A slim figure took tentative step forward into an aged building. The beautiful woman looked out of place there, clad in a Burberry coat and prada shoes. She merely stared at the front entrance for awhile; recognizing the age-old cabinet filled with various sports and academic memorabilia. Her musings were interrupted by an awkward middle-year student, dressed dutifully in an impeccable white and navy uniform. She accepted the program given, and followed the girl down the familiar hallway. Many of the student volunteers milling around stopped and stared, and many broke into whispers about her beauty. She shyly looked down, feeling out of place in the place that was her territory for almost ten years. She hastened her walk down the hall, relying on memory to take her to the cafeteria. Her school wasn't big, but her feet were hesitant. She halted at the gym doors, wistfully remembering:

A grade seven class is lounging on the gym floor in squads, a little childish, but it is what it is. They are somewhat paying attention to the gym teacher who is talking about badminton.

"For the next few weeks, we are going to be practicing badminton. I suggest you also figure out whether you want to be in pairs or alone, and come to me right away."

There are whispers about what to choose. A boy with chestnut hair and amber eyes looks confidently at the girl next to him. He whispers to her, loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough for the class to speculate.

"You'll be my partner, Sakura." The boy said boldly, not caring for the exasperated look the girl was giving him.

"And what gives you the idea I will? Why can't I be alone, or better yet, have someone normal as a partner, like Tomoyo?" She hissed back, yet not entirely displeased. In truth she would have been hurt if he had asked anyone else, especially since there were rumours that he liked Meilin. Knowingly, Syaoran just turned around, smirking.

Of course, it was final that they would be partners. They were best friends after all.

She snapped out of her daydream and continued to walk. She slowed down to gaze at the old class photos, but hurried by after reprimanding herself. She was here to reconnect with her old classmates, not to regret decisions. She was not going to be the fool this time, but instead show everybody how strong she had become. She took a deep breath before entering the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, the cafeteria was milling about with the classes of 2008 and 2009, women milling around catching up with old friends and the men simply talking and sizing up on how much better they were than the other. It was not a big reunion, even with everybody there; they were only 14 in total. It had been a small school then, only made bigger with intense advertising and talented students. Of course, it had been a great idea to invite the class of 2009, but that only added a precious 11.

Syaoran was swirling champagne while talking with his old mates Eriol and Takashi. He was aware that a certain person wasn't there, and his quietness betrayed that to his buddies. They exchanged glances with each other as Syaoran was becoming moodier and moodier, even losing his preserved self-control to Meilin, his old flame. Many of the girls were aggressively flirting with him, surprised that such a shunned "outsider" became so handsome over the years. But Syaoran ignored them all, waiting for an old friend that he had dropped so stupidly and blindly. Now, she was an internationally known model for timeless brands, and yet she found the time to continue on towards her old dream of becoming a lawyer. She was all over magazines and billboards; constantly reminding Syaoran of his foolishness of turning her away. He tuned into a couple of the girls conversations nearby.

"Where's Saks? Do you think she'll even come? She's a model now, she's probably really busy." Rika said to Meilin, Tomoyo, and Naoko. All but Tomoyo nodded in agreement.

"No she's coming. She has unfinished business here, she will come for sure." The perceptive girl said wisely. Syaoran's ears perked at this. Unfinished business? He was about to mull this over another glass of wine when a tapping of heels interrupted his thoughts.

The room was quiet. Everyone turned to look at the breathtaking sight that was Sakura Kinomoto. She had grown more mature and wiser, everybody could tell. No longer was there the hot-tempered, rash, and fun-loving girl. Gone was the solid, in-between puberty, acne-ridden girl. Here was beauty and brain, clothed in Burburry and Armani. She had a look of guardedness around her, as if she was afraid to let anybody get too close to her again. Even as she walked towards her old friends her steps were hesitant and her smile polite. Once shaken out of their reverie, her friends surrounded her, asking questions about her life. Sakura answered all quietly and wearily, as if her fiery flames had gone out. Most of the boys, even the ones with fiancés and girlfriends, gawked at the sight of her. However, her former guy friends were distracted with something else. She was thinner, more fragile, and didn't appear as if she had the strength to do any physical activity. Where was the girl that used to rough it with the guys? However, all senses were on Syaoran, waiting for his next move. It was good to note that he was silently watching his old best friend, a predator waiting for its prey.

Sakura was surrounded by her age-old friends, ones that had stuck with her all through grade school and some that had also gone to Tomoeda High. Problem was, she didn't feel like one of them anymore. By the sounds of it, all of them had kept in touch, and Sakura felt she was an outsider, a celebrity, someone that really wasn't in touch with the real world anymore. For almost 6 years now, ever since she was 18, she had been modeling for the most prestigious brands and surrounded by the fakest of people. All that time, she had missed her old friends, people who wouldn't be afraid to tell her that she was looking really tired, sick, or even too thin. But it was a plastic world out there, one that was ruled by fake smiles and petty gossip. Yet here were the most sincere people in the world that Sakura was yearning for, but she couldn't fit herself in. She sighed, paying attention to her classmates once more.

"So, Tomoyo, I heard you were engaged to Eriol. I didn't know you guys were so serious about each other!" Meilin said giggling. Curious and shocked eyes looked at Tomoyo, and her somewhat hidden diamond ring.



"How long has it been? Since Grade 8? You guys stayed together even if he went to a different high school? That's crazy!" Naoko said, giving a longing gaze at Tomoyo's ring. "I've only been serious with Ryo for 2 years. We are not even close to getting married."

Tomoyo blushed heavily, sneaking a look at her fiancé. However, her smile dropped when she saw his worried expression, and followed his gaze. Now she saw the object of his concern; Syaoran. Her former classmate and friend had a brooding air about him; which normally meant he was upset and trying to do something about it. She glanced over Sakura, looking mildly uncomfortable at the fast jabbering and questions directed at her. Tomoyo guessed their current topic was the reason of Syaoran's mood.

"So, 'Kura, do you have anyone special in your life?" Chiharu hinted slyly.

"Yeah, you must have snagged a hot model somewhere in your contracts." Meilin prodded.

Sakura opened her mouth to respond. However, Meilin never got her answer. A certain brown-haired man quickly steered Sakura's delicate body out the cafeteria. Everybody recovered to only a swinging door. Naoko was the first to break the silence.

"What's with those two? Didn't they have a fall-out or something?" Everybody nodded in agreement. However, Tomoyo's amethyst eyes sparkled with mischief.

"This is their unfinished business."

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