I want to give thanks to some very special people.

First, to CaptianIT, who's joke began this little tale.

To StarEva01, KT, and The Rondo, whose beta work has made me look a lot better than I am.

To cpneb, Akinyi, MaceEcam, Samurai Crunchbird, Luci, Neo, Ja, Anabri and Ran Hakubi, for agreeing to participate. You people are heroes to me. Thanks for not letting me down.

This last chapter is dedicated to that dyanamo that goes by the name of KT. You are inspiring, gifted, and just plain fun to know. I live for the day I hear one of those giggles for myself. All my love young lady.

Thanks to the readers for following me through this insanity.

Once upon a time, there was an interesting little site on the Internet where people interested in a Disney cartoon could gather and post stories of their own creation.

Over time, it was noticed that odd creatures, plot bunnies, were starting to infest the site, biting the writers at an astounding rate, causing odd and sometimes weird behavior from those that were bitten. And it started to affect the stories as well.

One young writer, then a twelve year-old genius and writing partner with her father, created a weapon to fight these creatures: the Godzilla Grand-Slam Bunny-Eradicator 4000 or the BE-4000 as it's sometimes called. With it, the young writer, Kt, started working to control the plot bunnies.

Then another author, cpneb, started to see another plot creature: plot squirrels. They had the same effect on the writers as the bunnies did.

When this development was noted in the discussion forum, Kt got another equally brilliant young writer to join her in fighting to control these plot creatures, Akinyi.

When CaptainIT made a joking comment that the young pair of writers were starting to sound like the characters from a certain television show, the joke became a one shot story that has grown from there.

Now the team of Kt and Akinyi have been joined by Joss Possible; and together have become collectively known as "The Angels", or as they are called now, "Angel's West." I try to help them out where and when I can.

We have, in turn, been joined by another team. Headed by Samurai Crunchbird, this new team is made up of Abscentialuci and Neo the Saiyan Angel. They have been joined by Monique Jenkins. Together, they are known as "Angels East."

They all work for me. My name is Thomas. And I work for cpneb.


Under the cover of the smoke bomb, Thomas rolled over the lip of the loft door, staying as horizontal as possible. It wasn't the most graceful of motions, but with the thick, billowing cover, he made it onto the hay covered floor. He felt his way along the wall next to him, trying to get away from the door, in the event that KT decided to fire blind. It was slow going, but he was grateful for the experience he'd had crawling around lofts as a kid.

When he reached the corner, he pulled his PossCom from its place on his hip. He could just make out the screen. With his sense of touch and familiarity with the device, he managed to hit the correct series of keys for a scan. The results of the scan didn't bring good news; Mace was still on the floor, having gotten the worst of the smoke right in his eyes and KT had found her way to the base of the ladder, waiting for him.

Trapped as he was, Thomas knew he was in way over his head. Now, more than ever, he really needed the Angels to pull through, as they always had in the past.


When smoke started pouring out of the barn, all of the Angel Teams began to converge on the building. Stealth didn't matter at this point, what mattered was getting inside and taking back their missing colleague by force, even if she didn't particularly care to be recovered.

Ran Hakubi gave up all pretenses and ran for the front doors, Luci and JA only steps behind him. Even their united strength was not enough to open the doors, however, as they were securely locked from the inside. Ran and Luci quickly turned and took up defensive stances, watching each other's and JA's back as he dug into his pockets looking for anything to unlock the doors. Unfortunately, technology was not much use against a reinforced bar thrown over the doors.

Meanwhile, Joss and Akinyi were running alongside the north east wall of the barn. They were searching for any other open windows or small doors, perhaps the remnants of a dog door or something, anything. They were having no better luck than their friends at the front entrance.

Samurai Crunchbird and Anabri had made it to the south west wall, with only the occasional encounter with a plot creature. The BE4000 gloves made quick work of them, and SAM had been configured into a large shield to ward off the attack from a lone pigeon, which had turned out to be of the normal variety. Now, Thad had turned his mystic blade back into its original form, and was attacking the blank wall. Quickly he created a hole large enough for himself and his young charge to crawl through, under cover of the smoke screen.

Neo and Monique crept out of their place in the old fodder storage room, and split up, trying to get on either side of Mace and KT. They were forced to move slowly, not having been able to see what obstacles might be on this wall of the large room. Monique went right, Neo left. The former still carried the Attitudinator, and was hoping to get close enough to put it on KT's head.

It was about this time that it all hit the fan. The smoke had begun to clear, and the plot bunnies that had returned after the abortive bites on Thomas realized that the lair had been infiltrated. At the same moment, the ones that had been patrolling outside began to return, and soon had the building surrounded.

JA had to give up his inventory of his jacket, and used the stun baton that Luci withdrew from her tall boot and threw to him. She blasted anything that moved with her gloves. Ran had resorted to throwing anything that he could grab and since he was running short of objects he was eyeing JA and Luci as his last two items to throw. If looks could kill, then Luci's return glance could have killed him a hundred times over. Sheepishly he looked for something else to throw. Together they held their ground, but it was clearly not going to last too much longer.


KT, finally able to see the loft, called out to her former friend. "Thomas, it's over. You might as well come down from there. If you don't, I might just have to do something very, uncomfortable to you." She waved her BE4000 expansively about the room. "It was foolish of you to come here. I don't know how you are able to move after two bunny bites, but you can't stop all of them. The Fannies are mine!"

Slowly and deliberately, Thomas climbed down the ladder. With each rung, he held his head lower. He had failed. He had failed to stop the plot creatures from creating havoc among Kimmunity authors. He had failed to defend the voting process of the Fannies. Most importantly, he had failed to protect KT. When his shoes finally touched the wooden floor, he turned and faced the young woman.

"How did you avoid the powers of the plot bunnies? By all rights, you should be lying out there in the dust, rewriting every story you ever committed to the server." KT glared at him for a brief moment and then yelled "Answer me!"

Lifting one leg of his trousers, Thomas exposed the hard plastic shin guards that disappeared up his leg and down into his shoe. When the creatures had attacked him, they had been unable to reach anything.

"Very clever, Thomas. Still, we can't have any of that now, can we? KT Terror Inc. is going to win every Fannie Award, and you aren't going to stand in my way." She raised the BE 4000 and aimed it squarely at the man's chest.

Before she could pull the trigger, a black blur suddenly appeared out of nowhere, standing between them. Resolving into a human shape, the figure launched itself at the budding villainess and they both went down in a tangle of arms and legs; rolling around the floor, fighting for control of the weapon.

Monique and Neo were close behind, with the Attitudinator poised to be placed on KT's head the instant that the opportunity should present itself.

Mace, who had finally gotten his full vision back, whistled to the bunnies and squirrels in the room, directing them to attack.

Samurai Crunchbird gripped SAM tightly, and jumped into the oncoming fur pile. Swinging left and right he sliced anything small and furry that moved; the hit animals disintegrated into nothingness. A faintly stale smell resulted from the destruction of many of the bunnies, as well as a number of small piles of dust; presumably, the remains of the ones that had been crossed with dust bunnies.

It was a tremendous fight, but finally sheer numbers came into play.

As the Angels were backed into one another, one of the bunnies made it through and lunged at Thomas, biting him firmly on the wrist. The man went to the floor and immediately began convulsing like he was going into shock. His fingers twitched, hard. It was as if he were typing at a keyboard that only he could see.

Anabri, who was still locked in the struggle with KT, saw him hit the floor. She let go of the contested weapon and screamed. "Noooooooo!" Her opponent took the opportunity to throw her off, and came up with the BE 4000 once again pointed at her former associate.


Team four was beginning to see the end, and it wasn't pretty. The creatures were coming on stronger and faster. Ran had finally run out of things to throw, and had to content himself with slapping away anything that got past JA and Luci.

Then, they all heard the scream from inside the barn.


"Ana-cub!" Ran cried out in surprise and shock. Recognizing the voice, fear took over his face, along with a powerful rage. Reaching into a pocket, he pulled out a ring. Placing it on the middle finger of his left hand, his face began to distort, as if he were in great pain. He began to grow taller and bigger. His shirt, stretched beyond the point that anyone could possibly imagine started ripping down the middle of his back as the sleeves ripped all of the way up to the collar. As he kept growing, his once loose jeans became tight, then started to tear from the bottom cuffs and up his calves, then midway up his thighs, looking like they had been caught in a paper shredder. His shoes, that had stretched until they could no longer, exploded with chucks flying everywhere.

JA and Luci were pushed out from the doors, but were in no danger of being bitten. The rabbits, squirrels and pigeons were in full retreat just at the sight of the real monster now amongst them.


The giant beast of a man put his fists together and formed them into a club. Bringing them down against the doors, making them shudder in their frames. Three times he swung his arms. As the last blow fell, the thick bar shattered, and the doors swung open. The giant man lumbered through the opening, searching for Anabri, his Kimmunity daughter.

Seeing that Luci and JA had depleted their arsenal, Monique and Neo each tossed a stun baton to a friend. Angel Team four was back in the fight.

Joss and Akinyi came running around the corner. They too had heard the scream, and seen every plot creature in sight suddenly start running in every direction, trying to make an escape. Akinyi stared at Ran Hulk as he entered the room, and then looked at Joss. Joss, in turn, was looking back at her then looked at Ran Hulk and her jaw almost hit the dirt: there were rumours about Ran Hakubi, and now those rumours were being proved correct.

The plot creatures in the building faced two options: fight or flight. With the entrance barred by Angels, they opted to start biting. In their fear, they did not distinguish between friend and foe and were trying to bite anyone and anything that moved. Their actions forced KT to take her weapon away from her intended target to defend herself.

The smell of burnt fur and grapes started to fill the room as the creator and true Mistress of the Godzilla Grand Slam Bunny Eradicator 4000 put her weapon to its intended propose: the removal of plot bunnies, destroying dozens at a time,

As KT blasted away at bunnies, Monique was able to sneak up behind her and place the Attitudinator on her head. Pushing the button caused a blank look to come over the girl's face and the BE4000 to go silent. The helmet did its job, restoring the balance in KT's personality. All the while, Neo and Monique blasted away at the bunnies that tried to take advantage of the moment.

Joss and Akinyi fought their way to Thomas, who was being guarded by Thad, who stood over him. Joss put a foot on the neck of the bunny that still had its teeth sunk into his wrist. Her teammate put her glove right next to the animal, and blasted it with just enough energy to cause it to vaporize immediately. The only thing remaining to show that it had ever been there were the marks of four very sharp incisors.

Luci and JA advanced on the army of creatures that had turned on their one time master. Mace was backed up against a work table, trying to avoid the gnashing teeth. As he pushed the chair about in front of him, Angel team four began decimating the ranks from behind with the borrowed batons.

After making sure that KT was herself again, Anabri had rushed to assist Ran, who was smashing everything in sight and generally acting like the proverbial bull in the equally proverbial china shop. Computer terminals and parts of the building were flying everywhere and plot squirrels found themselves in the rafters. Anabri approached her friend carefully, but he was still in the midst of his anger driven rampage.

Reaching behind her back, the young warrior pulled out the small device she had tucked there. Pressing the small stud on the metallic tube caused it to expand (by the good offices of the Project Hephaestus materials recovered after the Diablo sitch) from a tube approximately five inches long, to one slightly longer than her own five foot, four inch stature. She slapped his flailing hands with the fighting pike, and pushed an end against his chest.

"It's all right, Ran! Calm down! See, the creatures aren't going to be hurting anyone for a good long time." She crooned at the giant man, and he began to slowly calm down. As he panted for breath, his muscles relaxed, and the young lady was able to pull the ring from his finger.

She watched as Ran began to lose his entire ring and rage derived bulk. The remains of his pants hung limply on his waist. When he was once more himself, he grabbed Anabri and hugged her to him. She returned the hug of her "daddy", warily watching what remained of the plot creatures making their escape.

Akinyi was cradling Thomas' head in her lap, while Joss was tending to his bite. With the skills drilled into her from her first aid classes, she cleansed the wound and wrapped a sterile bandage around the wrist. His twitching had abated, and he was starting to come around again. He opened his eyes and realized where he was.

Sitting up, the man picked up his Aussie hat and stuffed it on his head.

"Is everyone okay? KT?" He looked around the room, at the young women standing down from their battle stances, at JA and Luci, who now each held one of MaceEcam's arms. "I need a situation report, and I need it thirty seconds ago."

JA pulled the prisoner over as Thad helped Thomas to his feet. "The plot creatures have either been eliminated or have fled. There will be a lot of mopping up after this mess. Ran over there went berserk on the electrical equipment, so the FanFiction servers are safe again. The bunnies took one look at him and ran for the hills. Most importantly, my daughter is back to being only evil on a part time basis." The man grinned at his little girl (who really wasn't so little anymore) and ducked as she made a half hearted swing at him.

Thomas pulled out his PossCom. When the screen finally came to life, it showed only the dark shadow of a man. "'neb, the job is done. We have KT back, and MaceEcam is in custody. The question is: what do we do with him? If we took him to the regular authorities, they are going to look at us like we are insane." He pulled at his lower lip. "I'm open to suggestions here."

"He wanted to be the center of attention at the Fannies; I think it's appropriate that we let the attendees of the Awards banquet deal with him. Maybe we could make his 'trial' a part of the entertainment after the ceremonies." 'neb chuckled. "Yes, I think that would be true justice."

"I still want him in police custody for holding KT." JA piped up. "If it were up to me… Well, let's just say I'd wind up on one of Mr. Dr. P's deep space probes." He said, laughing out loud

"Alright, police custody it is, but the Kimmunity gets first shot at him," Replied 'neb.

"Anything but that!" Mace pleaded.

Arrangements were made, and Mace was transported to one of the local jail cells while the debate over jurisdiction was settled.

The Angels and their friends all made their way back to the Los Angeles office. Most piled into the borrowed hover jet. Ran and Anabri opted to fly in the hover car, with Luci at the stick. It was "family time" for them, and let them catch up on what they had been doing since they had last seen each other.

Thomas walked out of the barn and over to the little black roadster. Getting into the driver's seat, he pulled the brim of his hat down low and swapped his regular glasses for the prescription sunglasses. He watched as the jet, car and bike all headed as the crow flies towards the office and home away from home of 'neb's Angels.

The restoration was complete. His team was intact and safe. The authors of the Kimmunity were no longer in danger of mass plot bunny attacks. Jason Jones could produce the Fannie Awards without fear of attack by MaceEcam.

Spinning the steering wheel, the tired and dusty man drove off down the road into the sunset, in search of a hot shower, a long soak in the hot tub, and an uninterrupted sleep in a California King Size bed.