded again and turned to the four remaining humans. He stared at them with an emotionless face, taking in their appearances and weapons.

"Godric Gryffindor."

"Salazar Slytherin."

"Rowena Ravenclaw."

"Helga Hufflepuff."

The young twins spoke with their brother softly, curious as to knowing what his question would be. Tegalad looked at Salazar Slytherin and hissed. Salazar jumped in shock before grinning and replying in kind. Tegalad switched languages and spoke to the twins.

"He says that he believes you and would like to leave this place," Eámanë translated. Elerossë nodded his agreement and the two helped their brother to stand.

Tegalad swayed and gripped his siblings' shoulders to brace himself. He refused help from the others but agreed to follow them out.

Alastair took the lead, the Marauders just behind him. Tegalad and the young twins stumbled after them. Behind them were the Weasley twins and the four founders. They spent their time looking around the passageways or staring at Tegalad in concern. His harsh breathing could be easily heard in the silence and his staggering steps made him look like he was about to collapse.

But they couldn't help as he refused to allow any of them aside from his brother and sister to approach him. He was tense but his determination to get his siblings out made him courageous.

"What did he say to you Salazar?" Godric asked curiously.

"He asked me where and what I hid in the Chamber," Salazar replied. "Then he asked if I would vouch for you lot."

"I like him already," Godric muttered. Salazar chuckled.

"Why doesn't he speak English?" Helga asked. "He clearly understands it."

"It's a protective measure of his," Eámanë replied having been listening to the conversation.

"He reverts to speaking elvish when he's in pain," Elerossë added.

"It's how Ada found him ten years ago," Eámanë continued. "He was hurt-"

"And confused."

"So Ada looked after him, seeing as he could understand elvish."

"Ada?" George asked in confusion.

"It's elvish for father," Elerossë explained. "Our father is elf raised and out mother is full-blooded elf. We speak elvish all the time."

The founders nodded in understanding, while Fred and George puzzled over the rest of their confession.

"Your brother's adopted?" they asked together. The young twins looked at their older brother and spoke in elvish. Tegalad nodded wearily without verbally answering.

"Tegalad's adopted, yes," Eámanë supplied.

"He'll tell you more once we're home," Elerossë added.

The rest of their journey passed in silence, the only sounds being the shuffling of their feet and Tegalad's harsh breathing. They reached the Gates of Mordor without passing anyone else and slipped out through it. They ran to the shadows of the rocks and huddled together, Tegalad and the young twins slightly separated from everyone else.

"Right, how do we get to Gondor?" Remus asked invitingly. The young twins started to whisper with their brother urgently while the others puzzled over the question.

"We can't apparate because we don't know where we're going," Alastair muttered.

"Portkeys won't work either," James added.

"None of us have brooms to fly with," Sirius continued sadly.

"Walking?" suggested Rowena.

"They won't make it," Lily said instantly, pointing to where the children were. The others followed her gaze and stared at the sight the trio made. The twins appeared to be arguing with Tegalad who was clearly exhausted.

"Please Teg!" Elerossë suddenly cried in English.

"Ada's probably worried sick about us! It's the quickest way home!" Eámanë added. Tegalad seemed to slump in his seat before nodding very reluctantly. The twins cheered and stood up, eager expressions on their faces.

Tegalad pulled himself to his feet, swaying dangerously. He gestured for everyone to link hands, which they did hesitantly. The twins were almost bouncing in anticipation as they clung to their brother's hands. The ten humans watched in confusion and slight fear as ropes of fire started to twirl around them.

Their hands were joined together by the flames and the fire spread up their arms to cover their whole bodies. The wind picked up and increased the flames of the fire. No one was burnt but the sensation of being on fire was not a comfortable one.

Tegalad's eyes snapped open as the group of thirteen disappeared in a tornado of flames.

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