Summary: One lie always leads to another, and then the web continues to weave. Eventually you can't see where you're going or what the truth is. Some people go along with the lies anyway, that being the only way to control their lives. Others have so much more to lose, careers, lives, and love. Jude and Tommy use lies to get closer together, but will it end up jut pushing them further apart once they've reached where they think they want to be?


He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder. I smiled and laid my head on top of his. I leaned forward and pushed a level up, my own voice filling the confines of the room. He laughed and pulled it back down. I nudged the side of his head and pushed it back up. He settled and kissed my cheek. We sat in the one seat, me on his lap, spinning slowly in the chair. I guiltily thought about how I got here, how I got this famous.

I peeked up over his spiky blonde hair to look at another man. Tom Quincy was sitting in the other rolling chair, as far away from us as possible. I sighed and got off Cain's lap. I walked over to the hard, obnoxiously yellow couch. I lied down and pulled out my notebook. I made little adjustments to the song when I noticed Cain giving me a funny look. I just offered him a smile and returned to my work. "Speed up the baseline a bit," I said to Tommy. His eyes locked with mine, and he nodded. His hands gingerly moved the level, and then his gaze was on me again. I found it hard to concentrate when he was looking at me like that. I bit my lip and forced my eyes downward, looking at the words before me.

The studio door slid opened, which angered me. No one was allowed in my studio, especially during production. It messed up my whole drive, and I can never get my thoughts right. I saw the beautiful blonde girl who sang in the studio next to me walk over to Tommy. He smiled when he saw her and took the soda that her small, manicured hand currently held. I watched as he slowly took the can from her and pecked her lips. He thanked her and offered her a seat on his lap. She took it and asked about the board. She was so immature sometimes, not understanding the big kid's work. Tommy, though, never got tired of her or her questions. He answered and explained each one thoroughly and with a smile. Sierra explained that she needed to get back to Kwest for recording and apologized to me for the interruption. That made it so hard to hate her; she was so nice. Tommy watched her leave and with a smile no less.

Cain got out of the producer's chair and came over to the couch. He pecked my forehead and looked at the words I was writing. He praised them with such gentility that I believed him. When a song was in its writing stages I always thought it was crap. It wasn't until I could listen to it during production that I realized its true potential. Cain, though, allowed me to believe in it before that point. I smiled when he grabbed my waist and pulled me back over to the soundboard, again on his lap, and kissed my neck. I snuck a glance over at Tommy and saw that he wasn't happy. I sighed and kissed Cain quickly. I shouldn't care what he thinks. I have Cain, and he has Sierra. We're both over what's happened. We have to be. It's been over a year.