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Chapter 1.

Going to Server.

On a long stretch of dirt road leading to the country of Waves we find one Naruto Uzamaki who is currently 13 years old with him is his teacher Jiraiya the legendary toad Sage.

As the two walked along the road Naruto was wondering why they were going to Wave even though he was excited by going there as he could see Tazuna his daughter Tsunami and her son Inari. But it just didn't make sense there was no reason to go there. There was nothing there that would help him train to become a better ninja so why were they going there?

As they walked Jiraiya addressed Him.

"Naruto I am sure you are curious as to why we are going to the land of Waves right?"

"Yes I am you promised you would take me to places where I would get great training I don't think there'll be any in Wave?" Said Naruto out loud while said this under his breath hoping his teacher wouldn't hear him.

"Not like I really care though about training to become a better ninja

But he did and he was not surprised by what Naruto had said the reason why is he knew Naruto did not went to be a ninja he was forced into being one by the third.

The reason why he did not want to be a ninja is Naruto held no connection or love to his village he absolutely despised the village and everyone in it from the villagers all the way to the ninjas.

He hated every last single one of them and there is a very simple reason why all the years of beatings and starvation had driven him to the point where he no longer cared about them and would never ever again.

But there were a few exceptions to this him and Tsunade and the Ranma stand owners were the only people that Naruto truly cared about as for everyone else he pretended to care about them it was just an act part of the happy mask he put up.

Now the reason why he was a ninja in the first place is the third was trying to honor his father's wish that his son become a protector of the village like him. So the third forced him to enter the Academy where Naruto started the best acting career of his life. Naruto decided that he would flunk every time and get the lowest possible grades so that he could not become a ninja.

And it was working for a while but when he stole the scroll which he hoped would get him out of the academy for good and not for the reason of passing like everyone thought it backfired on him when a technique that he learned out of curiosity got him into the ninja ranks.

So with his passing he was forced to continue to use his mask of stupidity and act like he wanted to be a ninja. But now was the time for him to stop acting like he wanted to be one and end the charade he lived all his life and to just be who he wants to be himself.

"There isn't any training in Wave the reason why were going there is to take a ship to a continent far far away called Server where you can enjoy yourself on a three-year vacation and meet a friend of mine called Professor Stone." Said. Jiraiya.

"Hey I thought you said you were going to train me to be a better ninja that is what this whole three-year journey is about." Shouted out Naruto with his mask of happiness and stupidity still on.

"Stop lying to me Naruto I know for a fact you do not want to be a ninja."

"I don't know what you're talking about I what to be a ninja so than I can become Hokage." lied Naruto.

"You can't fool me with that mask of stupidity and happiness you have kid I know for a fact you're very smart. Smart then that Sakura girl you pretend to like and I know for another fact you don't like the village or anyone in it. So why don't you just drop the act and for once act like yourself?" said Jiraiya to Naruto.

After he said that Naruto thought it over and realize there was no use hiding anymore. And once reaching this decision instantly Naruto's attitude change to what it really was cold, and somewhat cynical and some what uncaring. His eyes which once held that fake great joy changed to what they really were eyes that had lost all sense of happiness and joy his size also changed he grew another 7 inches making his height 5'11". The reason why he hided his size is it would make the old man expect more from him.

After he made the change back to who he was the real him. Naruto felt good really no longer did he have to hide behind fake identities he could be who he really was.

"There that's the real you." Said his teacher glad that he was showing his true self but also said that his true self look like somebody who had lived several lifetimes.

"If you will please excuse me I'm going to go change since I'm no longer hiding behind my false identity there's no reason to wear this stupid orange jumpsuit anymore." Said Naruto as he went behind some bushes to go and change his outfit.

6 minutes later he came back wearing a pair of black blue jeans a white T-shirt a black blue jean jacket that had the sleeves cut off a black cowboy hat black sunglasses and black boots.

In his right hand was his hideous orange jumpsuit which he then threw onto the ground. After he threw it on the ground he did a fire technique and burned the hideous looking clothing. After he was finished the two of them continued on to Wave where they would then get a ship that would then take them to Server.

Three days later the two of them are in the country of Waves they have already gone over the great Naruto Bridge and were now in the exact same city where Naruto's first A- rank mission took place.

Naruto did not feel like stopping at the bridge builder's house. The reason why was he no longer had to wear the fake mask so he no longer had a desire to see those that reminded him of his wretched village.

So avoiding places where he thought he could run into them both he and his teacher soon arrived at the docks where large ships larger than anything he has ever seen were docked.

Naruto then followed Jiraiya who headed to what appear to be a ticket counter where he talked to the man that was behind the counter.

"Excuse me sir but I would like to have two adult tickets on your most expedient ship that is heading to the continent of Server." Said Jiraiya as he got out his wallet and prepared to pay the price for the tickets.

"That will be 6,000 dollars apiece." Said the ticket man.

Not complaining about the price Jiraiya paid the $12,000 which surprised Naruto as Jiraiya normally always made a big fuss about paying exorbitant amounts of money but not this time.

"Thank you for your patronage your ship is at dock five it shall be departing in 30 minutes." Said the ticket taker as he took their money and give them their tickets.

"Thank you come on Naruto we do not what to miss our boat?" said Jiraiya as he made his way to dock 5.

"Okay coming." Said Naruto as he followed after his teacher to dock 5.

13 minutes later both of them arrived at the ramp of their boat which was called the Lady Cagalli the ship was painted the color rouge.

Naruto was greatly impressed by the size of the ship which was a large ocean going cruise ship.

"Impressive isn't it Naruto?" said Jiraiya as he handed Naruto his ticket and then made his way over to a man and standing by the ramp that led up to the ship and was taking tickets from the people before they boarded the ship.

"Yes it is." Said Naruto as he followed after his teacher.

Soon both of them arrived at the ticket taker and presented their tickets. He took them and then said.

"Your rooms are on the second deck of the ship upper-level above the whole line and your room number is 234." Said the ticket taker as he handed them a set of keys to their room on board the large ship.

"Thank you come Naruto." Said Jiraiya as he boarded the ship.

"Right behind you Jiraiya-san." Said Naruto as he followed after his teacher on to the ship.

Once both were on the ship they made their way to their cabin. When they reached the room number 234 Jiraiya used the keys they had and opened the room once it was opened the two of them stepped inside once inside Naruto noticed how beautiful the room is.

They were in what appeared to be a living room which was attached to three rooms two of them were bedrooms that had bathrooms from what he could tell and the other room had a small kitchen.

Naruto as he looked at the room a smile formed on his lips and it wasn't one of his fake smiles it was an actual genuine smile.

The reason why he was smiling is he now knew for sure that his journey was for real and not fake or a trap.

Jiraiya seeing the genuine smile now knew for sure he was doing the right thing.

Two days later Naruto was going over some books on the continent of Server that he got from the ship's vast onboard library.

The reason why he took the books is he was curious about the place he was going. And his curiosity continued to grow as he read about the massive continent.

He read about the 12 sub princesses Lacus her twin sister Meer who both ruled over Kanto, Cagalli who ruled over the Orange Islands that were west of Kento, Mir who ruled over the Hoenn, Flay who ruled over Holon, Lunamria and her little sister Meyrin who ruled over Sinnoh, Dorothy who ruled over Orre, Sylvia who ruled over Almia and Asuka who ruled Fiore Relena who ruled over Johto, and Asuna who ruled over the Highland region where they were going.

He also read about the three sub Queens whose job it was too watch over the territories ruled by the princesses each sub Queen handled several territories. The sub Queens where Murrue she had largest territory she ruled over Kento, the Orange Islands and Hoenn and Johto a, Natarle who second largest ruled over Holon and Sinnoh and Fiore, and Erica that ruled over Orre and Almia and the Highland region.

He also read that all these princesses and Queens of Server had to answer to the main princess and Queen Princess Serena and her mother Queen Serenity who ruled from the city of Crystallized city in the center of the continent of Server.

His curiosity peaked more when he read about creatures called Pokemon animals that leaved in and around Server and what they were used for on the continent of Server.

He read about the Pokémon battles the Pokémon trainers and Coordinators and the breeder's, the Pokemon archaeologists and researchers and the gym leaders the elite four of each region and the Pokémon Masters and the Pokémon Rangers as well as all the titles that existed.

3 days later Naruto was now reading every book he could get his hands on that concerned the Pokémon of Server and how different types had different strengths against others types and strengths.

And so the days passed with Naruto continuing to read every book he could find and Jiraiya scoping out the swimming pool looking for more material for his perverted books.

Finally the month-long journey came to an end and the Lady Cagalli arrived at Star Port city which was on the farthest east side of Server.

Once the ship was securely docked the passengers exited the ship once Naruto and Jiraiya exited the ship and showing their they headed towards an information building near the docks where they could get maps on all the areas of Server.

But on the way to the building Naruto noticed a Pokémon battle going on between two trainers. Telling Jiraiya that he would meet him at the information center Naruto headed over to the Pokémon battle.

The two trainers he noticed were using a Psyduck and Tentacool.

"Psyduck use hypnosis." Said trainer one who was a young girl who looked like she just turned ten years old and probably not to long ago received her first Pokémon.

"Dodge the attack Tentacool and counterattack with bubbles." Said the other young trainer who probably also just turned 10 and got his first Pokémon.

The battle continued for 3 minutes and at the end the young male trainer won the match using water gun.

At the end of the battle both trainers congratulated each other and walked away.

After watching that battle Naruto is sure of his decision that he had made on the ship the seventh day out at sea.

But now he would have to tell Jiraiya what he thought about and decided. So heading off to the information center he noticed Jiraiya had just left the building with several maps in hand.

Jiraiya noticing Naruto went to meet him when the two of them meet Jiraiya said that they would leave the city and head towards Starlight city.

About two days later the two arrived at Professor Stone's home which was just outside Starlight city.

His home kind of looked like a large mansion. After a few minutes of looking at the mansion both of them approach the front door and knocked on it.

10 minutes later the front door opened revealing a…?

End chapter 1.

Next Chapter 2 Meeting Professor Stone and fateful decisions,

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