Aerrow pulled Piper down the ramp, holding her hand and then getting up behind her and covering her eyes.

"Just relax and let me guide you." He told her.

"What are you doing Aerrow?" She asked.

"Leading you to the beach my lady. Your court await you there." Aerrow exclaimed.

"Well must you cover my eyes? I am pregnant. Do you want me to trip over my feet and land on my stomach, cause some serious trauma, and kill the baby?" Piper asked. Aerrow chuckled behind her.

"That won't happen for more than one reason. First, my lady, you aren't klutz, second, I'm behind you to catch you, and Three…"He scooped her up into his arms, making her shriek. " I will carry you if you are that worried about it. Close your eyes."

"Put me down." Piper ordered. Aerrow shook his head. " Drop me!"

"Your wish is my command." He said and did as she ordered, dropped her. She would have fallen on her butt had he not caught her. He set her on her feet and covered her eyes and guided her forward. "and you should choose your words better before you speak them."

"Well, if you hadn't taken that so literally I wouldn't have to know would I?" She asked, letting him guide her down the beach. He took her to the tent were everyone stood, watching the couple come. He stopped in front of the tent so Piper was facing the ocean and took his hands off her eyes and then stood in front of her. Her eyes remained closed.

"You can open them now." He said, moving to the side, watching Piper's orange eyes open.

"It's beautiful. But where is everyone?" She asked. Saphire and Aria crept up behind her. They sprang on her shouting as they did.

"SURPIRSE!" They shouted, Staring the girl witless. She turned around and stared at everyone before Squealing and hugging Saphire and Aria.

"HI! I haven't seen any of you in ages!" Piper gushed. Chase walked over and ruffled her hair.

"We haven't seen you in decades." Chase teased. Piper swatted him and smiled.

"so enjoy your bath?" Emerald teased, Making Piper blush and Aerrow chuckle.

"Let me guess, you made a certain someone join you." Saphire teased. Piper got even darker. " The blush says it all! She forced Aerrow to join her!"

"I… I-i… shut up. Like you didn't make someone join you." Piper retorted. Saphire shrugged.

"No. I joined him. Or her offered, or what not. Besides, Everyone expects that of me. Apparently," She looked over at her shoulder at Harrier, " it's in my blood. It runs in the family." Harrier scoffed.

"It is not." Harrier exclaimed. Starling looked at him.

"No it is." Starling exclaimed, tickling her children. Daine giggled and ran up to Piper.

"Happy birthday!" The little girl exclaimed. Piper stooped down to the little girl and hugged her.

"Thank you Daine. How have you been?"

"I've been gowd. Mommy and Daddy have been working hard so Aunty Saphire watches me and plays hide and seek with me." Daine exclaimed. Piper smiled.

"So who wants to play volleyball?" Chase asked.

"You're on… I'll beat you all by myself." Aria challenged.

"Is that a challenge baby?" Chase asked, scooping up the ball and tossing back and both between his hand as he walked up to Aria, reminding her of how short she was.

"You beat. And we both know I can do it too." Aria exclaimed, standing on her toes to get in Chas'es face.

"You're short." He told her. She stuck her tongue out and grabbed the ball from him and bolted to the net. Chase chased after her and then jumped to the other side of the court just in time for Aria to Serve the ball. Chase dove to hit the ball up and over the net where Aria ran to the net and spiked it over the net, scoring the first point.

"This I gotta see." Starling exclaimed going to the court to watch, Daine and Timmy in tow. Piper laughed and took off her outfit and went to sit and watch Aria.

"One- zero." Emerald exclaimed, appointing herself ref. Aria served the ball again and Chase attempted to spike it back over but Aria managed to make a a good save for it and managed to then go and hit it over the net and get up before Chase hit it back. This continued for a while until Aria missed it. She stood near Daine. She smiled and then whispered something to the small child who nodded before Aria went back to the court and waited for Chase to serve the ball. When he did Aria hit back hard so that he missed it as Daine walked around the court to Chase's side. Aria served the ball over to chase who vollied it back and Aria vollied it back as well and just as Chase was going to hit it back….

"WAAAAAAAHH!" Daine Cried right behind Chase making him turn to see what happened and miss the ball as the other fell over laughing, seeing as Daine was perfectly okay. Daine and Laughed and ran over to her mother and Chase glared at her.

"Two- one." Emerald laughed, gasping for breath. Chase turned and Glared at Aria.

"That was dirty."

"You know darn well I don't… fight clean." Aria retorted.

"Okay… you wanna play dirty, let's play dirty." He exclaimed. Aria Served the ball and this time Chase barely managed to volley it over the net before it hit timmy. He whisphered something into the kids ear, making him nod and get up and toddle over toward aria. Chase spiked the ball and Aria vollied it back over, completely unaware of Timmy. She back up to volley it over when Timmy started walking across the court and sat down right as Aria started to run to the net to spike the ball back. Her eyes widened the moment she saw Timmy. Chase expected her to either knock the child over and trip or to stop and run around him and miss the ball. She smiled and she Pushed off the sand, jumping over the child as Starling shrieked in horror the moment her child was in danger. Aria spiked the ball over the net without harming the child or self, but leaving a dent in the sand where the ball hit.

"Now that was dirtier mister. And a direct endangerment to a child." Aria scowled, scooping Timmy up and handing him to Starling who sighed in relief that her child remained totally un hurt.

"You wanted to play dirty."

"But I wanted it a safe dirty." Aria retorted, ducking under the net to walk over to him. Aerrow looked between his sister and her boyfriend, worried.

"Yeah well, you insimulated that a child was hurt so it's just as bad." Chase exclaimed.

"It is not! And that's not a word!" Aria retorted. Chase looked at her and nodded.

"Your right, its not. But it's still just as bad."

"No it not. Asking a child to pretend she is hurt is nothing compared to asking a child to go and sit in my running path where most likely if I'm not paying attention I'm going to trip over the child hurting myself but not where near as much as the child as his head collids with my shin and or foot!" Aria's voice grew louder at the end of it. Chase looked thoughtful.

"Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. I played too dirty. But what did was still bad."

"I never said it wasn't. " Aria said. Chase grabbed her and gave her nuggy until she poked him the neck and jumped away.

"Ow... ow ow… pressure point…" He exclaimed. Starling laughed as she clutched her child. Finn looked around.

"Who's hungry? We got hot dogs." Finn exclaimed.

"HOT DAWG!" Daine Cheered, creating smiles.

"Lunch time it is." Chase exclaimed. After lunch Saphire produced a cake, a triple chocolate cake with an icing that would melt in your mouth decorated in the number 18 surrounded by 18 candles. After lighting them, and piper blowing them out and everyone getting a piece and eating it, Piper was forced to sit down next to the big table covered in presents.

"Um… Which one do I open first?" Piper asked. Aria handed her a silver one.

"It's from me and I know you'll love it." Aria exclaimed. Piper raised an eye brow and opened the card first and read it allow.

"even when it rains it's sunny, because your smile lights up the rain and makes a rainbow. Happy birthday . Hope it's a sunny day. Love Aria." Piper read. Everyone smiled as Piper peeled back the wrapping paper on the box. It was a big brown box. "Thanks! it's a box!" Everyone laughed.

"Look inside it silly!" Aria exclaimed. Piper smiled and opened the box and pulled out…

Another box!

"Cool… it's a… box…" Aria laughed even harder.

"It's inside that box." Aria exclaimed. Piper opened that box to find a pair of earring s in a bright blue crystal in the shape of a heart.

"It's beautiful." Piper exclaimed. "thank you. Now which one next?"

"The big purple under the table. That one's ours." Starling exclaimed. Piper looked under the table and pulled out a large purple one. On it was a card signs from Starling, Harrier, Timmy, and Daine. She opened it up to find equipment for her lab. She put her hands over her mouth.

"I've been looking everywhere for one of these!" Piper gasped.

"Oh, don't forget the rainbow one. That's also from us." Starling exclaimed. Piper reached over and grabbed the rainbow present and opened it to find a small fountain.

"Thank you." Piper exclaimed, hugging Starling and Harrier before hugging the two kids. Daine walked over to the table and grabbed a pink box and handed it to Piper.

"It's from me'n timmy." The little girl exclaimed. Piper smiled and opened it to find a small homemade bracelet and matching necklace. "Timmy helped me make it for you."

"Thank you." Piper exclaimed. Hugging the little girl and then Timmy. Chase pointed to the small silver and yellow stripped bow. She picked it up and unwrapped it, noticing the big hand written 'from chase' on it. She opened the box within to find a necklace that matched the Earrings Aria got her.

"Thank you, Chase. I'd get up and hug you but I'm surrounded by boxes." Piper exclaimed, gesturing to the boxes everywhere. Chase laughed and grabbed a trash bag and put the wrapping paper in it. Piper stood and hugged him.

"Mine next. Mines the big blue one yellow stars all over it." Finn exclaimed. Piper smiled and reached under the table pulled it out and gasped.

"Holy cow… what's in here? "Piper gasped, struggling to pull it out.

"you'll see." Finn exclaimed. Piper peeled back the paper to see a trunk, one of those old fashioned trunks.

"A trunk?" She asked, raising an eye brow.

"No, but you can keep that too. I have no use for it. Your gift is inside." Piper opened the trunk to see…

Packing peanuts! Filled to the brim with packing Peanuts.

"Thanks Finn, you can me packing peanuts?"

"Look within the packing peanuts." Piper felt around and found it was only two inches deep of packing peanuts that there was a box underneath them. She opened the box to find…

More packing peanuts. She felt under the peanuts to find it was again only two inches of packing peanuts and another box which she opened to find…

More packing peanuts.

"that's real funny Finn." Piper snapped as she opened another box to find more packing peanuts.

"Come piper it's just a bit deeper." Finn exclaimed. Piper opened one last box to find it filled with more packing peanuts. She felt around for another box but didn't find one. Instead she found a stack of boxes. Three box, two romance book and one about Crystals. Piper gasped and got up and hugged Finn.

"Thanks finn. Now I know I'll never be out of packing peanuts." Piper joked. Fin laughed. A while later there was one box left, that Piper could see. IT was from Aerrow. She opened it up to find, lingerie She laughs and then removes it and holds it up, making everyone laugh but when her landed on what lay underneath she laughed harder. She held up a small baby dress. Everyone stared in confusion.

"Aerrow, you're cruel. How do you know it'll be a girl?" She asked. Aerrow shrugged.

"I saw it and thought, 'piper would love it'"

"It's cute but… who's it really for?" Aria asked. Piper looked at Aerrow.

"you didn't tell them?"

"no. I thought you did." Piper laughed and looked at them.

"I'm pregnant." Piper announced.

Whoa! I didn't see that coming!" Saphire exclaimed. Finn stares in shock.

"I don't think anyone did sis." Harrier exclaimed.

"Um... When did they..."

" Finn! There are little ears present!" Aria shouted.

"When did it become official?" Starling asked.

"Last week." Piper answered.

"wow." Emerald exclaimed. Aria gasped.

"I'm gonna be an aunt!" Aria squealed. Piper laughed.

"Yes Aria, you will be." Piper exclaimed. " so what are we doing now?"

"You're gonna get your last present." Aerrow exclaimed. Piper looked at the table and then at him.

"There are not more presents."

"There's one more that was never on that table." Aerrow told her moving a box from in front of her and took the box that was in lap away and put it on the table. He looked at her and watched the confused expression on her face change to shock as he dropped down to one knee in front of her and pull a small velvet box out of his back pocket. She gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

"Piper, will you do me the greatest favor in the world, make me the happiest man possible, and marry me?" He asked, opening the box to reveal a gold band with a diamond in the middle, surrounded by tiny little ruby and amber crystals.

"Yes. I will." She exclaimed, smileing as he slipped the ring on her finger before kissing him.


X-X-X-X-X The end.