Chapter 3

It was dark, but he could see. There was no one there, but he wasn't alone. There was noise, but he couldn't hear it. Somewhere in this hellish abyss came a strong feeling of the most basic instinct known to any creature alive on the face of the earth: hunger.

Vision warping slightly, a figure was now clearly visible. The person was kneeling, head hung and eyes shielded though the net of bangs. The form was familiar. There was no other person it could possibly be. Her.

'Kill her…' a menacing voice hissed and continued to echo all around. 'Kill her… kill her… drain her blood… take it all…'

Whole body shaking heavily, his foot moved towards her. Then the other foot.

'Kill her… take her blood… take all of it….'

His heart was beating overtime, fueled by a mix of fear, shock, and desire. It was beyond his comprehension why his body was moving despite his desperate shouting at it to stop. But the voice was right… he wanted it. That vital liquid of the gods. He could smell it, hear it. Its coursing through her was as vivid to him as a waterfall, yet it was just beyond his reach.

He had to get it. To make it stop. This pain. This hunger.

His hands reached out to wrap themselves around her throat and…

He quickly pushed himself away from his bed, terrified of what he had just seen. What he had done. 'But…' he thought, glancing around at the room, 'it was just a dream, right? And crazy things happen in your dreams… even bad things.' His body was coated in a fine layer of sweat which had all but dried, making him shiver.

It was funny when he thought about it. During the day, he appeared human. Just another normal 'kid'. By night, however, he died. It was at night that his curse shown through.

Shown the kind of monster he really was.

Resting his head in his hands, he rocked himself back and forth to quell his still-pounding heart.

"Conan-kun~" Ran's voice sounded from down the hall. His head perked up but his face remained placid. "Breakfast's ready~" Somehow her graceful voice chimed in a way that melted his worries. He smiled sadly to himself before slipping from his covers and making his way to the bathroom.

It had been two days since they had first found out about his condition, and that was an experience he'd rather not recall. Not only was it absurd to believe in such a thing, but he had committed the worst taboo he had ever thought possible: he hurt Ran.

Nearly every time he saw her now he would flash back to that moment when he had sunk his teeth into her arm. Although it was a bit hazy, he remembered it quite clearly. There was an overcoming feeling of pain from within and he had snapped.

Next moment, he was latched onto her arm. He hadn't sucked any of her blood, but he was sure if he had realized what he was doing a second too late, he would have.

Her blood would have been running down his throat… such a wonderful fragrance it had… and most likely a flavor to match-

Thoroughly startled, Conan shook his head and slapped some cold water onto his face. How could he think such a thing! The thought of drinking blood was absolutely putrid and disgusting. No matter what happened, he would never give into the devilish craving that haunted his mind.

He quickly changed into a plaid shirt and jeans for school and made his way into the living room. Ran had already brought the plates of food in from the kitchen and had set them on the table; now she was currently busying herself in the kitchen cleaning up. Hearing his entrance, she peeked her way through the door way and smiled brightly at him.

"Good morning, Conan-kun. How are you feeling?"

He couldn't help but hang his head in shame. A monster like him really didn't deserve her kindness like this. Not after what he did. He was amazed she hadn't kicked him out alre-

A pair of arms encircled him, pulling his body close to their owner. This put him into a position where his face was pressed against her neck, a position which bothered him greatly due to the fact that it caused his heart to beat rapidly in excitement.

"It's all right, Conan-kun." Her voice was somber, quite the opposite from her cheery mask earlier. "We'll figure this out eventually." They stayed like that for a while; Ran hugging Conan, who simply stood there motionless, not returning the embrace.

As she released him their eyes locked, if only for a second. Hers filled with pity, motherly love, and sorrow. His with self-loathing, pain, and melancholy. Both looked away and slowly moved to their respectful seats at the table. Their breakfast was eaten in silence, though Ran would often throw him a few glances to make sure he was actually eating. He hadn't had much of an appetite the past few days, he had told her.

"Are you sure... you want to go to school today, Conan-kun?" Ran asked uneasily, watching the youth staring through the table with vacant eyes. Without making eye contact again, he nodded once before replying.

"Yeah. I'm ok..." Again, his attitude had been no different for the past few days, although she had to admit, she swore it was getting worse.

"Is there something on your mind?" Ran fidgeted. If there was something on his mind, she knew that talking about it to someone else usually helped. It just depended on if they wanted to talk or not.

'There are a lot of things I wish I could talk about to you, Ran...' He sighed mentally. For some reason or another, he had noticed his life never liked to stay boring. Something ALWAYS had to happen, whether it be good or bad, and it was typically the latter. As a result, it was often something that worried Ran sick. 'First the Apotoxin and now this... what's next? Robot aliens invading?' he scoffed.

"Conan-kun?" Unaware that he had again drifted off into thought, he looked up at his childhood sweetheart without making eye contact.

"I'm fine. Really, it's nothing to worry about." This seemed to put her at ease and she loosened up a bit.

"All right. If you say so." Throwing him a weak smile she stood, picking up their near-empty plates and headed off into the kitchen. "I'll walk you over to school today, okay?" A soft 'okay' came from the other room.

The walk to Teitan Elementary was one of silence. Although the streets were hustling and bustling with traffic and people rushing to their jobs, the couple exchanged near to no words at all. If it were up to Ran, she would have kept the boy home until she saw an improvement in his attitude. But she was unsure whether or not that would be a good idea. After a long and grueling weekend, he must be in need of something normal again. Getting back on his daily routine would be the best bet.

Other than that, Ran had begun to make a mental list of things they had discovered over the past few days. They had unspokenly landed on the fact that he had indeed been attacked by some wild vampire that had turned poor Conan into one as well.

Each night from moonrise to sunrise, he would take the form of a vampire. This included fangs, ice blue eyes with vertical pupils, and a small pair of bat wings, which were unknown to be functional or not. He only ate fruits in this time period, just like a fruit bat, which she thought odd for his being a vampire. He had reassured her that it was the only thing he could keep down.

As they rounded the next corner, there was an ear-piercing screech of rubber skidding on asphalt followed by the inevitable crunching of metal on metal. A woman screamed somewhere nearby. Both Ran and Conan turned to stare at the scene in disbelief.

A large moving truck had skid out of control, pinning a person on a bike between it and a telephone pole. Ran's hand went up to her mouth and Conan visibly paled.

There was no hope left for the poor unfortunate soul on the bike. A stream of crimson was now running down the pole, creating a large pool of blood.

Conan felt his heart jumping excitedly, pounding overtime in his ribcage. His vision sharpened and there was a tingling pain in his mouth. 'Sh-shit... this reaction... no...' He fled back around the corner to the nearest back alley.

Ran's stomach threatened to empty itself if she didn't look away and thus she obeyed. She moved her attention to Conan only to find he was no longer standing beside her.

"C-Conan-kun?!" She glanced around swiftly just in time to see him disappear into an alley. Without thinking, she found herself rushing after him.

As she rounded into the alley she stifled a gasp. Conan was leaning against the brick wall in a shadier part of the alley with one hand on the wall and the other covering his mouth. His face was contorted with pain and there was an otherworldly look to his eyes, which she noticed were increasingly looking the deep azure color she dearly loved. He looked absolutely miserable. At any second it appeared he would lose the contents of his breakfast.

"Conan-kun..." Ran started as she slowly closed the gap between them. Apparently, he didn't notice until she was hovering over him repeating his name once again.

"Stay away!" His words lashing out at her causing her to pull her hand back in shock. She shook her head before placing her hand on his head.

"I'm not going anywhere," she whispered into his ear. She could now feel his body trembling and hear his haggard breathing. 'This is because of the accident', she told herself. 'The blood.' It was now obvious to her that he'd been lying earlier. He was a vampire and like every other vampire, there was one thing they all desired. Feeling a bit betrayed by his mistrust, she frowned. Why didn't he tell her?

Conan's body began to tremble even more violently and a small inhuman growl escaped his mouth before he collapsed against the wall.

"C-Conan-kun?!" She stopped herself from wrapping her arms around him and pulling him back upright. After about 5 seconds, there was still no movement on his part.

Slowly, she put her hand on his back. 'Not there…' she mulled in her mind. She gently rolled him over in her arms to get a visual on his face. His eyes were closed but his mouth was open partially in a small 'o'. To confirm her suspicions, she pulled back on one of his cheeks to reveal the elongated canines. 'Half transformation?' she blinked in confusion.

The sound of sirens carried her back out from her thoughts. She looked at his small unconscious figure, still panting heavily. There was no way he was going to school now and there was no way she would leave him alone. Her dad was home and she didn't want to bother arguing with him about what happened, as easy as that would be.

'So,' she contemplated. 'Where could we go away from prying eyes?' "Ahhh..." she said flatly to herself in sudden realization. 'There could probably work...'

Hoisting Conan onto her back in a motherly manner as to not arouse suspicions of passersby, she set off on the all-too-familiar route engraved into her memory. Throughout the duration of her walk, Conan's face was uncomfortably close to her neck, his cold breath raising the hairs on it. The only thing that reassured her that she wouldn't be in danger was that fact he was currently unconscious... she hoped.

As she turned the corner of the neighborhood, a wave of nostalgia hit her. She stood silently, taking in the sight of the old western-styled house. It had been a while since she had last seen it. Not wanting to fall into another emotional depression, she shook the thought from her head and continued the short walk to the professor's house.

"Hello?" the old man's voice came about through the intercom. "Who is it?" Ran took a deep breath, prepping herself for what she was about to do.

"Agasa-hakase? It's me, Ran. Can I come in?" She glanced back at the boy who still lay slumbering, arms dangling at his sides. The intercom buzzed again followed by the voice of the relatively surprised professor.

"Yes yes, come in, Ran-kun." She pushed open the gate and quickly made her way over to the front door. It opened just a second before she arrived and she was greeted by the confused professor.

"How can I help you, Ran-kun? Shouldn't you be at school?" Suddenly his eyes wandered over to Conan. A shock of fear flashed in his eyes and he looked back to Ran, a bit flustered, waiting for her to make the first move.

"Errr... we have a bit of a problem..." she said with a determined look on her face. This didn't seem to go over with the professor too well, judging by his look. Despite that, he opened the door to allow her entry.

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