This story was inspired by a thread in the KP Discussion forum. Cpneb had been seeing strange creatures, including plot squirrels. This led to the revamping of KT and Akinyi's favorite weapon, the BE4000. What follows is where that discussion went.

My great thanks to cpneb, Akinyi, KT and Star for all of their help getting this story in shape. You caused it gang, only fair you should share the blame.

Note: I don't have the rights to any of the characters in this story, save myself. Joss and Wade belong to Disney, and the others to themselves. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox.

Neb's Angels

It was another warm, sunny day in California, with temperatures soaring well into the high nineties. Even on full blast, the air conditioner was barely making a dent in the heat. The four people in the office had long ago abandoned the concept of business attire. Then again, three of them were still teen age girls, and business attire for them wasn't exactly what you might expect.

Two girls sat at desks. A very mature for her age twelve year old was working away at her computer keyboard. The other, a fourteen year old red head, was stripping and reassembling her latest toy, a gift from one Dr. Wade Load, via her cousin. The third girl, somewhat older than the others, was lounging on a couch, trying to catch up on some of her summer reading list. The heat was distracting everyone, and bottles of water were disappearing at an alarming rate.

In a back corner, staring intently at his own laptop, Thomas Linquist was trying to figure out just how he had gotten himself into this situation. What in the world was a Canadian man in his late thirties doing in Los Angeles, shepherding a bevy of young, adventurous girls? It had all been a joke, hadn't it? Somewhere along the line, a thread in a discussion forum had gotten out of hand, and now this office was starting to become an operational enterprise.

That is when the main computer work station in the center of the room began to chime.

"Beep Beep Ba Beep."

Four heads snapped up. Thomas grabbed his cane and hoisted himself from his chair. He hurried over to the main office computer center and hit a large green button at the top of the exceptionally large keyboard. As the three young ladies made their way into the center of the room and sat down on the large couch, the oversize monitor affixed to one wall came to life, showing the holographic twin logos of Team Possible and Blaze-it Search and Rescue. After a heartbeat, a third logo appeared, superimposed over the first two. It showed the silhouettes of the three young women in the room, in what looked like a martial arts defensive stance. The taller girl in the center appeared to be talking into something in her left hand. .

"Good morning, Angels." a deep baritone voice called out from the speakers concealed in the ceiling.

"Good morning, Neb!" the girls chorused. The girl who had been at the keyboard giggled a little. The voice was that of her adopted Godfather, Cpneb, author and co-conspirator in some of her more devious moments.

"Good morning, sir." Thomas replied more formally. He was a new addition to this team, having volunteered to act as advisor, confidant and occasional counselor. It is never easy being the "new kid on the block", even when the others are quite literally what some people thought of as kids, or young adults, as they preferred to be called. When his offer to help had been accepted, Thomas had sworn to always be formal with his employer, and his young charges.

"And a good morning to you, Thomas. Angels, we have been alerted to a very serious situation at the central hub of the fan fiction web site. The room containing the main server appears to be under attack by a number of creatures. Most have been identified as plot bunnies, with varying degrees of aggressiveness. Others are being described as squirrels, complete with bushy gray tails and carrying what appear to be acorns. When hit with these acorns, it appears that writers are compelled to write stories with plots that are, well, odd and seem to be filled with cream corn." The voice had a slight chuckle behind it.

"Has there been any response by the defense systems that were put in last month, Neb?" Thomas began calling up additional images from the main terminal and transferred them to the main display in front of the girls. It showed the main server that writers of fan fiction stories sent their work to for viewing and review by their peers. This was the vital link between the numerous fans of Team Possible and the exploits that they were famous for. As the images changed, it stopped after a few seconds and showed the image of the one entrance to the Main Server room. The heavy security door was sealed.

"The system came on line automatically, just like Wade promised." Cpneb answered. "As you can see, the door is holding them out for now, so the network won't be overloaded with stories too quickly. The concern is that these creatures will get into the wiring, and bring the whole thing crashing down."

KT gasped. "That would mean a back log of stories hitting the net all at once when it came back up. The alerts alone could have the effect of clogging the e-mail system to the point of a major outage." She had been getting all kinds of virus warnings about human hackers trying to shut down the major service providers with spam. "Have any of the key authorities been informed?"

"We did try, Angels. Wade got on to his contact list as soon as the alarms went off. The response was typical Silicon Valley."

"Just great!" Akinyi groaned. "A major threat to the entire industry, and they laugh it off as another hoax, or something they can fix with a patch in a matter of hours."

Joss, who had brought her newest toy with her to the couch, snapped the last piece of her reconditioned grapple gun into place. "Where's Cousin, Kim, 'Neb? Seems ta me she's the one kin handle this sort of thing."

"I'm informed that Team Possible is trying to keep the situation from getting any worse. The creatures are just too wide spread. We need you girls to break out the new equipment and get to work. Thomas, you will have to coordinate the ladies from the office. The new PosComm units will allow you to track them to within a few inches." A panel on the wall adjacent to the giant monitor slid up, revealing an assortment of devices, including the compact communications devices.

"Good luck, Angels. Take out the plot bunnies and their cohorts. The Kimmunity is counting on you." The monitor went black.

"Mission time ladies! Get changed and gear up." Thomas began tapping instructions into the computer. "Your ride will be ready when you are."

The three girls ran for the locker room. Each stripped down and opened the lockers. A form fitting outfit with short sleeves awaited each of the young women. There were cargo pants, like the ones Kim had always preferred as mission wear. Crew neck shirts went with them. The boots were tough, but allowed for full freedom of movement in combat situations.

Akinyi's was in a dark blue color, and was accessorized by a shoulder harness. The shirt was a paler blue, almost a gunmetal gray. The matching gloves were actually the latest version of the tried and true BE4000, recently upgraded when Cpneb had begun to see plot squirrels, and they were keyed to her unique DNA signature. They also contained the newest version of the wrist grapples that Wade had come up with. The shoulder harness carried a microcomputer and a number of capsules, which were loaded with knockout gas.

KT wore a suit of similar cut. The dark gray allowed her to blend into the shadows, so that she could sneak up more easily on her intended prey. She had the original BE4000 strapped to her back. While the gloves had been a great idea and hers also contained the updated BE4000, she was sentimentally attached to the old weapon. Besides, it never hurt to have a backup plan.

Joss' clothes were olive green, like the cargo pants of her Cousin Kim's mission outfit. It was similarly equipped with multiple pockets, which carried her PosComm unit and more of the knockout capsules. In a holster on her right thigh was the rebuilt grapple gun. It was a huge improvement over both the one she had made for herself a number of years ago, and even the hair dryer one that Kim carried. In a pocket over her left breast, over her heart, she carried a photo of Wade.

Returning to the main office, the girls found Thomas studying a set of blue prints. He turned to look at them.

"Alright, I know that all three of you have dealt with this sort of sitch before, but I want you to be extra careful out there. We've all seen the result of a plot bunny bite. Watch each others' backs, and keep the comm channels open at all times." He stood up and looked into three sets of eyes. "Your ride is warmed up on the roof. Make your Uncle 'Neb proud."

As the girls turned and left the room, heading for their ride, Thomas smacked himself in the head. Had Cpneb not told him something about a new creature? One originally thought to be legend. If it existed, it could be a far greater danger than either bunnies or squirrels. They attacked from on high...plot pigeons!

The door at the top of the stairs opened onto a large landing pad. Parked on the crosshatches was a hover car, similar in function to the one used by Drakken and Shego. This one was much sleeker, and was painted a teal color. The "Neb's Angels" logo was painted on the hood. Behind a low windshield was a trio of seats, one forward at the controls, and the others side by side, with computer terminals in front of them. All had four point harnesses. Behind the seats and, in front of the powerful thrusters was a cargo rack, with a retractable net.

KT put her weapon on the rack and patted it affectionately.

Akinyi, as the oldest, took the seat at the controls. They were familiar to her, from countless hours of simulations. The whole set up just reeked of the Possible twins. All three strapped in tightly, figuring that thrusters that size had to have a powerful kick. The monitors at each station came to life, and Thomas' smiling face looked out at them.

Back in the office, the large monitor was divided in thirds, with images of each of the Angels taking up a section. "I hope you like your new ride. A lot of the equipment is experimental, but I've been assured that it is all safe." He gave a wicked grin. "Just in case, I've promised the tweebs a major thrashing if anything goes wrong." Thomas jabbed at a keypad to one side, and the car lifted off of the pad.

"The cooridinates are already loaded and the car on autopilot. If anything seems off, and you need control, Akinyi, just press the red override button on your left."

The car rose higher and the engines whined. The thruster kicked in with a whoosh, and all three of the women were shoved back into the padding of their seats. It took off in a north-east direction, presumably somewhere just outside of the San Francisco area. Most websites seemed to operate from either there or Washington State. In minutes, it was landing on the roof of a complex that was standard California architecture, reflective glass and steel.

"Wal, I guess the best bet is to avoid the hallways, don't ya think?" Joss drawled. She slapped the release on her harness. "You know what that means."

"Time to find the air vents!" her companions cried together, grabbing their equipment from the air car. KT returned the BE4000 to its holster on her back.

After ages of watching Kim and Ron crawl through duct work, one would have thought it was a simple matter of finding a grill and pulling it off. Problem was, there were several pieces of equipment on the roof, and each had a similar grill.

Akinyi reached into a pocket on her left thigh. Her new PosComm felt natural, even in her gloved hand. She pushed the appropriate key, and Thomas' face showed on the tiny screen. "Thomas, we're a little stumped here. We want to use the ventilation ducts to get above the plot bunnies, but we don't know which of these things is an air vent and what is an exhaust fan from the cafeteria."

"You'd like directions, I take it."

"Please and thank you."

Thomas turned to the holographic monitor pad on his left, which had the blueprints of the building rendered in three dimensions. Three dots blinked at him. One was olive green, the second blue, and the third was grey. They indicated the position of the Angels relative to the rooms and components of the building. Looking at the details of the ventilation system, he picked out the most viable path to the hallway with the critical equipment.

"Turn to the stack just behind KT. If you get that grill off, you can bypass the intake fan and crawl into the ducts. Once you are in, I will start broadcasting your positions over the secure channel. From here on, I'll be on radio silence." He frowned out of the screen. "The last thing I want to do is alert those suckers to the fact that you're there. If you need me, you can whisper. The pickups are sensitive enough."

With the entry made, it was a matter of time, and awkward positions, before they were in position above the largest congregation of plot critters. Joss, who had led the expedition, peered out of a slotted vent. Her eyes went wide when she saw the sheer numbers of the foe. Kim made this look so easy in the videos. Now that she was here, she was scared out of her mind. She had never dealt with a plot bunny herself before. What she knew came from her companions.

'Nothin' to do but go for it. Anythin's Possible for a Possible.'

Kicking out the vent, she dropped to the floor, aiming her gloves at the first furry thing she saw. In her anxiety, she hit the hapless creature with the full power of her arsenal. It simply vanished in a puff of smoke. The nearest bunnies backed off a couple of paces, creating an opening under the team's entry point.

KT and Akinyi landed on the floor next to their friend both with hardly making any sound. They each extended a hand and started firing plasma bolts. Plot bunnies disappeared left and right.

With the element of surprise, a very large number of the opponents had been wasted. Now was the time to start working the emergency plans that had been thought out for just this situation.

Thomas' voice came from all three PosComm units at once. "Girls, they're regrouping! Back to back, now!"

Long hours of practice paid off, and the Angels formed a triangle, covering each other. As long as they held this formation, there was no chance of anyone getting bitten from behind. Just like in the team logo, all three assumed martial arts defensive postures. Hands outstretched, plasma building on their fingertips, they prepared for the assault. KT took the original BE4000 from her back and primed the weapon. Then, as if an unspoken command had been given, all three girls started firing.

In fours and fives, they started coming from all sides. Plasma met paper and fur, and it all went poof. A few acorns were tossed in the general direction of the Angels, but fell short as the attackers were driven back. Soon, that section of corridor was empty of plot critters, and filled with a smell of grapes.

"Okay, team, good work." Thomas praised the young women. "The main wiring panels are about thirty feet down the corridor towards KT. If you make sure that they are secure, I think we're golden. The critters seem to be leaving the building."

Using the BE4000 and sweeping it back and forth in front of her, KT led the way down the hall. They found the panel in question and examined it. While there were numerous tooth and claw marks, the metal had withstood the attack. Still, she blasted the pile of nuts scattered around the floor. These things just might be lethal in such large numbers.

Akinyi pulled out her PosComm and thumbed the send button. "We got 'em, Thomas. They didn't get anywhere near the wiring. No damage, no back log, no system crash."

The small screen remained blank. Not even the building plans were coming up.

"Thomas. Thomas!"

The Angels looked at each other.

"This ain't right, gals. We gotta get back to the office, fast." Joss ran for the nearest set of stairs. Rather than waste time climbing, she stepped into the middle of the open stairwell and pulled the grapple gun from her holster. She fired it straight up, and hit the recoil button the instant it was secure.

KT and Akinyi both raised their right hands and fired the wrist grapples, and in just heartbeats they were following Joss up the stair well.

Running to the hover car, they found that the autopilot had somehow been disengaged. Jumping in, they all pulled on the safety harnesses. Akinyi grabbed the yoke in one hand, and hit the vertical thrust with the other.

"KT, give me a course bearing for the office!" She turned the yoke until the vector that was screamed back to her lined up with the front of the vehicle. "Hang on!" she yelled over her shoulder. She slammed the throttle to its stops, and the jets howled in protest.

The car had no sooner hit that pad than all three were out and running. They rushed down the stairs and ran through the automatic door to the office. The sight that they beheld made them shudder in horror.

Sitting in his seat, with a glazed look on his face, Thomas was typing madly into the main computer terminal's word processing program. Screens all over the office were scrolling with words at a pace that seemed to defy reason. Attached by their teeth to his legs, plot bunnies were twitching with uncontrollable glee. There were holes in the ceiling, indicating where the vindictive little monsters had gotten in. Lying next to the chair was Thomas' cane; the Crazer (critter tazer) that was built in had been deployed, but had not been enough.

"Oh snap!" three young voices cried as one. "Neb is going to have a fit when he finds out about this."