Seeing Stars
By Jason Ulloa
Original story by Moonsong
Continued with her permission.

Chapter 1

"Serena Moon...," Darien moaned worriedly to himself
while absently taking a sip from his previously forgotten
soda. "I finally get a big part in a movie and who should
I be working with but the one actress who hates my
guts." He shook his head at the injustice life was currently
handing him and sighed. "Something tells me that this is
going to be a LONG two weeks... that is, if the high-and-
mighty Ms. Moon doesn't demand that they bring in
someone else to replace me."

"Come on, Darien," Andrew said consolingly. "You don't
really think it's gonna be THAT bad?"

"No, I KNOW it's gonna be that bad," Darien replied
fatalistically. "Maybe I should just stick with my P.A. job..."

"No way!" Andrew exclaimed insistantly. "This is the
opportunity that you've been waiting for! You can't just let
this pass just 'cause you're afraid..."

"Who says I'm afraid?" Darien retorted. "But, being fired
from my first big job doesn't exactly appeal to me, ya know?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But, you already agreed to it, Dare."

"..." Darien finally realized that during his shocked stupor
that he did mumble an agreement to work that job. 'Oh boy...'
he thought to himself as he finished his soda and rose out of
his seat. "Might as well get on with it."

"Who knows, maybe this could even work out," Andrew called
out to Darien as he left. "Serena could've even forgotten about
the whole thing already."

"If I'm lucky," Darien muttered as he reached the door. "Bye,
Andrew. Thanks."

"Sure thing, Darien. And good luck!"

Darien parked his car and trudged reluctantly into the building.
He marched slowly up the stairs to the third floor - he really
didn't feel like using the elevator - and down the hallway,
stopping at one of the many office doors lining both sides of
the hall. He glanced up at the glass window of the door, at the
lettering lining the window.

Mina Blake. His agent. He could see her through the glass. Her
blonde hair was held back with her usual red bow, and she was
dressed in this gorgeous yellow pinstriped suit with a similar
yellow dress skirt. Her shoes were a dark red with small heels.
She was chewing on the tip of one of her pens, which was a little
habit of hers when she was waiting for someone. He steeled his
resolve and knocked on the door.

"Oh, coming!" Mina answered and headed toward the door.
"Darien! Sweetheart!" she exclaimed excitedly and rushed him
into the office. "Have a seat!" she said and all but shoved him
into the chair in front of her desk, then took a seat at her own

Darien wondered to himself - and not for the first time - how she
could be so... hyper all the time. It was like she was on a
permanent sugar rush; she seemed full of excess energy and
showed it in the way she rushed about and the way she would
get overexcited at finding possible work for him. On the other hand,
she was one of the best when it came to finding work for him; this
new job with Serena Moon notwithstanding.

"Here ya go, Babe," Mina replied, pushing the movie script across
her desk toward him. "I've highlighted your part."

He turned the script around, since it was currently upside-down to
him, and read the title. Total Eclipse. 'Sounds like...'

"In case you're wondering, it's an secret agent/action flick," she
explained. "Kinda like those movies of that Bond dude, except the
roles are reversed. The girl's the main character and the guy's the
one who she rescues, then falls for her. Heh, you're gonna be like
a Bond girl." With that, Mina started cracking up, while Darien just
gave a polite, reserved laugh.

"So, I'm a supporting actor?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. 'From
an extra to a supporting actor? Woah, she's GOOD.'

Mina slowly regained her composure and nodded. "Yeah. The shoot
starts tomorrow at 6 a.m., like I told you. The director and producer
both thought you'd be good for the part, especially after looking at
the photos of you I gave them. They said you looked like the man
they were looking for: tall, dark, and handsome." She gave him a
little wink. "You'll be reporting to the director. What was her name
again? Oh, yeah! Amy Anderson!"

"Anderson?" Darien asked. "I've heard of her. She's one of the
newest directors in the field and I heard she's already directed
3 blockbuster movies. I also heard that one of them is likely
going to win her an Oscar for Best Director."

"Yep, that's her. She's now working on this movie and she says
that you match what she wants for this part."

He looked down at the script in his hands. 'I'm going to be a
supporting actor in a movie directed by Amy Anderson? My career
is definitely taking off... That is, if Serena Moon doesn't try to get
me fired first...'

"Okay, I think that pretty much covers everything," Mina said,
smiling. "You only have to worry about the lines I've highlighted.
Knowing you, you should have the first five pages memorized by
the end of the day." She rose from her desk as Darien got to his
feet and walked with him to her office door. "Oh, and one more
thing," she said as she opened the door for him, "I've heard that
Amy has been known to rearrange a script to suit how she thinks
the movie should be. If she likes your work, she may try to keep
you for the entire movie instead of just the two weeks. If you're
lucky, this job could last for months! Good luck, Darien, sweetie!
I'll be hoping for good news!" With that, she closed the door to her
office, leaving him to stare after her in complete shock.

'Months...? With Serena Moon?! This is going to be a
looooooooong movie shoot...'


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Author's Note: And so it begins. I know it's short, but this
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Yuugi fic, so she left it to me to finish. I figure I can work on
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