Walking in to the morgue for the first time, Adrianna looked around for someone who could answer her question

Walking in to the morgue for the first time, Adrianna looked around for someone who could answer her question. As she stood there looking lost, one of the Medical Examiner (ME) came up and asked her if she was lost.

"Yes, I am looking for Dr. Garret Macy," she said.

"He is in his office, let me take you to him," Nigel said.

They walked down the hall toward Macy's office.

"I'm Nigel Townsend, what is your name?" Nigel asked.

"My name is Adrianna Mitchell," she answered as Nigel knocked on the Macy's door. Nigel opened the door and let her into Macy's office. Macy was sitting at his desk looking over some files. Nigel went back to work.

"You must be our new ME, Adrianna," Macy asked.

"Yes and thank you so much for the job," Adrianna said.

"You will need to fill out all of this paper work and then I will take you on a full tour of the morgue and introduce you to your co-workers," Macy told her.

She sat down at the table in the break room. Adrianna was working her way through the paperwork when Nigel walked in to get some coffee.

"How many pages do you have left," He asked.

"A dozen or more," she answered never looking up from her paperwork.

He laughed as she reread a question twice.

"Why do they need to know my past medical history conditions for," she asked.

"To make sure that you are not a danger to yourself or others," Nigel answered.

"Do I have to answer that? I am not a danger to anyone," Adrianna answered.

"I would if you want to work here," Nigel responded.

He sat down beside her and helped her get through her huge stacks of paper. AS she was finishing the last page, Nigel got up and headed back to work. A few moments later, Garret walked in the breaks room to see how she was doing.

"Here are all of the papers," Adrianna said as, she handed him the papers.

"Ok, lets start the tour," Garret said.

As they walked around the morgue, they started to meet people. First, she was introduced to Lily, the grief counselor, and then they headed into trace. That is where she met Jordan, Bug, Woody, and was formally introduced to Nigel.

"This is our new ME, Adrianna, she official starts tomorrow morning. If she needs any help, I expect that you guys will all help her," Macy said.

Adrianna stood there and listened while he spoke to the four of them.

After a few minutes they continued on with the tour. As the end he reminded that she needed to be there at 8:30 for her orientation to get her id made. As she walked out, she turned to see a blond young man watching her leave. She headed down the stairs to get her parking pass. After she got her parking pass, she headed back to her apartment, which was a floor below Jordan's, but she didn't know that yet. She sat down and started to think about her family back in Kansas and how much she missed them. This was her dream to live in Boston but she never thought about how much she would miss her family. She picked up the phone can called her parents.

"Hi mom," she said after her mom picked up.

"How is it in Boston," her mom, Sam, asked.

"Beautiful, but I really miss you all," she answered.

"It will get better, I promise," her mom answered.

Then her dad picked up and she them told them about her new job and her first impression of her co-workers. They talked about 45 minutes and then they said good-bye. She got and looked for food but realized that she needed to go to the grocery store. She walked down the street to the sub shop to get dinner. After she ate dinner, she walked back home to get her car. She headed to the store to get some food. She walked every isle to make sure that she got everything that she would need. It took her over an hour but she got all of her food. As she pulled into the lot, one her college friend walked up. Mike helped Adrianna get all of her groceries up to her apartment; Adrianna found out that he lived two floors above her. She unpacked all of groceries and put them up. She sat down on her couch and started to watch TV. She knew that she would have to get up early to get ready for work. At 9 pm, she turned off the TV and headed to bed; she laid there for a while and thought about her life and her new job. After a while, she drifted off to sleep. Her alarm clock woke her up at 7 am, so she could get ready for work. She got to work at 8:25 and was ready to start working. Macy explained the rules and then told her that she was going to shadow Jordan on her case. They headed out to pick up the body. The 30-year-old man died after a fight but there was no sever damage to his body. As they were heading back to the morgue, they started to talk about where they lived. Jordan told Adrianna that she was just one floor below Jordan. They pulled in the morgue and unloaded the body. As they got the body into Trace, Woody showed up to see if they had any information on the victim yet. They processed the body and clothes. They found skin cells under his nails that Nigel was running to see if they had a match too. The identified the body as Mark L. Scott, he was a newspaper reporter. The skin cells were that of a female. Jordan noticed there was bruising around his neck and so she and Adrianna decided to test the tie that he was wearing in hopes of finding prints. The prints matched to a repeat offender, who had several assault charges on his record. Woody brought in Joe Smother, after several hours of talking; all they could get Joe to admit to was the assault. This lawyer said that his client has nothing to with the murder of the victim. Woody was at a dead end when the victim's girlfriend, Lynda, came in and they asked her for a DNA sample so they could rule her out. Nigel got a match when he compared her DNA to the skin cells that was under Mark's nails. Jordan walked into the interrogation room and asked Lynda when the last time that she saw Mark and she said it had been over a week. When she was cornered her with the information that they knew that she has had seen him after that. She broke down and confessed that she had killed him because she believed that he had been cheating on her.

Jordan, Adrianna, Nigel, Bug, and Lilly were sitting in the break room when Garret walked in and told them to get their kits.

"We have a multi-car pile up on the highway, so we are all heading out into the field, we will be meeting Devin there," Macy said.

When they arrived at the scene, Adrianna stood there and looked at the mayhem with amazement. Adrianna waked up to one of the cars and that is when she first met Devin.

"Hi, I am Devin, you must be the new ME that Garret told me about," she said as she looked over toward Adrianna.

"Yea, I'm Adrianna Mitchell. It is nice to meet you," she answered.

They all got down to work. There were 7 cars involved; one of them was a mini van with 5 people in it.

They divided the crime scene up to make it easier to get to all of the people. In total, they had 13 bodies and 5 were children, to take back to the morgue, Adrianna and Jordan took the first group back to the morgue. As they walked into the morgue, Lily asked if they had an id on the bodies so she could let the next of kin know.

"This group is a family, looks like a father, mother and three kids," Jordan said.

"What are the parents' names," Lily asked.

"Scott and Michelle Lewis. Their address is 1359 E. 752 St, Boston," Adrianna answered.

Adrianna and Jordan continued on with the autopsy so they could get the cause death of all of the family members. It came out that all of the family had died of internal injury from the crash. Adrianna looked down on the three children and couldn't believe that they were so young and were dead.

After the little while, Scott's mother showed up and identified the five bodies as, Scott, Michelle, and the three children, Nicole, age 10, Michael, age 7 and Lisa, age 3. She asked when the bodies would be released. Adrianna told her that the bodies would be released in a couple hours. She thanked them both and asked that they call her, when the bodies could be released for burial.

Jordan and Adrianna went down to the crypt to see who was next on the schedule. After six hours they had gotten all 13 identified and Lily had contacted all but one of the next a kin. Adrianna and Jordan were preparing to head home after a very long day. As she and Jordan were walking out she asked who the man that she had seen yesterday was.

"He was young with blond hair, I would assume he was a cop since I didn't see him today at all," Adrianna said.

"That would be Matt Seely, he is a detective and some times cocky, but a great man still," Jordan answered.

They continued to talk about Seely and the other guys that Adrianna might met through out he work. They laughed as Jordan explained the difficult relationship that she and Woody were in. As they got to their cars, they had decided that they wanted to go out to eat so they could talk about Adrianna's first day. They both laughed as they chose the same little Chinese Restaurant. Adrianna had seen it when she was heading to the store. They decided that they would meet up at their apartment building and Jordan would drive them both there. They had decided that they wanted to take a shower before they went to eat. After she finished her shower, Adrianna walked up to Jordan's apartment where she was formally introduced to Woody. Woody and the two girls headed toward the restaurant.