Chapter 1

"Wow, Sonya! You really do look like a guy when you dress up as one!"

"I guess she does," the other girl replied.

Sonya's eyes lit up. "So I win the bet right? Can I have the ultra-special new edition burpleberry lollipop now?"

The girls handed it over reluctantly. "Here." A smile flashed over her face; she walked away, waving good-bye to the two girls. They weren't exactly friends She had lost almost all her rainbow monkeys betting with them. She had only one left - her favorite: Snacks-and-Treats-Glow-in-the-Dark-Special-Edition Rainbow Monkey, yet she had agreed to give him away if she had lost another bet. Was she insane? Oh well, now she had both her rainbow monkey and the lollipop; she smiled triumphantly. Now how would she get the other rainbow monkeys back? She sucked on the sucker.

"What do you think, guys? We need a boy on our team who is an expert on girl policy. I bet that blond-haired guy can do the job."

"Sure, let's recruit him."

"It's cool with me."

"Anyone, as long as it isn't some girl."

The four boys jumped out of the tree and ran for the bushes that grew adjacent to the path. They began to follow the possible recruit quietly, but it was hard to do with the underbrush that constantly hindered their progress.

"He's getting away!"

"I know that Numbuh 85. Stupid cruddy bushes." A boy with the number 363 imprinted onto his helmet, kicked at them viciously, then called to his team. "Let's go Sector W. Forget this. We're going after him the old-fashioned way." A chorus of yelling interrupted the thoughts of a well-contented girl, and crash-landed her into a life that would never be the same again.

Four boys surrounded her. Four scary, mean, BULLIES! They were holding these weapons that she'd seen some of the kids carrying around. How could they gang up on her like this? The lollipop was unconsciously placed further into her mouth, as she inwardly cringed from the confrontation. In her mind, she was already running away. Unfortunately, she couldn't physically do so. Well, the best way to deal with it was to pretend they didn't scare her.

A boy who looked like the leader of the pack, scrutinized her with a sneer on his face. She saw him glance at the rest of his friends and nod. Uh oh. The boy turned to her, his face serious.

"Want to join the Kids Next Door?" Sonya nearly fell over in surprise. She managed to compose herself marvelously.

"What's that?" She asked, cool as a cucumber. The boy pumped his fist in the air.

"The best organization in the world! Kids fight to stop adults from taking over - miss out on this, you'd be acting like some kind of girl." He made a face.

"What?" Sonya didn't know if she should be insulted.

"Don't be insulted." Sonya whirled around to face a boy with a crop of amazing red hair. "We're not saying you're a girl. The Kids Next Door is really awesome! There are girls in it too, but we decided our team would be better off without any. Everyone knows boys are stronger than girls." He began mumbling, "Except for my ugly sister, she thinks - "


"I know." The redhead nodded. "Gosh, I'm glad you agree. By the way, that helmet head over there is our leader Numbuh 363. I'm Numbuh 85. Nice to meet you."

He shook her hand. She shook his, somewhat dazed. A yo-yo shot past her head, and she jerked away in surprise.

"Don't scare him, Numbuh 84."

"Stop showing off."

"I'm not showing off," the boy in the ushanka protested. "I'm just testing his reflexes." He nodded approvingly. "Very fast. See, a girl could never do that."

"But - " Sonya was starting to get more than just a little miffed.

"I'll show you." He unraveled his yo-yo toward an unsuspecting group of girls, aiming toward a rainbow monkey that one of the girls was holding. He hit it full in the face. The girl shrieked, "Lee!" He shrugged to Sonya as if to say, there you go.

"That's why we are never ever going to let girls in our sector." This time, it was the chubby boy in the pilot's cap that spoke. "Boys rule, girls drool." He crossed his arms. "Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Boys go to Mars to get free candy bars." He smiled at Sonya. "And I'm Numbuh T."

An angry Sonya who was about to shriek, suddenly stopped in confusion. "But that's even dumber, T's not a number."

Numbuh 363 quickly interrupted before Numbuh T could start hurling insults at the possible recruit. "Are you going to join or not? We're not going to ask again." He gave a fuming Numbuh T, a look warning him not to say anything to scare him off. They needed a boy who could get along with girls.

"Um..." Sonya stepped back. How much trouble would she get into when they found out she was actually a girl?

"I mean it!" Numbuh 363's lip stuck out defiantly. He really hoped he would say yes, it was so hard to find a boy their age who would even go near a girl. Cooties, you know.

"Yeah, sure." Hopefully, she would get rid of their dumb view of girls when she revealed her true identity. That is, as long as she didn't mess up on the whole fighting adults part. Gulp.

"What's your name?" Numbuh 85 whipped out a notebook that had Sector W Member Stats written in sharpie.

"Sonny." She said confidently.



"It can be anything." Numbuh T mentioned helpfully. "Even a letter in the alphabet."






"That's my ugly sister's Numbuh." Sonya thought quickly. He was Numbuh 85; the boy in the ushanka was Numbuh 84...

"Numbuh 83?"

"Perfect!" Paddy scribbled it down in his notebook. He looked up quickly. Under hair color, he circled 'yellow', under eye color, he circled 'green', under species, he circled 'boy'.

"So I'm in?"


"Numbuh 83," said Numbuh 363, "Truthfully, we're not officially KND, yet, we have to be a year older. But, it's better to practice our teamwork and our fighting skills, so that when we do get in, we'll be the best sector in the entire Kids Next Door." His eyes blazed ambitiously. "We have missions everyday. Our secret hideout is there." He pointed to a tree house that was growing out of his house. It was big. It was flashy; it had gadgets and metal stuck on haphazardly. Sonya's eyes popped open.

"I love it!" she shrieked.

Numbuh 363 cringed. Numbuhs 84, 85, and T cringed.

"Don't act like such a girl." Numbuh 363 looked at the rest of his teammates worriedly. Had they made a mistake recruiting him? They would soon see.

I always thought it was weird that the producers made Sonya the only girl in Sector W. First with Lee, Tommy, and Sonya. Then Paddy, Lee, and Sonya. Then 363, Lee, and Sonya. This is my version of why that is. What do you guys think? Criticism is okay too.