Hey New story time for me! I'm still gonna write From Now On, You Can Forget Your Future Plans I just decided to write this because I have so much time now :D

Unlucky Day Number One: The Move

Who was it that said this would be fun? Who was it? Think… Think… just who was it is? Oh, that's right. It was them. My parents. Yes, yes, my parents: the lucky lottery winners. Honestly, I don't see winning the lottery as lucky at all. Especially when it gives your parents the motive to move town, get you transferred to an elite school, take you away from your friends, expect you not to moan on the drive to your new home and tell you it would be fun. Fat chance, it would be fun.

You probably want to know my name. Well, I don't want to give you it. By giving you my name you will therefore know me to some extent, try to be my friend as you realize my parents won that bucket full of money and generally not like me for who I am. I'm not putting up with that.

What's that? You say you won't suddenly like me because you know my parents won too much money for their own good, you will like me for me, who you will get to know over a while?

Good for you.

Fine, I will tell you my name. It's Naminé. Naminé Chokichi.

My surname means butterfly of luck.

I have no clue why it is my name, luck is something that alludes me. It doesn't exist in my life. Sure, you could consider winning the lottery lucky if your family desperately needed money but we didn't. My mother and father were doing quite well. We had everything we needed. Then that money came along and dragged me away from my life. And it wasn't like that money was going to disappear quickly: my parents were clever. If anything it would multiply rapidly.

I had never been a lucky person, my parents were lucky (as you could guess) but me? No way. If something bad could happen it would and to me. I had a theory: my parents were far too greedy and stole all my luck.

And for the butterfly part of my name? Ha. If I could be as graceful, colourful and charming as a butterfly boys might actually like me. But I'm not.

Yup, so here I am; sitting in the back seat of my father's new jeep watching wide plains of lush green fields zoom by and carry me to my new home.

I sighed.

"Honestly, Naminé." My father threw to the backseat, turning his head slightly, "I'm getting bloody fed up of your moaning. Seventeen and a half and still acting like a child."

I rolled my eyes and ignored him. I had passed the fuming, shouting, stomping stage of a mood and was now in the silent treatment stage which would hopefully put my parents into a guilt trip. Childish, I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

"Honey, your father is right. Stop this nonsense. You know this well benefit your education a lot." My mother was always calmer than my father, she seemed to be able to understand me more. But not enough to stop the silent treatment!

She tutted, frustrated at my silence in return to her reasoning and looked out of the window. I grinned slyly to myself at my small victory. Winding them up was a fun benefit of the silent treatment.

THIS IS SO UNFAIR. I screeched in my head as I gripped onto my sketch pad.

The next two hours flew by far too quickly for me and soon I was standing outside of a house. I would refuse to call this huge, clean cut, modern house my home. It was far too cold and shiny.

"Here we are, then." My mother sighed happily from behind me.

"Our new home." My father placed his hand on my shoulder. They had a habit of finishing eachother's sentences.

I felt my brow furrow and my chin wobble as I gazed up at the giant monster of modern technology. When was I going back to my real home? I gently shrugged my father's hand off of my shoulder and solemnly walked up to the house. If I was going to live here until I got home I might as well get the best bedroom.

I waited in front of the sleek black glass door and watched my reflection. There I stood boredly in the balck glass with an expressionless expression, ash blonde hair that hung lightly around my shoulder and blue eyes that watched their twins intensely.

I felt like sighing but I restrained from it; I had been sighing too much today, if I kept doing it, it may not have any effect anymore.

My parents were suddenly unlocking the door.

The pushed it open and allowed me to go in first. This was my first viewing of the house and I could feel their eager faces pyring into my back as I examined the house. I would never admit it out loud but it was so stylish. Modern class and sleekness radiated from the air in this house. It was light and bright. Huge windows bathed the full room in light. I shut my open mouth and bit my lip. As cool as it was, it wasn't my home.

Without looking at my parents I made my way to the grand white staircase and quickly ran up them, holding the tears back. My parents left me, to my pleasure. They had always been good at knowing when to leave me and when to talk to me.

I scurried down the stretched hallway, my legs weakening by the second. I threw my gaze around; looking for doors but there was none. There was only what looked like doors but with no handles. These strange blank shiny glass surfaces scattered on the wall's indents continued all the way down the hall. Confused as hell, I stepped closer to one and suddenly it zoomed to the side and disappeared in the wall. The magic moving wall revealed a large bathroom.

Nice, I sarcastically thought to myself. Automatic doors that don't look like doors.

Grumbling, I made my way down the hall, checking each room and hoped I would soon find the bedroom that suited me temporarily. The door zoomed by for the next room, nope, not right. I moved onto the next, nope, the next, nope, the next, nope, the next, nope, the next, nope, the next and guess what; no! I felt like I had been opening and closing a door to the same room for about ten minutes.

Geez... what is with all these rooms?! And just how many bathrooms have I passed?

I growled to myself. This stupid house! I swung around to head back to the main entrance but suddenly found myself completely lost. See? No luck at all. Glaring at the empty corridor, I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back tears of anger. I stomped my foot like a pathetic child. When was I going home?! I furiously wiped my tears away and stalked down the next corridor, sniffing. After another five minute round about of rooms that were identical to each other, I suddenly heard shuffling and talking. I quietly edged around the next corner. Peering down the long corridor I spotted people leaving a room. The people wore matching overalls and were taking empty boxes from the room.

I waited for them to turn at another corner at the bottom of the hall and disappear into the modern maze of this house. I made my way to the room. Getting closer, I noticed a small sign hanging quietly above the black glass door.

It was fairly plain but had a trail of small stars trimming the blue curly words, Naminé's Room. I frowned at this. My parents move me here and don't even let me choose my own room-

The door suddenly swished to the side, annoyingly interrupting me, and revealed my so-called room.

My eyes widened and I gasped. I seriously gasped and I had never done that before. The room was perfect. It was spacey and white but somehow remained warm and welcoming. A large paned window allowed light to flood into the room. And my bed! I had never exactly been a princess type girl but the bed was magnificent. The sheets were plump and white but a colourful little rainbow of pillows decorated the top, along with a large, ornate, wooden headboard which had small star lights hugging it and glowing a warm blue light. Looking around I noticed my things had already been unpacked and to the exact percision as I would have unpacked them and set them. Suddenly, I noticed a handsome flat screen on the wall, looking down on a squishy sofa. My video games were waiting there too. I looked over to the luxurious wooden desk and grinned immediately; a line of pictures were placed neatly above my desk and tuck to the wall. Each picture was one of me and my friends. I drifted over to the desk, past the bookshelf (already filled), and stood and gazed at my treasures for a moment.

My throat felt raw, my chest tightened and tears were welling in my eyes as I watched the happy faces frozen in time. My eyes locked onto one face...Riku. My breathing stopped due to the sharp pain in my chest.

"Honey." My father's sympathetic voice startled me, distracted me from the pain and allowed me to breath.

I didn't turn, just blinked the liquid in my eyes away.

"Naminé." My mother breathed, quietly. Her hand touched my shoulder, I kept my eyes tied to the pictures.

"We understand this will be difficult, that you will miss everything about our old home."

Old home? I took a sharp breath and my mother squeezed my shoulder, kindly.

"But," My mother continued, "This is a great opportunity for you. We honestly think this is what is best for you. And we are sorry you had to leave your friends."

"Have a sleep, dear. You must be tired from the flight and you have school tomorrow" My father added.

I continued to watch my friends, swallowing hard.

My mother squeezed my shoulder again and then I was alone.

Ugh. My parents had put me in the guilt trip: giving me all that crap about how this was best for me and how they were sorry. They didn't even shout at me for being rude and not speaking to them!

But I knew this would be best for me... education wise. And I knew they were sorry but I just wanted my home and my friends back. Why couldn't I have them back?

The guilt set in again. I was being childish and selfish, I had to think about my parents too. This was their opportunity as well.

I floated over to the bed and fell onto it, letting the fluffy, warm sheets welcome me. My gaze automatically casted to my pictures again and to one face in particular.

Riku was my best friend. Wait, Riku is my best friend. I have known him for years and I'm still not too sure how I will survive this life without him. But that didn't matter, it wouldn't be long before I was home. I bet this was all a nightmare and I would wake up soon!

The pain in my chest wouldn't leave. Stop it, I hissed to myself. None of this is permanent I will see him again soon... right?

Riku had always been more than my best friend to me but I never told him and now the chance was long gone. Well, until I got back.

I didn't want to be selfish but I couldn't stand this. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to go to a new school. I didn't want all the money. Ugh, why is this so annoyingly annoying?! Send me home! I kicked and punched at the sheets as angry tears welled up in my eyes, again.

I was tired. Being in a mood all day really took it out of you! I found my exactly where I had expected to. How did those people know I would expect them to be there? I shrugged away the suspicousness before it scared me and dived under the quilts.

I figured the quicker I fell asleep, the quicker I would wake up back home! So I did just that; fell asleep quickly and excited about waking up with everything back to normal.