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Chapter 11,

The Grass Pokemon trouble,

It was two days after Naruto had gotten his Badge and he and his friends are now walking throw the forest north of Pewter City.

"So Keitaro at this pace how much longer to Cerulean City?" said an excited May as Cerulean City had the first contest for May along with Naruto's gym battle.

"I would say one day to get to Mt Moon and one day to get throw then three days after were through to get to Cerulean City at this pace." Said Keitaro.

"That not so long." Said Naruto. "So May what Pokemon well you use in the contest?"

"I don't know maybe Glaceon then Blaziken." Said May. "How about you Naruto what Pokemon well you use in your gym battle?"

"Well Pikachu for sure and maybe Gardevoir but I am not sure on that." Said Naruto.

With the three still continued walking. About 3 hours later the three came to a rest area/park for trainers that had a small stream next to it and seeing as it was 1:00 pm they decided to stop and have lunch here. They decided to have fish from the stream as the rest area/park had a few of those grills that you find in picnic areas.

It was decided that Keitaro would get the fish while May got the area were they would set ready and Naruto would gather firewood from the forest.

Naruto is picking up a few small branches in the woods about 200 yards away from camp. As he picks up the branches he hears some move meet coming from a bush to his left side. So turning towards it he sees an object hit him square in the chest knocking him to the ground the hit also closed his eyes.

"Hey watch were your going." Said a female voice.

"Me you're the one that ran into me." Said Naruto as he opened his eyes looking for the girl that that voice belonged to.

But when he opened his eyes he saw no girl just a small Pokemon it was white with a green top with a few flowers on it.

"Still you should have been more careful." Said the voice.

"No you should have now where are you if you are going to say this is my fault you should be here girl." Said Naruto as he got up while holding the Pokemon

"The never I am right here in your arms you fool." Said the voice now angry.

"Yeah right a Pokemon is in my arms not a girl."

"I am a Pokemon you fool." Said the Pokemon Naruto is holding.

"What!" said Naruto now looking at the Pokemon in his arms. "But how?"

"Its telepathy now apologize." Sent the Pokemon.

"That explains it but I well not apologize to…." Started to say Naruto but the Pokemon said.

"The names Shaymin." Sent Shaymin.

"To you Shaymin when you were not looking were you where going." Said Naruto as he put the Pokemon down and walking away.

"Hey where are you going I'm not done with you yet?" sent Shaymin going after Naruto and giving him a hit in the back.

"What is it." Said Naruto turning to look at her (note know that Shaymin has no gender but in this they do).

"I want you to say sorry." Sent Shaymin.

"Well I…." Naruto started to say but stopped when three Zubats came out of the trees.

"They found me." Sent Shaymin as she hides behind Naruto.

"Who found you?" said Naruto looking at her.

"Them." Shaymin sent looking at two females one has blond hair and red eyes she is wearing black pants with a black tank top with some pink on them. The other female has blue gray hair and red eyes she is wearing the same as the other girl but there is purple were the other has pink.

"Who are you two?" asks Naruto.

"I am Annie." Said the girl with blond hair.

"And I am her younger sister Oakley."

"And we're from Team Rocket." Said both.

"And we well being taking that Shaymin now." Said Annie.

"Please don't let them take me." Sent Shaymin in a scared voice.

Naruto hearing how scared Shaymin was grab one of his Pokeball.

"I well not let a couple of crocks like you two to take Shaymin with putting up a fight." Said Naruto.

"Hahaha like a little boy like you can stop us." Said Annie as she grabs a Pokeball from her belt.

"Yeah just hand over Shaymin and we won't have to hurt you." Said Oakley as she got ready to command the three Zubats.

"I never abounded anyone who needs me be they human or Pokemon especially a friend that is my way of the Pokemon trainer." Said Naruto as he got ready to throw the Pokeball that had his Gyarados.

And Shaymin who was still behind Naruto at hearing him call her friend looked up at him and sent.

"I'm really your friend?"

"Yes just because we were fighting dose not mean I don't think of you as a friend." Said Naruto looking at her.

"Thank you." Said Shaymin in a whisperer now looking down.

"Now then if you what Shaymin come and get some." Said Naruto as he throws his Pokeball. "Get them Gyarados."

And in front of Naruto and Shaymin.

Gyarados gave a roar as it came out.

"A Gyarados maybe your not just some punk kid trying to be a hero." Said Annie as she tossed her Pokeball. "Go Espeon this battle is ours."

Then in front of her an Espeon appared.

"Zubats get ready." Said Oakley.

Just as both sides were about to fight they heard.

"Naruto were coming to help." Said May.

Naruto and Shaymin and the two Team Rocket members turned to see May and her Glaceon along with Keitaro and his Arcanine coming towards them. Gyarados roar must have gotten there attention.

"Arcanine use Flame wheel on all three of those Zubats." Said Keitaro as he got close.

"Glaceon use Ice Beam in Espeon." Said May as she got close too.

Naruto not wanting to be left out said.

"Gyarados use Hyper Beam on Espeon then on the three Zubats." Said Naruto.

All the Pokemon lunched their attacks at the Team Rocket Pokemon. Since May and Keitaro appeared out of nowhere this shocked both Annie and Oakley as they did not expect all of this were unable to order their Pokemon to block.

The Attacks hit their Pokemon and them sending them away. After that Naruto's two friends came up to him along with their Pokemon.

"Naruto who were they?" said May.

"They were bad people and they were after me until he saved me." Sent Shaymin getting on Naruto's head getting Keitaro's and Mays attention.

"Hey Naruto who's your friend?" said May looking at the Pokemon.

"I am Shaymin." Sent Shaymin.

"Those two women were from Team Rocket." Said Naruto

"Shaymin why is Team Rocket after you?" said Keitaro.

"I'll they said was they need me for cleaning a temple of poison gas." Sent Shaymin.

"Did you say a temple?" said Keitaro.

"Yes." Sent Shaymin.

"Did they happen to say anything else?" said Keitaro.

"Yeah that they need to find two more keys after they got me." Sent Shaymin.

"I KNEW IT." Yelled Keitaro.

"Knew what." Said Naruto.

"I'll tell you all back at the rest area." Said Keitaro as he recalled his Arcanine and ran back to the rest area.

Once he was Gone May and Naruto recalled theirs and walked back to the rest area. As they walked back May asked Shaymin something.

"Hey Shaymin can I asks you a question?"

"Sure." Sent Shaymin still on Naruto's head.

"Why aren't you more scared of us?" said May

"Well for one this fool saved me and you both remind me of two humans I meet a year ago."

May was about to ask who the two humans were when Naruto spoke.

"Hey don't call me a fool you small fry."

May heard Naruto yell then say.

"Hey small fry don't pull my hair."

Naruto yelled again as Shaymin pulled his hair again and sent this.

"Don't call me small fry you fool."

May then watched as the two argued after a few minutes May said.

"Enough you two. Now then Shaymin what was the names of the two humans that helped you?"

"Their names were Ash and Dawn." Sent Shaymin.

"Hey that so cool I am friends with both." Said May.

"That great." Sent Shaymin.

Soon the three arrived at the rest area were Keitaro was already sited.

May and Naruto also sat down with Shaymin still on Naruto's head.

"Alright Keitaro tell us what is going on?" said May.

"Okay you two know that Team Rocket stole a Key from a dig I was doing." Said Keitaro. You also know that the Key was to open a Temple to an evil Pokemon."

"Yeah." Said both Naruto and May.

"Well there is more to it and what Shaymin said tells me that Team Rocket has found it."

"What makes you say that?" said May.

"The poison gas they want Shaymin to get reed of. You see the Temple has three keys and each opens a room that has a trip that has to be cleared. And the first one is a poison room."

"That's not good they found the Temple." Said May.

"No it's not." Said Keitaro. "This Pokemon is the biggest threat to Sever more so then any of the Pokemon Gangs."

"Keitaro would you please tell us more about this Pokemon why is it so dangerous?" said Naruto.

"Well this Pokemon is said to be the dark King of Pokemon. A Pokemon that can suck the life of any one it touches. Its power is said to be unmatched." Said Keitaro.

"Then we have to stop them now." Said Naruto.

"No not yet from what Shaymin said they are still looking for the two other keys and I know for a fact that they well be very hard to find as know one has looked for them unlike the first key." Said Keitaro.

"But what if they find them?" said May.

"Then we stop them but to we well know when they find one it well make the news plus they can only open the final door at noon of the forth day of the forth week if the mouth." Said Keitaro.

"Yeah I guess your right." Said Naruto.

"Yeah plus you have me now to help you." Sent Shaymin.

"What do you mean?" said May.

"I mean this." Sent Shaymin as she hit Naruto hard on the head making one of his empty Pokeballs to hit the ground.

Every one watched in shock as Shaymin jump into the Pokeball getting captured by it becoming Naruto's Pokemon.

Naruto then picked up the Pokeball and let his new Pokemon out. Once out Shaymin jump on Naruto's head.

"Why did you do that small fry?" said Naruto as he then yelled as Shaymin pulled his hair.

"Because I wanted to fool and don't call me small fry." Sent Shaymin.

Both May and Keitaro watched with smiles on their faces as the two argued. And saw that Naruto had not just a new Pokemon but friend too.

But little did they know but not to far away Annie and Oakley were watching them. And Annie was talking on her cell phone.

"Boss we lost Shaymin but we well get her back." Said Annie over her phone.

"Don't bother just find that next key that Shaymin is no longer important." Said the boss.

"Yes sir." Said Annie as she hung up. "Let's go sis the boss says to leave the Shaymin."

"Alright." Said Oakley.

And with that both left to find the next key.

As that was going on in Naruto's old home Minato his wife and the still knocked out Uchiha had gotten to the Leaf Villages gate. And after giving the two guards a heart attack were going the Hokages office to find out what had happened while they were gone.

Naruto has gotten a new Pokemon and a fisty one at that and has stopped Team Rocket from using her. And now that Minato and Kushina are home what well happen? One things for sure when crazy thing happen you can bet they well come Naruto's way,

End of Chapter 11

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Hard truths and lies and Mt, Moon

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