Me: Chapter two

Me: Chapter two. 'Whoa! Didn't see that coming.' I don't own the storm hawks.

Saphire :But she owns me!

Diane: Mommy!

Starling: Yes, Saphire also owns Diane and Jimmy.

Aria :AND ME!

Emerald: and Me!

Topaz: And don't forget the rest of the band..

Chase: ( laughs)

Chris: you guys are weird.

Me: do you know what Time it is?

Piper: Reviewer's corner?

Me: YEP! I'll answer the question's for last chapter's reviews.

Piper: Zanessa4everZashley4never, Starling is currently a retired sky knight against her will. Harrier was going to have his wife on the battle field while he's got two young children at home. Harrier on the other hand… is pooped.

Aerrow: German Mickey. You'll just have to read to see what I'm up too.

Finn: LoveFlame, Tell scarlet I'm not going with Aria.

Piper: Nope, Aria and –

Me: okay… enough chit chat. Time for chapter two.

Everyone: Now on with the story.

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Aria sat on a lawn chair tanning with Topaz, Emerald and Carla as Chase, Chris, and Tia played a game of Frisbee on the lawn. Tina on the other was busy typing an e-mail to her boyfriend who was currently on Terra Atmosia.

"Emerald! You got an e-mail from you know who!" Tina called as she finished typing and a little blue window popped up on the screen and then faded. Emerald stood up, her green bikini shimmering in the light has she moved.

"Finn?" Emerald asked.

"Mmmhm." Tina nodded. She handed the laptop to Emerald so she could read it. Tia stood and spun across the yard to sit next to her sister.

"YAY! Aerrow has finished putting together his plan for Piper!" Emerald squealed in excitement. Everyone bolts to gather round Emerald.

"He's going to wake her with breakfast in bed, then, while she's eating, he's gonna set up a nice bath for her…. Hope he's not joining her…" Laughter erupted from her friends. "Then he's going to give a whole new outfit for the party and tell her to wear a bathing suit underneath. Everyone else will be on the beach waiting for the adorable couple to show up and once there the party really starts. Lunch… Finn's grilling…. Now that's scary thought."

"Hell yah!" Aria laughed.

"Then lots of swimming talking… Aerrow says Piper is not going to be doing much swimming…. I don't wanna know… and then cake… then Aerrow's present to PIPER!" Cheering erupted around her. Aerrow had been planning for WEEKS if not Months. "Then presents and then more mingling and whatever else."

"No games? What about music man?" Chris asked.

"Um… Finn says Aerrow hired a DJ to play techno, dance, trance, electronica, rock, little bit of pop and us."

"Us?" Carla asked.

"Yeah. Close the party off with our album, or albums." Emerald continued.


"Um… not mentioned." Emerald continued.


"But that doesn't mean there aren't any. Finn says Aerrow has a game planed but Finns planning on annoying the hell out of his leader and adding more games." Emerald continued.

"Sounds like Finn." Aria exclaimed.

"Sounds like something I would do." Chase added. Aria playfully smacked him.

"Yes you would." Aria replied. Topaz and Emerald rolled their eyes.

"Enough flirting you two." Topaz exclaimed.

"HEY! Who said I couldn't flirt with my Boyfriend." Aria complained. Chase wrapped his one arm around her waist.

"I didn't." Chase exclaimed.

"I did." Carla exclaimed in a monotone voice.

"Well you're no fun." Aria exclaimed.

"I'm half dead… I'm not supposed to be fun." Carla exclaimed.

"By half dead I hope she means half pregnant." Emerald muttered. Carla smacked her in the back of the head with a smile.

"I am not! I'm half dead." Carla exclaimed.

"What ever!" Everyone said at once.

- - -X

Piper studied a chart and then disappeared from the room suddenly. Aerrow winced and followed her. He found her puking into a toilet.

"Hey, relax…" He told her, stroking her back. She glared at him.

"It's your fault." Piper retorted.

"How's it my fault?" Aerrow asked.

"You're the one who got me like this." Piper retorted.

"No, then it would OUR fault." Aerrow told her, sitting down next to her and pulled her into his lap. (Okay… romance attempting to happen in a bathroom…. Never thought I would write that) Piper leaned back onto Aerrow's chest. He felt her body relax.

"I am not prepared for the rest of this pregnancy." Piper murmured.

"No one is telling you that you have to be. It's okay. As long as we're prepared for the baby. "Aerrow whispered. Piper nodded.

"I still can't believe I'm going to be a mother." Piper murmured.

"Well, believe it. In less then nine months you will be." Aerrow responded.

"Do I have to live with this for the next nine months?" Piper asked.

"I don't know. That would be something I think you would know miss book worm." Aerrow exclaimed, making Piper laugh. Aerrow helped Piper stand and lead her out of the bathroom after kicking the button the toilet to flush it. ( Okay, The toilet is based off my own. My brother ( idiot) broke the toilet lever so my dad bought a little button that you push… ( I have fun kicking it) so yeah… okay I'm done) He lead her to her room and had her rest before returning to her work. Piper took the time to read up some information about pregnancy. She found out what she needed to know


Diane ran up to Saphire and clung to her leg as Saphire attempted to feed Jimmy.

"Aunty Saphire! Did you know I have ten fingers?" The little girl asked.

"I would hope you do. Every human has ten fingers." Saphire exclaimed as she gave Jimmy a spoon of apple sauce.

"NO!" Jimmy exclaimed. Saphire sighed.

"Jimmy, what do you want to eat?" Saphire asked.

"fo fo!" The little boy exclaimed.

"What is fo fo? What words are your parents teaching you?" Saphire exclaimed.

"aunty… fo fo is Coco puffs to him." Diane exclaimed.

"O… right. Is he allow to have that. I've never feed him that." Saphire commented.

"Mommy gives it to him." Diane exclaimed. Saphire turned to the little boy sitting in his boaster chair.

"How does lucky charms sound. I don't we have any fo fo." Saphire exclaimed.

"Yeah!" The little boy exclaim clapping his hands excitedly. Saphire smiled and got Jimmy his lucky charms.

"With milk or without?" She asked.

"MILL!" The little boy squealed. Saphire smiled and gave the little boy a bowls of lucky charms.

"Aunty Saphire… when does Mommy get home?" Diane asked.

"In a few hours sweet heart." Saphire answered.

"Okay…. When Jimmy finished eating can we play hide and go seek?" Diane asked.

"Maybe… we'll have to see."



Later that evening, Piper was reading a book as she ate diner.

"Piper put the book down and eat." Aerrow commanded.

"No… I have reading to be done."

"And I'm your boyfriend and I'm telling you to put the book down. You can read later." Aerrow exclaimed.

"And since when does my boyfriend have control over me?" Piper asked. Stork was looking from Sky knight to navigator. Finn could look at both of them from where he sat so his head wasn't going from one to the other. Radar was too busy munching a chicken stick to notice.

"Since he is your commanding officer." Aerrow replied. Piper looked thoughtful.

"Um… good point. Okay then." Piper went back to her book.

"Piper put it down." Aerrow commanded. Piper finally obeyed and marked the page and closed it. She tucked the book beneath her chair.

"So… what's going on with you and Saphire?" Finn asked Junko.

"Eh… she's helping her brother and Starling with taking care of their kids. Diane is a curios little butterfly." Junko exclaimed. "And Jimmy can just barely be under stood."

"Awe… How is Saphire? I haven't heard from her in a while." Piper exclaimed.

"I spoke to her earlier, she is doing well. She's taking care of the kids as Starling run off to do her jump teaching kids self defense. In a year she wants to return to being a fully fledged Sky knight but she has to wait until Jimmy is 4. His birth day in a month so she's about a year and a month away from it." Junko exclaimed.

"Well, she'll be happy to return to the skies." Finn commented.

"Stork, how's your girlfriend? Are you ever going to tell us who she is?" Piper asked.

"Um… well… if I told you… you'd all faint… or worse yet… meet a painful and slow… frm shock… death."

"Come on stork you can tell us." Aerrow exclaimed.

"Fine… but don't say I didn't warn you. Her name… you know her… Topaz." Piper squealed.

"AWE! That is sooo cute!" Piper exclaimed.

"I never thought to mention tone deaf from your squeal." Stork commented. Piper laughed and finished her meal before walking off to her room to continue reading her book.

- - -X

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