Conan watched as the familiar cityscape changed to more rural greenery. They'd been driving in the car Mouri rented for about an hour now, and had yet to arrive at their destination. Today happened to be one of the slower days at the Detective Agency; not a single job all day. The moment the phone rang, Mouri had muted his television and snatched it up. Ran and Conan had been sitting on the couches at the time and were just as curious as Mouri to know who would be calling. He gave a few 'mm-hmm's, and then hung up.

"Who was that, Dad?" Ran asked, putting her magazine down.

Mouri stood and straightened his shirt before walking around to the front of the desk. "Megure-Keibu. Apparently he needs some help on a case."

Conan raised an eyebrow. 'So he called this ape? Well, I guess it makes, seeing as I'm not available…'

"Where's he at?" Conan asked innocently.

"In a small town a few miles outside the city." He then made his way to the door, leading to their living residence. "I'm going to go get ready now. He asked that I come over immediately."

The moment the door shut, Ran turned to Conan. "You wanna go too, don't you?" she smiled playfully at him. "I guess we can, I mean, it's not like we have anything to do around here." She let out a sigh. That was true, Conan thought, but it was unusual for her to actually agree to go along with Mouri on a case. He decided to let it pass. He needed some real stimulant for his brain now. No more Sudoku puzzles. No more.

He discarded said puzzle book on the coffee table in front of him and gave her the best little kid smile he could manage.

After that, they got a car, and that put them where they were now. The sun was just going down and it painted the sky a beautiful dark red. He didn't know why, but this seemed to send a chill down his spine. It was just that it was such an unnatural color of red for a sunset. It was too dark. It almost reminded him of-

"We're here." Mouri declared as he pulled into a small town. To say the least, it looked like a rural village straight out of a horror movie. The atmosphere was filled with tension and there were hardly any people on the streets. As they drove down the road, the few people who were out and about gave side-long glances at them before continuing along their way.

Near the end of the town the road came to a large gate. He pulled up to it and pressed the intercom button. From the other side of the speaker came a voice. "Who's there?"

Mouri cleared his throat. "This is Mouri Kogoro, the detective." There was a slight pause on the other side before they heard a click and the gates began to open.

"Please come in."

They followed the path up the large hill before coming to the mansion residing at the top. Whoever lived here obviously wasn't shy with money. As they stopped before the front doors, they opened and an eager-looking Megure came out to greet them.

"Ahh! Mouri-kun! Good to see you again. Thanks for coming." The robust man patted him on the shoulder.

Mouri straightened his tie and shirt again, a serious look on his face. "What is it about this case that requires my help?" He knew something must be up for him to contact him and ask him to come all the way here.

Megure's features seemed to stiffen and his face lost its usual jubilant spark. "Let's go inside."Mouri nodded and the three followed him through the large wooden double-doors. Once inside, they proceeded through another pair of doors into a more comfortable and homey looking room with a large fireplace on one wall and two mirror couches in the middle of the room, a single coffee table separating them.

Mouri, Ran, and Conan sat on one while Megure sat on the opposite one, facing them. He folded his hands together and sat for a second, collecting his thoughts. Before Mouri could open his mouth to speak, Megure began.

"I came to this town with a few relatives of mine as we were on our way out of the city. As we were walking around I ran into the owner of this mansion, Akama Goji-san. He recognized me as being a police officer and asked for my assistance, seeing as this town's police force is inactive due to budget cutting.

"He then brought me back here to his house, where he explained to me the situation. Two nights ago, his wife seemingly disappeared without a trace. No had seen her that day, despite the fact that she was browsing the shops in the town the entire time. When she didn't come home that night, he began to worry and drove down to see if she was just held up in a store or something. He asked around and everyone had given him the same disappointing answer."

Megure crossed his arms and shook his head. "Normally I could handle a missing person case myself in such a small town, but I'm convinced it's more than just this. Not to mention there aren't any leads." He sighed and scratched his head.

Mouri had crossed his arms as well and was looking down in thought. Conan did the same. Ran sat there, observing the strange décor of the room. Something flashed in Conan's eyes and he sat up."Hey, are there any abandoned buildings around here? You know, like ones no one ever goes to anymore? Some place where a person can hide?" he asked innocently.

Megure looked up as he tried to recollect what some of the townsfolk had said. "Now that you mention it, they said there was an old abandoned church just a few miles north of here…"

Mouri perked up. "I'd say it's a pretty good place to start. I mean with no other leads, it wouldn't hurt to look."

Megure nodded and rose, the other three following suit.-

It had taken about 10 minutes driving to reach the old church. Megure had called into Tokyo headquarters earlier and gotten a few of his men to come out for backup. The front door was boarded up with rotting wooden planks, which they easily peeled off to allow them to enter.

It was an old, western-style church with the large peaked ceiling, stained glass windows, and benches lined up. However, after the many years of weathering and neglect, the entire place was filled with dust and cobwebs, the windows were blackened over and broken, letting in little light, and the benches were over turned, most likely due to the activity of wild animals coming and going.

The officers turned on their flashlights and began shining them around the room.

"Sir!" one of the men called and Megure rushed over. He pointed the light to the ground where there were visible traces of recent activity as well as dried droplets of blood. They seemed to be lined up almost into a pattern. No. It was a trail. They began to follow the black splotches up the aisle towards the altar.

"Ran-neechan." Conan tugged on the hem of her jacket.

"Yeah? What is it Conan-kun?" She glanced down at him.

"… Don't you get the feeling someone's watching us?" He fidgeted nervously, shifting his weight over to his other leg.

Ran looked around into the shadowed corridors of the church. There also was an abundance of remodeling equipment around. Perhaps they planned to restore the old church but something happened.

"S- Sir!" Some of the men had reached the altar and were gathered around it like a wall, shining their flashlights on it. Megure and Mouri quickly made their way up the aisle as well.

Conan's attention was focused elsewhere. He stared down into one of the side corridors, its black belly emitting an evil aura. He felt his blood run cold as he involuntarily took a step closer towards it. And another. Before he knew it, he was already stepping into the shadows.

"What's all the ruckus about?" Megure called as he reached the group of police officers. They separated to reveal what was on the altar. A young woman, probably in her mid thirties, in a white dress, or rather, what had once been white, but was now stained a dark, blackish red.

"The wife, no doubt about it," Mouri mumbled. Megure nodded in response and slipped on a pair of white gloves, handing another pair to Mouri.

They then proceeded to examine the corpse. She was snow white, not completely unnatural. There was a larger area of the table where blood was collected- Right by her neck. Mouri gently lifted the collar of her shirt to reveal a large circle of pricks around her left shoulder.

"Th- this is an animal bite," Mouri concluded. Megure raised an eyebrow and squatted down to examine it as well.

"Indeed, it does appear so." He rubbed the back of his neck. "But it's so small. It could be a human. I mean, I've seen some deranged people in my time, so this wouldn't be anything new…"

Mouri simply shook his head. "Look here." He pointed to the mark. "All of the puncture wounds are pointed. No matter how you look at it, people have both pointed and flat teeth. Not to mention the incisors must have been a lot longer and larger to create those larger puncture marks."

There was a hard silence lingering around the group before a scream tore through the air.

"Wh-what was that?" Mouri looked around, the darkness still enveloping a great majority of the area.

"Eh?" Ran stiffened and looked around her. He wasn't there. "C-Conan-kun?! CONAN-KUN!" She spotted the corridor and bolted into it. Mouri, Megure, and his men followed.

Ran tore around the dark passageway, still shouting out his name. She turned one more corner and found her prize. In the room was what appeared to be an unconscious Conan and a large shadowy thing, clutching him in its grasp.

Anger filled every part of her body and she felt herself go into overdrive. She let out a loud and intimidating battle cry before she charged at it and fired one of her well-known spinning back kicks in its direction. As she landed the blow, it screeched at her and dropped Conan. She covered her ears and squinted at the inhuman sound. But before she even opened her eyes again, the creature had fled.

She finally snapped out of it and looked down at the unconscious Conan. "C-Conan-kun?" She reached down and put her hand on his heart. He was shaking terribly but she still felt his heart beating. She breathed a sigh of relief that he was still alive, but now there was a bigger problem.

She felt on her hands something warm and slippery. She held it up and squinted to get a better look. The faint moonlight coming in through the high window revealed the substance to be blood. Her heart leapt to her throat and she pulled Conan up into the light. There was a fresh stream of blood coming from just below his neck, right by the collar bone. He started breathing in sharp and rapid breaths, the trembling from his body getting worse.

"Conan-kun!" Tears were now freely flowing down the sides of her face. Mouri and the rest finally caught up to her.

"Call an ambulance!" Megure yelled at his men, after seeing the blood-covered Conan. Mouri began to take Conan from Ran's grasp and apply some first aid. Ran sat stunned, watching as her father was using a shirt to cover the wound to prevent him from bleeding to death.

"C… Conan… kun…" Ran simply repeated hoarsely, before passing out as well.

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