Chapter 2: Dare

"Jasper, Jasper, Jasper," What dare should I give him? Something sexual with Alice, I guess. Then I got it!

"Jasper Cullen truth or dare?"

"Dare, I guess."

"I dare you to strip Alice, and lick her from head to toe, every single part of her body."

His eyes widened, as I smiled.

"Where the hell did your enthusiasm come from?" Rosalie laughed.

"Fine." Jasper called out.

"Alice, dammit stand up." He said, kind of frustrated.

She stood up, demandingly.

All of a sudden, her clothes got ripped off, and I saw a naked Alice Cullen. She was beautiful beneath her clothes! I was so jealous of the Cullen's!

Jasper started licking Alice's hair. Then, her forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin. She moaned at all of those movements from her husband.

Then, licking her neck, all of a sudden became sucking. Boy, did she moan!

Chest, breast licking also became sucking, hard, loud, moaning, and my ears hurt!

Stomach! Lips, Clit, wow. She came into his mouth.

Thighs, legs, feet, and back up the other side.

Feet, legs, thighs.

And her bottom. Tongue all the way up her. She screamed.

Up her back, and back to her hair.

"Hey Jasper! Didn't Esme or Carlisle ever teach you not to point?!" Rose pointed to Jasper's pants laughing, hard.

"Be," giggle. "Nice," laugh. "Rosalie!" Esme cried out laughing.

I started bursting out with laughter also!

Jasper had cum all over his face! That was funny!

"I love you Jasper!" Alice said quietly.

Everyone laughed.

"Enough fun for me, Rosalie! It's your turn!"

"Huh?" she asked confused.

"Alice, get your clothes back on. Rosalie, Truth or Dare?"