Chapter Ten

"Maybe she's mad at me. Maybe she hates me after mauling her in the alley. Maybe she's mad I walked away without saying anything. But I'm trying to say something now! I want to make up for it…Calm yourself, Quincy, just leave a message…" But he didn't get the change because she answered, but she didn't say a word.

"Jude?" he finally asked, "You there?"

"Go to hell, Asshole."

And she hung up.

Back at the Harrison House…

Jude was dragging a ten of hearts to sit under a jack of spades when Sadie pulled the chair. Jude flew onto the floor and looked up at her sister. "What is wrong with you?"

"The opportunity was just too good," she laughed, waving her thumb for Jude to get up.

"But Sades," Jude whined, "I was winning."

"Jude, it's solitaire, you'll get over it," she sat down and looked at the screen, "You weren't even winning!" Jude smiled angelically and walked into the kitchen for a snack.

"Jude?" Sadie called, hesitantly.

"What?" she called back, absentmindedly.

"How hard did you look through your site?" something in Sadie's voice worried Jude, so she paused peeling the apple she had in her hands.

"I browsed, why?"

"Come here!" Sadie yelled. Jude dropped the apple and ran into the hallway. Sadie refreshed and saw a warning pop up.

"The following material has been blocked from younger viewers due to explicit material. Continue only if you are over the age of eighteen. To do so, please press 'Okay.' To exit, please press 'Cancel.'" Jude mumbled, confused. Sadie bit her lip and pressed okay, watching the page open up with a video of her baby sister having sex with her producer in an alleyway.

"Oh, my god!" Jude yelled, covering her mouth and backing away.

"What did you do, Jude?" Sadie turned, looking at her sister, who was backed against the wall with tears in her eyes.

"Sadie! All the kids…they'll just click okay…my fans…my family…my respect," Jude immediately started crying, sliding down the wall and hugging her legs to her chest.

"Jude, who was there when this happened?" Sadie stood, slouching next to her sister and rubbing her back, "We can catch who did this, but it will be hard considering how open it was."

"We didn't plan it," Jude said through her sobs, "It just happened." Her sobs made her voice high pitched and nasally. She leaned into the arms of her older sister for comfort; Sadie laid her head on top of Jude's and rubbed her back, letting her sister cry.

"I can't believe this is happening…what will Darius do?" Jude whispered.

"Nothing, he'll understand how upset you are. Don't worry about him, Jude; I need to know who would do this."

"The press?" Jude asked.

"Maybe," Sadie mumbled, biting her lip in thought, "Who would be that desperate for this attention?" Jude bit her lip, drawing blood.

"He wouldn't..." Jude whispered, rubbing the black tear tracks off of her cheeks, "He couldn't...I actually care about him!"

"Who, Jude?" Sadie asked, continuing to rub Jude's back.

"Sadie, I haven't been completely honest..." Jude mumbled, the sobs building up in her throat once again, "Tommy became my producer because he was blackmailing me. I screwed up one night and ended up waking up in this guy's bed. Tommy was his neighbor, and I pretended I was with Tommy in front of the press. Tommy threatened to tell everyone the truth unless I helped him become a producer. What if he did this! Sades, I actually was starting to fall for him!"

"There was always something about him that I didn't like," Sadie said, angrily, shaking her head and pursing her lips.

"Stop and breath, it was just an awful dream, a nightmare, a night scare, nothing to worry about, stop and breath..." Jude's ring tone sounded, she looked at the screen.

"It's Tommy," Jude whispered, looking at Sadie for advice. Her sister motioned to the phone, so Jude answered, but she didn't say anything.

"Jude?" she heard, "You there?"

"Go to hell, Asshole!" she yelled before she could stop herself. Shocked at her own behavior, Jude hung up and threw the phone down.

"Good for you," Sadie told her, as Jude began crying again.

For the next three days, Jude wasn't at work. Tommy thought she wanted some space, and gave her that. Jude, on the other hand, wanted to hear his explanation, but she refused to call him first. Sadie made excuses for Jude around G-Major, explaining that she was sick and hadn't taken off in months anyway. Darius let it slide, but by day three, he decided to give her a call. Jude explained that, "she was just dealing with some personal things...no, she didn't need anything...no, she doesn't have a song...she's blocked...yes, she'll be in tomorrow." When Darius was satisfied he let her go to curl up in bed and sleep before dealing with Tommy when she walked into work that morning.

"Jude!" Tommy saw her from across the lobby. She had left her hair down and put on sunglasses. She knew everyone would recognize her; she was just hoping to not be noticed. Tommy grabbed the bag of Dum-Dum lollypops he had picked up for her and ran to the doors. Jude just shook her head and headed straight for Studio C, the "closet" where artists went to get away and get some writing done. Luckily, the door had a lock on it, so Jude was safe from Tommy from the time being. "Jude..." he called, leaning against the door.

"I'm busy, Tommy, go away!"

"Jude, you know we need to talk."

"About what? How greedy you are? And selfish!"


"You have absolutely no consideration for anyone else. It's not even a matter of consideration, but respect! You used me! I feel disgusting, and now, you've basically ruined my life."

"Jude, I know that it took me awhile to call you, and I send some weird messages after what happened, but don't you think you're being a little dramatic?"

"Dramatic! No! Tommy, I don't think I'm being dramatic! All right? And don't play all nice-guy, 'kay? I do check my website every once in awhile; I know what you did."

"What? Website...Jude, what are you talking about?"

"Just leave me alone..." Tommy could hear her sobbing begin, so he let it go. He headed over to the computers in the lobby of G-Major and pulled out his iPod. He plugged the headphones into the modem and opened the internet. "" he typed out, clicking enter and looking around the lobby; no one was paying him any mind. He read the warning, confused, and hit "enter." "Instant Star Porn," was the title of the page, replacing , and he watched himself and Jude having sex. He quickly exited the page and shut down the computer. He stood up, holding his stomach. He felt sick. Of course, Jude would blame him. "Does she think I set it up?" Tommy thought to himself, "Or does she think I pressured her? Either one isn't good, but she can't possibly think I would do this to her...I couldn't..." Tommy asked Darius for the master key, explaining that Jude was mad at him, and he wanted to get into Studio C to apologize. Darius laughed and handed the key over, knowing how emotional Jude could get.

Tommy walked headed back to the studio, determination in his eyes. Everyone watched him walk, wondering what the latest scandal is and why Jude was throwing a diva fit. No one cared enough, though, to follow him. Jude was, more of less, a pretty chill artist, not a diva; everyone figured whatever was going on would blow over within the week.

"Jude, I'm coming in," Tommy warned, leaning against the door to Studio C.

"No! Tommy..." Jude called back, but Tommy was already turning the key and opening the door. "Tommy!" she yelled, looking up from her seat on the couch, "I said no!"

"Well, we need to talk," he demanded, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood above her.

"Why?" Jude bit out, tucking her ankles under her as she sat on the couch.

"Because, I need to know what you think I did to you," he sat down next to her on the couch and tried to take her hands, but she ripped them out of his grasp. "I saw the video, and it made me sick. Jude, you have to believe that I would never set that up; it exploited me too!"

"Yeah, exploited the fact that you banged a rock star!" she yelled, standing up and stepping away from him, "Poor, poor you! You become a popular playboy; you get girls throwing themselves at you and the respect of every hormonal guy out there! Excuse me, a girl who loses her respect, her image, and self-worth, for feeling victimized."

"I get it," Tommy said, trying to stay calm and considerate, "But Jude, you still have to believe that I would never, ever do something like this intentionally. We weren't thinking that day, and if we were it wouldn't have happened, especially not somewhere in the open."

"I get it," Jude said in a mocking tone, repeating his words, "You don't get it! Just get out! I can't stand you!" She was screaming, tears in her eyes, as she grabbed the sleeve of Tommy's shirt and, as forcefully as she could, threw him out of the room. Tommy was so surprised at the emotion, the hatred, she showcased that he couldn't help but stumble out of the room. He turned around only to have the door slammed in his face.

Tommy wiped his palm over his eyes and down his face, trying to relax and calm his frustration. He placed his hand on his hip as he turned around to head outside. He was surprised to turn right into the lens of a camera, and Darius' surprised expression. "T-, what's going on?" Darius asked.

"It's a long story," Tommy said, shoving the camera out of his face. The feeble boy holding it was scared, but he knew this was gold. Tommy growled at him, but continued speaking to Darius, "Why don't you ask your head of P.R. what's going on with Jude? You may change your camera policy."

"Toby, here, is filming G-Major for a special on the best recording studios in Canada; he's supposed to be here, but I will talk to Sadie." Darius walked away, leaving Tommy to shake his head and angrily leave G-Major.

By the next morning, Toby had released the footage as a "Jommy Breakup."