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Tonks: Best friend and Role Model

"Tonks. There wasn't an efficient way to describe her. She was witty and smart and so much fun to be around. She knew how to cheer a person up when they were sad. Her laughs were contagious and so was her smile.

Tonks was one of my best friends even though she was 7 years older than me. She acted like a big sister to me, the Lord knows I needed one growing up with six boys, and gave me advice when I needed it. We shared secrets and talked about boys, basically everything two teenagers would do. I was one of the first to know about her crush on Pro- Lupin. I remember the day well. It was around the beginning of August. It was late at night and I had not been able to fall asleep. All of the sudden I heard a knock at my door. 'come in' I had said. Tonks entered my room looking a bit nervous but also a little giddy. 'I have something to tell you.' she said. I patted the end of my bed and she sat down. 'what is it' I asked. 'I may sort of like Remus a bit.' she said. I had smiled and said 'how much is a bit?' 'a lot' she said.' we both squealed silently. 'you two would look perfect together.' I said and it was true they were one of the most perfect couples I had- excuse me HAVE ever seen. The next morning I recalled sitting down at the table next to her and whispering 'someone loves a werewolf.' I had so much fun teasing her about it. Then school came around. Tonks and I had written to each other at least once a week. She was the first person, out of the castle, to know about my relationship status. She told me how she had told Remus she loved him and that he said he was too dangerous and old and poor for her. Then at the end of the year, when my brother Bill was in the hospital, she confronted him in front of all of us. I guess that is what did the trick because the next thing I knew, okay well a month to be correct, they were married. Tonks was now more bubbly and energetic then ever. You never looked at her without seeing her smiling. Remus made her feel like she was the luckiest girl on the planet.

Tonks was a role model to me. She showed me that anything is possible if you try and that friends will be with you through good times and bad." Ginny lifted her glass and said 'To Tonks'. The whole room echoed. She went to sit down next to Harry.

"That was a great speech" he said kissing her cheek.

"It was for a great person." Ginny replied. Throughout the funeral Ginny would think about the secrets and gossip she had with Tonks. Most would bring tears to her eyes. As she looked around she knew that Tonks would have brightened up the afternoon even though it was supposed to be a day of mourning. Tonks would always be with Ginny. All she had to do was smile.

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