Supermodel, Sakura Kinomoto, has unexpectedly announced that she is signing her contract with Sakura Blossoms, a highly anticipated clothing line that is designed by none other than budding clothes designer, Tomoyo Dadouji. Kinomoto will finish her contract with Armani in June, and then will then fly back to Tokyo for photo shoots. She is also expected to be spokes-model for Sakura Blossoms, but both her rep and Dadouji's rep was unavailable for further comments.

Syaoran glared at the T.V screen that started to flash photos Sakura shot for her previous models; everything about her reminding him of his stupidity. He stared broodingly at these photos. All these photos had Sakura staring just off to the side, never actually looking at the camera. Her lithe body was positioned in a way that made her innocent and vulnerable, something that Syaoran always saw after that faithful day. Never was there that ridiculously cheerful and strong Sakura that he grew up with. He didn't like these photos. It never showed Sakura's true self, never giving enough except an alluring and mystical aura. That was probably why she was so popular, but Syaoran that it was so wrong. A timid knock interrupted his thoughts. Scowling at the door, he said a gruff, "Come in." Thinking it was one of his stupid secretaries, he turned his attention back to the T.V. screen.

"I see you've also heard the news, Syaoran." A soft, familiar voice interrupted.

Astonished, Syaoran turned around to see the much-anticipated designer and Sakura's best friend staring coolly at him. Tomoyo, as always, was dressed the part, from her ivory satin ruffled dress and matching ballerina shoes. Her hair was loosely curled, her makeup done to perfection. She would have looked like a Victorian doll, if not for her cold amethyst eyes.

Syaoran, recovering from his shock, also reverted to his blank business face. He could tell she was here on business, but he doubted it was to ask Li Corporations to be a sponsor of Sakura Blossoms. He knew Dadouji Corporations could more than handle that part, and Tomoyo's stone-cold gaze told him otherwise.

"Well, what do I have to garner a business visit from you, Tomoyo?" Syaoran asked calmly. It was true; before the reunion, Syaoran had not had to deal with Tomoyo, it was always her mother or a liaison. Sure, he had seen her from time to time when she accompanied Eriol, but she had always been calm and cheerful, exchanging pleasantries without ever bringing Sakura in. Of course, then Sakura had been on her own, avoiding contact with Tomoyo and everybody else. However, as Syaoran appraised this new Tomoyo, he could tell from this time on, it will be different. Tomoyo was now regarding him as an enemy; someone she was to be ruthless against until either person got their way. He could always tell when he saw people with similar looks; it was always the same in the business world.

"Syaoran, I come here to ask you to help me clear a story up; more or less, to hear your side of the story." Tomoyo smirked as Syaoran paled considerably. "I take it you know what I'm talking about."

Syaoran cursed inwardly. He could give her anything she wanted: money, sponsorship, connections to the fashion world. But it had to be this.

"Tomoyo, please, I thought you were here on business. I don't see why I should divulge anything that happened in our school days." Syaoran replied suavely.

Tomoyo all but gave him a dirty look. "That is true, Syaoran, I am here on business…business that involves my current spokes-model." Giving a significant look at Syaoran, she continued. "I ask you again, what is your side of the story?"

"I also tell you this again; what happened years ago are between Sakura and I, and I do believe that it does not matter anymore." Syaoran answered again, looking straight ahead of him, avoiding Tomoyo's penetrating gaze.

Seemingly unruffled, Tomoyo nodded slowly. Her face softened yet her voice was still sharp.

"Then I do believe that you do not mind if I ask for you to stay away from Sakura. I need her to keep her head as my spokes-model, and I do not want what happened a few weeks ago to happen again. Whatever you said to her during the reunion left her a mess. If you cannot stay away from her, I will place a restraining order on you." Tomoyo said swiftly.

Syaoran hid his true feelings well. His handsome face was blank as he replied:

"There will be no need for a restraining order, Tomoyo. I have no intention of going near Sakura. I have no business with her after all."

Tomoyo nodded, satisfied. She turned to leave, her clicking heels filling the tense silence. However, Tomoyo stopped at the door, sighing. Hearing this, Syaoran knew her words were different from her thoughts. However, he didn't expect her to voice them out loud.

"Syaoran, I know what happened years ago is not my business, and I know you had your own reasons for refusing her. But I ask you now, are you really going to leave everything like this? As Sakura's former best friend," Syaoran winced at the word, "you must have noticed how much she has changed. For example, her pictures are beautiful, but have you not noticed that it doesn't feel right? It doesn't feel like, Sakura?

Syaoran, you have been in the business world longer than I. I know you have changed, become more cold and merciless. But I think also think that everyone has a breaking point. From what Sakura has told me and what I saw at the reunion, you are at the end. If you cannot even find the courage to make things right…I think we both know who will be hurt the most." And with that, Tomoyo departed, leaving a much brooding Syaoran in her wake.

"And that's that! Good job, honey, you are officially done for the opening shoot! You were born to be a model!" The head photographer congratulated Sakura, as he helped her come down from the Sakura tree she was currently sitting on. Sakura smiled in thanks and staggered to a nearby stool. All she could see was the glaring lights.

It was not long before the designer herself came to bring Sakura a bottle of water. Sakura's best friend beamed at her as she took a few gulps.

"The photographer is right, Sakura! I you really are a natural in front of the cameras! I am a hundred percent sure that both you and my new clothing line will be shot beyond fame!" Tomoyo said cheerfully. Seeing Sakura's grateful face, she almost lost her nerve to ask her pending question. However, she continued relentlessly on.

"However, I have a question to ask." Tomoyo took Sakura's curious face as a go-ahead. "Why…why do you never look directly at the camera?"

Tense silence filled the atmosphere. Tomoyo continued on uneasily.

"I…I mean, it's not like there's anything wrong or something. I'm…just….curious! I sort of noticed that it's not…just this shoot…but all photos you've taken…."

Sakura's soft laughter filled the air. It was a pretty sound, a tinkling of bells, and most of the surrounding people sighed happily on hearing it.

However, Tomoyo was confused. What did she ask that was so funny? She was ready for tears, anger, disappointment; but laughter? She was purely baffled.

Sakura's soft angelic voice answered her questions.

"It was a tradition of my mother's. Do you remember those photos of my Mum that my Dad constantly changed?" Sakura asked. Tomoyo nodded, still confused.

"If you compare photos from before she met my Dad and after, you can see the difference. Before she met Dad, she was always looking somewhere other than the camera lens, usually above or behind the lens, but never directly at it. However, once she met Dad, Mum suddenly started to stare directly at the camera, always showing the love that she held for Dad, then later Touya and I.

So therefore, I vowed to never look directly at the camera until I with my true love, so I can also show all the love that I hold for such a person. If I do it now, however, all you can see is my broken heart, and I don't want such a picture to be taken." Sakura finished, her eyes staring off into the distance, no doubt remembering:

A 10-year old girl tried to catch a football with her small inexperienced hands, yet she fumbles it yet again. She huffed as she ran to pick it up, shouting at it at the same time. A low chuckling can be heard in the background. The girl stops for a moment, and childishly sticks her tongue out at the boy.
"I will catch it one of these days, Syaoran, you'll see!"

That statement has Syaoran in stitches, laughing at the irony of everything. Sakura pouts back at him before going back to retrieve the ball.

"One of these days, 'Kura? How many days has it been?" Syaoran laughed a bit more before regaining his breath. Suddenly, a certain football hits him in the face. He rubbed his nose as he lifted his eyes to a triumphant Sakura.

"I will catch it, Syaoran. One day, I will catch your heart." Sakura whispered softly.

Tomoyo stared at Sakura sadly. She hoped, for Sakura's sake, that destiny would set everything right again. She left Sakura at her daydream, feeling herself revert back to her old matchmaking days. She hoped it wasn't too late, for she was just about to set Syaoran and Sakura's broken relationship on the fast track.

Don't worry, Sakura. One day, you, also, will be able to look through a camera lens.

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