Okay so here are some ideas I thought of for fanfics. Please help me choose on what to write first cause I have no idea what to start on.

:ICarly/DP After PP- When Spencer declares that his and Carly's cousin Danny Fenton and his friends are staying over Carly, Freddie,

and Sam have an idea of putting them on the ICarly show, but what insane adventures are they going to get themeselves into when they are staying

over. Not only that but Nevel is back to destroy ICarly, The ghosts from Amity have followed Danny, Sam is not only making fun of Freddie but Tucker

too, and Sam and Sam are totally not getting along even if they do have the same name.(You guys choose the couples cuz I have no idea who

everyone should be paired up with, although I am pairing Danny and Sam together since they are my favorite couple and they got together in

Phantom Planet. Other than that you decide.)

Moment Of Truth:DP edition After PP- but Danny and Sam haven't got together...yet.-Read as Danny has to answer truthfully, a series of difficult questions that he never wanted anyone to know and how he crushes the people he loves the most, but on the plus side he could walk away with half a million dollars.

:Danny and Sam have never met but when they do, love is the last thing on their minds. Read Danny, Sam, and Tucker get shipwrecked on a deserted island and have to learn how to get along to survive. Will sparks fly between Danny and Sam or will they kill each other first to ever find out?And is why is Tucker acting so crazy? Could it be because of the little food supply? Yeah thats probably it. DxS duh.

So which story should I write? It's all up to you so choose wisely. I'll probably end up writing all of them, hopefully but choose the one I should write first. The story Castaways I got it from another fanfic called Plane Crash but I changed it up, and it doesn't look like that author will be updating since it has already been 2 years! Anyway uh just choose okay. Bye! I LOVE YOU!...As a friend.