Damp air freezing my sensitive skin.

I open my eyes
I see.

Fear reflecting back at me
cool vapers of breath surround me
The white shadow looming over me
is haunting my dreams.

I gasp as the icey flames caress my face
A touch
light, yet so deep.

I gasp at the contact
the eyes penetrating my thoughts
I have nowhere left to hide
I have nothing left to lose.

I am lost.

I hear a voice as the darkness closes in
calling me back
A warm touch on my shoulder
jerks me awake.

I open my eyes
only to find a lighter dark
Concerned eyes connect with mine.

I breathe again
this time there is no white mist
no familier dead figure
only warmth spreading back into me.

She leaves me
but my saviour stays.

I am found
once again in time
He holds on
never letting go.

A smile so old and once innocent
breaks my heart again.

I am haunted forever by my dreams
I haunt my children when I am awake.

No escape.

Can you all guess who it is about? It just came to me and I had to write it.

Hope you enjoyed reading it, the story is next.

Hob x