I giggled furiously. I couldn't stop. I didn't know if it was the drugs, the alcohol, or the fact that I was in bed, almost naked, with the most amazing guy, like, EVER. But I'm pretty sure it's all of the above.

"I can't believe it.." I gasped out, clutching my stomach. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I took another drag of whatever my boyfriend gave me. I knew it was drugs. I knew it was bad to take drugs. I know that's the understatement of the century, it was freaking illegal to take drugs!, but I trusted him. He can never hurt me. "He, haha, just said…"

I couldn't finish my sentence. We were watching Friends on the hotel TV. We had just ordered room service. The champaign and chocolate mousse came just a second ago, and right after the maid left, Edward had lit the smoke. Now, he's tipping something in my glass. He passed it to me, and I smiled at him.

"Why, thank you. You are such a gentleman." I giggled out, sipping the champaign. Whatever he spiked it with was tasteless, but I felt this huge urgency after I finished my glass. Lust, passion. Lust. My giggles died out, and I started to breathe heavily. "What did you put in.." Once again, I couldn't finish my sentence. This time, though, it was because I was too distracted. I just wanted to rip off his shirt, pants… I want to feel...

Oh, dear god.

He was watching me with an amused expression the whole time. My heart pounded in my chest, and my eyes traveled to his lips. He must have noticed, because attacked them in response. The fire burning in my lower abdomen lessened.. a little bit. We made out furiously on the king size bed, rolling around. He eventually pinned me down, and started to suck on my earlobe. He then kissed his way down to my neck. I hitched my leg up his hips, and one of his hands traced my inner thigh. I shivered, and felt him smile against my neck.

"Uh," I moaned out. Something in my brain was freaking out. I was a sixteen-year-old virgin, yes. And so far, I've only gone to first base. Suddenly, I wanted to run to home. Something was up.

But the dominant part, the devil on my left shoulder, wanted it. He knew what he was doing. He would never hurt me..

"It's the E." He said huskily beside my ear. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine, yet again. "That's ecstasy. Don't worry, baby. Follow your instinct."

After he said that last sentence, I totally forgot why I was worrying in the first place. I didn't even register it was the drugs acting. I just.. followed my instinct.

That night, and morning, ended with several orgasms. Mostly on my part. He didn't come as many times as I did. But oh well. He told me, afterwards, that that was the best night of his life. Perhaps he didn't have sex so many times in a row before?

The room was a mess. There were several used condoms flung around in different places. Lots of pills spilt on the side of the bed. There was some sort of drug-cigarette-thing, still smoking, on the ash tray. There was chocolate mousse on the floor, and champaign glasses here and there.

He lit up another smoke, and handed it over to me. It amazed me that he had so much money in the first place. Apparently, he's been taking drugs since the age of fourteen. That's three years, considering he was a senior, two years older than me, of drugs. I knew his parents were rich, but how much allowance did he get? Unless he dealt dugs too..

And he always took me out to fancy restaurants, and five star hotels..

I was taking my second drag when someone burst through the door. It was my mother. If I wasn't totally high, I would have freaked out. But I just had sex, alcohol and drugs for the past five hours. So I giggled.

"Isabella Swan!" She gasped. It was hilarious, at the moment, anyway, that she looked like she was about to faint. Esme, my boyfriend's mother was behind Renee. She didn't looked as appalled as Renee did, but she was still shocked. I think she was just shocked that I was with him, because he mentioned that his parents knew he was on drugs.

I giggled again. It was so funny that my mom had caught me in bed, this time totally naked, doing drugs with used condoms everywhere. So very funny.

I was then ushered home. I was still high when my mom was yelling at me. My dad, halfway through the yelling came over, too. He tried to calm Renee down, but could tell he wanted to yell at me, too. I can't blame him. It was six-o-clock when the yelling stopped, and I was demanded to clean up, and to go bed. When I woke up again, at two in the afternoon, the drug effects have left my body. I started freaking out.

It felt so empty, hollow, without the drugs. So freaking clean. I should be grateful that I wasn't hooked on it more, but a part of me, the little devil again, wanted to fill the emptiness. This time, I didn't listen to her.

My parents accepted my apology easily. They understood that I was under the influence of several drugs at once, and peer pressure. It turned out that Esme talked Renee and Charlie into forgiving me before I apologized the afternoon after. Apparently, he said that he gave me the drugs without my consent. But that wasn't true. I wanted to do the drugs with him, but I didn't say. I didn't want to get in trouble.

He convinced his parents to move away from Phoenix. They ended up half-way across the country, in some little town called Forks. He wrote me a letter a year later, explaining that he loved me too much to drag me down with him. I regret tearing up the letter into millions of tiny pieces. I loved him, too.

He came to visit. Once. I was graduating, and he flew over to see me graduate with honors, and a scholarship to Harvard. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to talk to him. My parents, for one thing, dragged me to person to person, never leaving my side. But it didn't look like he wanted to talk to me, either. He just looked at me with a longing expression in his used-to-be-bright green eyes. He sat in one chair through the whole thing. Whenever I looked back to see him, he was still in that chair, occasionally sipping some punch. His unusual bronze hair was as messy as ever. But that day, it seemed that all the life he once have had was gone. He looked the same, dressed in a big t-shirt and baggy jeans. He definitely stood out, partly because everyone but him was dressed in a formal outfit, and partly because he was still breath takingly gorgeous.

And that was the last time I ever saw Edward Cullen.