"That's what power does to the young ones these days

"That's what power does to the young ones these days. They'll do anything to get it. You saw what happened. Ariana killed her own father to get it. Yet, two weeks before she was parading around shouting, 'Long live Lord Voldemort' then all of a sudden 'Avada Kedarva' she killed him. I don't think he was prepared to find another wizard, or witch in this case, more powerful than him. It's a shame though, her husband fears for his life everyday now. That poor Malfoy boy, he's been turned into a ferret more times than he can remember now." An older version of Bellatrix said. She looked almost, nicer, almost.

"True, True. 'Tis a shame what happened to that poor girl. Do you remember the day she got her mark? Cried when they killed the Order's Spy. Now she goes around killing for fun! Sending up the mark wherever. Oh, and when she killed that Parkinson girl. In the middle of the street of all places. I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd been killed on the spot! I'm surprised she hasn't been caught yet!" Said an also older Dolohov.

"And when she goes down, we're all going down." Bellatrix retorted giving a half laugh half snort.

"Oh, is that so?" I asked from the doorway twirling my wand in my hand. They stared at me shocked. "Don't stop the conversation because of me. I'll just listen." I said as I walked away from them smirking.

"Oh I almost forgot! Dolohov, Avada Kedarva!" I said suddenly. The flash of green light hit Dolohov square in the chest and al at once he was on the ground his eyes had rolled back and his head begun to bleed from the impact on cold black marble floor. I held my wand to Bellatrix's throat and smirked, "One more mistake and that'll be you lying on the floor." I lowered my wand and turned to walk out calling over my shoulder, "Dispose of him and warn the others what will become of them if I even catch a thought of treason among them"

I shot up coverd in a cold sweat. Tears were streaming down my face and my breathing was ragged. "Shit" I muttered wiping my face as a headache roared to life in my skull. I buried my head back in my pillow and massaged my temples, forcing the headache to disappear.

(A/N Know It's hort but it was all about the dream!)