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A Secret of the Night with No Moon

It was the moonless night again. Inuyasha was again safe in the present, with Kagome, in her bedroom. She was sleeping in her bed, under the covers, while he looked up to her from his spot on the floor. On the moonless night, he could never sleep. Even though he was safe here, he still could not sleep the way he was. He felt so weak without his senses or strength and most people thought that was the only reason he was up like that. The truth was it was also a night when all his mental barriers to himself were taken down. His emotions were in full control of him on these nights. He could not lie to himself, no-matter how hard he tried, on these nights.

He sat looking at the pray beads that Kagome used on him all the time. While he told everyone including himself most of the time he hated them he could not tonight. A simple little "SIT" command from Kagome and he would be kissing the dirt. If she said it with a lot of force or multiple times, he could be in a lot of pain. On the other hand, this simple necklace had other powers no one seemed to notice but him on his human night.

For one, it let Kagome feel safe that no matter what happened, she could help keep him in control. He knew it was not really true since if he wanted to he could attack her so fast that she would not be able to say "SIT" but yet it keeps her mind at ease.

The second thing is that she has used it to stop some of there arguments from getting to far out of control. He knows that he may have said or did something he would regret if it was not for her stopping the fight like that.

The third and most important to him was that fact that this was a sign to him and anyone else that looks at him, that they are connected. While he still has not been able to say the words he wants to say to her, so very much to her, this at least showed they are connected.

For these reasons he will not let any of them know he had learned the beads weakness. While he cannot force them off when he had his power, they came off so easily on the night of no moon. He would put up with the pain of the beads to be close to her. As he slid the beads back over his neck, he said out in a whisper the words he so wanted to tell her but still did not have the courage to "I LOVE YOU KAGOME".

Under her covers in a whisper that he could not hear with his human ears Kagome replies "I know, I love you too Inuyasha."

The End