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Prolouge: A Nefarious Meeting

The darkness... A truely mysterious entity. If one regular mortal were to find himself trapped inside this deep void, their heart would shatter with unbound terror and horror. But to those with hearts of evil, the darkness welcomes them with open arms. The same goes for one particular being in this empty realm.

This being was a man with raven hair, a stitch-like scratch on the front of his face, going from check to cheek, a green fur coat with the sleeves unused, an orange shirt with black rims, a blue undershirt, a cigar in his mouth, a golden hook for his left hand, black pants, and black shoes. This man is Mr.0 Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He looked a little bored, probably from all the waiting.

"...Insufferable buffoons, making me wait forever on them." Crocodile mused to himself. "I came here as they wanted, now what would be taking them so long?"

"Hello, Crocodile of the Sand." A deep voice called from the depths of the darkness. "I take it that you have been summoned here as well?"

"Yes I have." Crocodile replied, turning to where the voice came from. "I see you've got business here too, Gaul the Ape King."

Of course, Gaul the Ape King, as his name suggests, is an ape. Not only that, he's a baboon's face, one normal eye and one green pupiless eye, green fur, purple spiked armor, a purple helmet with horns, black hair with white rims, purple gauntlets, and a staff with a green, glowing crystal at its top.

"The power of darkness surprises me yet again." Gaul said, going towards Crocodile. "To think that someone from this black, empty world wants us to do him or her a favor."

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Crocodile said, crossing his arms, holding his hook. "But how do we know this isn't a trap set up by that purple dragon that you test? Spyro, was it?"

"No. It's not that purple dragon's doing." Gaul said, shaking his head. "He turns his back on the darkness and faces towards the light. He wouldn't be able to get into this place if he depends too much on the light."

"Geez, what's with all the sappy darkness in here?" A darkness said, making the two look to where it came from. In walked what looks like a clown in a pirate's get up. He wore red and white striped pants, a blue shirt, an orange coat with white fur rims, white gloves, an orange pirate's hat with white rims and a skull and crossbones with a clown's nose, brown pointed shoes with tan shoelaces, and a large red nose on his face. This is Buggy the Clown, a pirate for payback against Monkey D. Luffy, the one who beat him many times before.

"Buggy the Clown..." Crocodile said with amusement and a smirk on his face. "So one of the low rank villains has come in on our business. What brings you here? Have you come to amuse us?"

"This is about my nose isn't it?!" Buggy asked with rage, even hopping up and down. Then he started breathing heavily before speaking again. "No, that is not it! I came here for the same reason as you guys! Obviously someone has something big in store for us here."

"Yes." Gaul nodded. "Especially if they invited you here."

"Yes, especially if they-" Buggy began before realizing what Gaul meant. "Hey, wait a minute!"

"Enough of the senseless batter!" A voice called out in the darkness. Crocodile, Buggy, and Gaul then looked to where the voice came from. They saw what looks like a blue-skinned demon with a white cap, white hat, an eye glass, and a cane with a blue crystal on it. "...Says Count Bleck."

"Count Bleck?" Crocodile asked. "As in the Count Bleck that wanted to leave all worlds in ruin?"

"But you're supposed to be a legend!" Buggy snapped.

"Legend? I am no mere legend! ...Says Count Bleck." the being, known as Count Bleck, chuckled. "But now we end the introductions, for you all are wanting to cut to the chase, right?"

"That is why we're here, Count Bleck." Gaul said, crossing his arms.

"Then allow Count Bleck to explain." The mysterious count began. "Here's a little deal for the three of you: The heroes grow boring with their tournaments and fighting. Day after day, after day, after day, after day, and after day it's all the same. Count Bleck wishes that the three of you would have a little hand in their... elimination, so to speak."

"That's it?" Buggy asked. "Just a little trophy hunt? Well heck with this! I'm leaving! I don't care about meager trophies!"

Buggy then started walking out of the room, though Count Bleck was still smirking in his cloak.

"Are you certainly sure? ...Asks Count Bleck." Count Bleck asked. "Part of the world of light will be yours to keep."

"Still don't care." Buggy said, still walking.

"There's also the great reward which comes to those who do the job. ...Added Count Bleck." Count Bleck added, smirking. Now THAT was able to get Buggy to stop walking and turn to the mysterious one.

"Reward eh?" Buggy asked, smiling. "Do you mean a bounty? You have my undivided attention, Count Bleck."

"Count Bleck smiles at this." Count Bleck said in third-person. "I want you all to get the heroes out of the way so our plan can go at full pace... Of course, so our friend will be able to put the world of light into darkness."

Count Bleck then motions to what looks like a figure wearing a black hat with a black feather, and a black cloak covering his body.

"And you are?" Crocodile asked.

"My real name is of no importance." The cloaked figure said. "I am known as the Dark One. With my power, I will paint every inch of the world of light black. And if anyone dares to resist me, I shall also paint the world red. If you don't mind, I would like to get started right about now."

"Very well then." Gaul said, nodding his head. "It's agreed. Let us go cover the world with darkness, as it was when it began."

"Yes." Count Bleck said. Then he pointed outwards. "The Dark One shall lead you to base. There, you will find everything you need. ...Says Count Bleck."

The Dark One then walks forward, with Crocodile, Gaul, and Buggy following him. He stopped a bit before casting a secret glare to Bleck.

"I swear by my mistress' grave, I will make you pay, Bleck..." The Dark One snarled quietly before he left. Afterwords, Count Bleck used his dark powers to vanish into the black void.

Little did they all know, they were all being spied upon. The spy was what looks like a snowman with limbs, a top hat, a face out of coal, a carrot nose, and a body made entirely of snow. This was Bad .

"Aw, frostbite." Bad said to himself. "A trophy hunt leading to world domination. These guys are almost as twisted as was."

Bad then growls before knocking his fists together.

"In fact, this is even bigger then Xemnas' crackpot scheme and 's combined." the snowman said before going off into the darkness. "I have to find some way to stop this whole darkness scheme before it gets too intense..."

And with that, Bad disappeared into the blackness of the empty void. He knew what was coming... And he needed to stop the darkness before it covers the whole realm of light, as it was when it began.

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The Obscurum Emissary

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