Nothing Compares

I'm tense. I couldn't be more tense. After all, you're not mine and I have to add that we are not girlfriends. Yet.

You're only my best friend. Oh, still yet.

Can I see your happiest smile? Your most beautiful dress?

OK, I can't write a poem.

You're peculiar. So peculiar, that I can't compare you to anyone else. No one compares to you, you're like a princess. A temperamental and idiot princess, that's true, but a princess.

So I say: it is still yet. One day you will be mine and, for sure, I'll be yours.

You only compare to my blood. It is in my body. It is hot. And it keeps me living.


Only yet.

We have to be, one day, something else. Something that is more wonderful than a plane. Ok, I'm kidding. But you're special and I like you so much, I can't say all that you are for me even in hundreds of sentences.


Only yet, again.

Prudent girls are as much prudent as they can. This is my motto.

Another chance to write a poem.

What can I say?

Your eyes. Nothing compares to your eyes. What color are they? Hmm... Sincerely, I don't care about this. They're wonderful. They're all that describes the good things in the world.

Because they're yours.

Definitely, the most most in the world.

Its beauty is like Chinese food. No, this sounds ridiculous.

You're eyes are not food.

They're all the food in the world!

No, I have to say they're cool, and food is cool.

Specially, Chinese food.

I'm not good in poems, sorry.

But I love you.

That's all I can think now.

That's all I can say.

Because I am you, ok?

OMG, sorry. Bye, bye

"Did you write this?" Asks Sam. "It is so..."

"No, I didn't write this. What is this?" Cuts Carly. "Oh, you're so crazy!"

"Sorry" The blond girl smiles. "Best friend, you know, my best friend is you, and I think, the person writes about best friend, and, you know, don't you...?"

"Sam, you're mad." Carly hesitates. "But you're nice."

You're like salse. Eggs, milk, the recipe to a chocolate pie.

The chocolate is not as cool as you, but is sweet as you, and the salse is as idiot as you, isn't it?

Hey, did you think about this?

Who am I?

I don't now.

I only know who you are.

I don't now how I am here.

But I know why you're here.

"This is strange" Smiles Sam. "Aren't you, are?"

"OMG, Sam, I'm not the girl from the poems!" Carly's voice shook and wavered.

"How do you know that it's a girl?" Asks Sam.

"I don't know! Is it a girl or a boy? I don't know!" Lie the black hair girl.

Her best friend smiles.

"But I know."

And she kisses Carly. The most perfect moment of her life. And of the other girl's life too.

It was perfect.

I don't know if you liked.

But I've liked and did my best! Hope you liked.