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"Bella!" I heard someone gasp in surprise behind me. I wheeled around, and I saw Mike standing there with his mouth hung open.

I just got to the meeting place. It was located near the jail Edward was kept in. I wasn't sure exactly where, but it was nice. All fancy looking. There were plush chairs, and elegant wooden tables. As usual, I was the first one there.

"Hey Mike.." I said uncomfortably. Mike and Jessica were other students helping Mrs. Ryans with the case. Until now, I've never spoken a word to Mike Newton. Now, he was looking at my chest, practically drooling. It really annoyed me.

Mike was.. cute, I guess. He had a baby face, and pretty blonde hair, but really, he was not my type.

I shifted uncomfortably. I then heard Jessica come in the room.

It was very obvious that Jessica liked Mike. Obvious to everyone but Mike, that is. Instead of staring at my boobs, he should go on a date with Jess.

"Hey Jess. Excited?" I asked, praying that Mike will stop staring soon.

"Ohmygosh, yes!" Jess gushed, putting her bag on one of the chairs. "This Edward Cullen guy.. wow! He is de-elish1"

I grimaced. I knew that he was "delish". Probably more than I should..

The glass door opened again, and Mrs. Ryans came in. "Sit down, they won't bring Cullen in until we're all ready. You're being video taped, by the way. And Ms. Stanley, you are way too loud."

Jessica flushed, and sat down silently. Sitting down, I bit the insides of my cheek to keep myself from laughing. Mrs. Ryans was right about the camera. As soon as we were all sitting down, the big wooden door opposite to the door we all came from opened, and Edward came in, looking bored once again, with two huge guards on either side of him. He scanned the room with his beautiful green eyes like he was interested to see who were his lawyers. His eyes widened when he saw me. Did he just realize that I was defending him? I managed to lift the corners of my lips up, hoping it would pass as a smile.

One of the guards said something, and Edward composed himself again. His eyes were cold, looking at Mrs. Ryans. Of course, I couldn't hear the guard because my heart was beating too loudly. I took a couple of big breaths, hoping my heart will calm down before the meeting starts.

"Mister Cullen," Mrs. Ryans said as soon as the guards closed the door behind them. "How are you today?"

Edward shrugged, looking away. "Good, I suppose."

"Then I'll skip the small talk and go straight to business. You've been using drugs, for.. five years?" Mrs. Ryans asked, looking at her papers.

"Six." corrected Edward, slumping down on his chair.

"And you're never dealt drugs your entire life?"

"No." he said firmly, looking up to look at me. I gulped. I believed him. It was hard not to when he looks at someone like that.

"Alright then." Mrs. Ryans looked up at him. The way she said it.. it was obvious she didn't believe him. I frowned. "Can you tell us, then, what you were doing on.." She looked down at her paper. "Saturday September 29th, around 11 pm?"

He stiffened. "No." Edward answered simply.

Mrs. Ryans sighed loudly. "You do know that there's little I can do without an alibi."

He just shrugged. God, he was so annoying.

"Why are you so.. cool about everything? Aren't you a little bit scared that you might end up in jail?" I burst out before I could think twice about it. I reddened right after I was done.

Edward looked at me with his eyebrows raised. "My father is on an extended trip with my mother right now. As soon as he comes back, which would be soon, I would be free."

I flushed, ducking my head down. Stupid Bella. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

"Okay then, Mr. Cullen. Do you know anyone that can come in to tell the nice judge how much of a good person you are?" Mrs. Ryans continued, flipping the page of her papers. God, she wasn't even trying, was she? How can this person be someone who's never lost a case? She's not even trying!

The meeting went on like this. Ryans was asking questions, looking bored out of her mind, and Edward was answering one-word answers to all of her questions, looking bored out of his mind. Finally, the time was up. I, who haven't said a word since my embarrassing little outburst, stood up, and followed Jessica and Mike out.

"Oh my gosh, this is all just so exciting! I wonder if we'll ever be able to go up there, you know? And defend one day.. Or accuse, but I'm more of a defence person.."

I stooped abruptly, my head twisting back to where we just exited. The accused were allowed visitors, right?

"Hey guys, you go on. I need to do something.." I said, not even looking back at the two. My voice tailed at the end, and I spun my body around, walking back.

The receptionist smiled warmly at me when she saw me come in. "Forget something?" She asked, getting up.

"Oh, no." I said quickly, waving my hands in front of me. My heart pounded. "I want to see him. Edward Cullen. Privately, if that's possible."

Her eyebrows raised at my request. I gulped. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea.. Maybe they weren't allowed visitors. Then, she spoke.

"You're one of his lawyers, right?"

I nodded, crossing my fingers.

"Alright then. You can go back to the meeting area you were just at.. I'll send him in." She picked up her phone, and started dialing. I fought an urge to do a happy dance.

When I was sitting on the same plush chair I was earlier, I realized- I haven't at all thought about what I would say to Edward. I just.. wanted to go back, and followed my instinct.

I groaned, putting my head in my hands. I heard someone clear his throat somewhere next to me, and I snapped up. I gasped, realizing that he was already in the room. When did he come in?

There he was, Edward Cullen, looking nervous at me. I wondered why he would be nervous. I swallowed, looking down. It's been such a long time.. since we were together privately.

"Mr. Cullen." I started, looking a very interesting pattern on the table.

"You know to call me Edward." He said quietly beside me. He sat down, two chair away from me.

"Mr. Cullen. "I repeated, my tone more forceful. "Why couldn't you give us your alibi?"

I forced myself to look up, and my heart sank when I did. Edward was looking away. I didn't know why, but it disappointed me. Did he hate me so much that he couldn't even look at my anymore?

"Because." He answered, crossing his chest. I almost laughed. He looked so childish.

I frowned. I was definitely going to try harder than that. I leaned forward, and extended my arm. My fingertips touched his arm soflty and my eye lids dropped a bit. I've seen how girls flirted in movies. And with Alice and Rose's advice..

"Edward." I whispered, my fingers traveling up his arm. He looked at me, his expression restraint. I wondered what that meant.. "Why can't you tell me? This is me here. Bella Swan. You can trust me."

I watched as he took a shaking breath. "It's you especially that I can't tell."

I frowned again, sitting back. "Why not?" I demanded. This was ridiculous! "What the hell were you doing that was so bad that you can't even tell me? I've seen you do all the stupid things in the book! Just tell me, damnit!"

"I was at a strip club, okay?" He shouted, throwing his hands up. Edward looked down, his head ducking. My heart thundered. A strip club..? He dropped his voice to a whisper. "I was.. there.. My friend set me up with a prostitute."

So, either way, he was still breaking the law?

"Oh." I said in a small voice, looking down as well. "And.. are you absolutely positive that your father will be able to.." I couldn't even finish my sentence. I felt a break down coming..

"Yes." I heard Edward whisper. I nodded.

"I suppose I'll see you tomorrow. Trial's at ten.." I stood up, wobbled slightly, and rushed out the door. Before I got to it, though, Edward spoke up again.

"I told you that in confidence." His voice was cold again, and I felt even worse. I just nodded, walking away.

There was no way we could win this one..


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