Reborn renewed hope

(Note This is a rewrite of the second chapter. I messed the last one up horribly.) I finally got back to fan fiction writing. Sorry this took so long I lost my disk with the story on it. To address people that reviewed thank you. Artemis Thanks for the compliment. Wilfred you sound like an English teacher stop being so formal I tried to e-mail you but it didn't work. Everyone I know I need to improve my grammar and spelling. I will reread the series to get back into it. I will have to rewrite the first chapter so it will make sense. The reason it was short was so you could see what happened to them now I will have each chapter be about a character. So on with the story.


My name is Yasmeth002. I grew up in the Tracney pool with many brothers and sisters and yet I felt I didn't fit in. My best friend is Agrith005 and Tangil002. If you have not guessed we are yeerks an underwater species. We take host to survive soon I will be required to take a host.

Today we practice infestation. We gathered near the pier and waited for a host to infest. Orlik was first being 001. He quickly scrunched himself into the ear of the host and the head left the water. It was quiet for a while as the sludgy water ripples resided.

A few minutes past and the head returned to the water. Orlik was excited. "It was great I can't describe how the outside world looks and feels."

The next yeerk was I. I entered the ear it was an easy fit this person has obviously been a host before. The brain was full of electric pulses. I quickly subdued the host. I lifted his head up and out of the sludgy water that was our home for so long. I could see glorious color I quickly looked down at the dirty sludge I been living in. Another host a human one barked at me. "Are you in control of your host or not?" I moved his head toward him. I tried the voice. "Yes I can control my host." He had me test my skills by having me walk back and forth along and move my host around. I wondered what kind of creater was this. I looked into its mind. It was a human boy. "Leave me alone!" I was shocked that it would still rebel against us we won we control them. I was lead back to the pool to go back into the water I reluctantly returned to the water. Something disturbed me about infesting a host I didn't know why but it felt wrong. "How was it Yasmeth? Asked Agruth. I lied so they would not think I was against the empire. "It was better than living in the water." He knew something was wrong but desided to ask him later about it.

After everyone in our group had practiced infestion we gathered at the other end of the pool. Tangil was bragging. "I was so excited to finally be allowed to infest a host. I plan to someday become a visser." This made me shiver. Everyone was excited and couldn't wait to get a permenat host. I hung back a bit. Agruth noticed. "What is wrong ? You do not seem happy to get out of the pool." "I don't know I just feel it is not right." Agruth was disturbed he sounded like a traitor. "Maybe you just need time to get use to it." Yasmeth

"Perhaps your right."

Time pasted and eventally we got a host. My first one was a human slightly older than the one I practiced with. He was bored with me. He seen Yeerks come and go. "Your all the same thirsty for power and nothing else." I wanted to tell him differently but if I got another host others would know about how I really felt about the Yeerk hiarachy. I didn't have to worry about him as much as I thought. When I went for feeding I headed back toward the pier and the human was not there. I waited for a while until I was finally allowed to infest the practice human. I demanded an explanaition. "Where is the human I

had?" The pool boss was calm. "He killed himself during lunch he must of somehow snuck into the kitchen and stole a knife and slit his throught. We

could not revive him. "

I later heard rumors that before he died he whispered "Death is the only freedom we get and I am free forever."

I was given another host a boy who was in his early teens. He had no family or friends. He was curious and strangly not afraid of me. " My name is Al Salllion I hope your not going to hurt me." I calmly told him You are my host if you die so do I. Al was sadden by this. So we are stuck together.

I confirmed this but I struck a deal with him becase it was my first real host and

I wanted no problems that I would stay out of his memories if he behaves. I

Have no real choose anyway alright. This agreement worked well for both of them.