Good Morning!

This story has been in my head for a while, and upon hearing about Underworld 3 I decided it was time I finally began writing it. I hope you all enjoy it!


Title: My Story

Rating: M (there will quite possibly be smut!)

Disclaimer: I don't own Underworld; I'm just borrowing the characters to create a smoothie. Once I'm done I shall return them, albeit in distorted form.

Summary: Selene's story; her origins; up to events of Underworld.


There was a time when I was not the person I am today. I didn't have a job, but killing was my life. My purpose as a vampire was to hunt them and kill them; render their numbers to nothing. I didn't have a father, just a man I treated as one; and who I believe, and know, loved me as a daughter, for he said it to me himself.

But one day that all changed. I learnt the truth, which has made me the vampire I am today. But not before I had already seen hurt, love and betrayal.

Kraven was always 'the man'. But before he was an enemy; before he was my pursuer, our relationship was different. I know he always wanted me, the difference, there was a time I wanted him too.

But my story is not just about Kraven, or his abuse of my trust. My story is about my beginning's as a Vampire; and this, is my story.


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