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'Don't you dare touch her you damn fox!'

'He He I'm just giving you what you want,' chuckled the Kyuubi.

Sakura slowly stepped back as Naruto came closer until she was stopped by a tree.

"Naruto, please," Sakura pleaded as she could clearly see the battle that was being waged deep within the confines of his mind between the man and demon lord. 'I have to help him.'

Before she knew it, Naruto's lips crashed down upon hers, complete shock overtaking the fear she felt.

He then roughly bit her lip, demanding entrance, which he received as she gasped. Hot hot tongue ravaged her wet cavern, eliciting a soft moan from the kunoichi. The rosette reluctantly responded to the kiss, pressing back with equal force and allowing her tongue to rub against his.

Sakura felt it was wrong to be doing this with Naruto in his current state, but her body was telling her otherwise, enjoying his pleasurous touch and growing lustful. They soon broke the fiery kiss, panting from lack of oxygen.

Sakura then noticed the demonic chakra continued to slowly die down, only 3 tails remaining. The battle for dominance within the mindscape of the jinchurikki still waged on; the Kyuubi was still in control, but Naruto would not give up, ever.

'Shouldn't you be happy, you worthless little brat?' growled the Kyuubi.

'Why the hell would I be happy with this?! I'm not even the one who's doing it!' shouted Naruto as he angrily stomped closer to the cage that trapped the enormous beast.

' Look! I'm doing this for you, Kit. Are you a moron? Do you not see how she is reacting?' questioned an annoyed demon. Although the Kyuubi desired nothing more than to fuck a woman (especially one as sexy as Sakura) after the many years if being sealed, he had grown fond of Naruto over the years, though he would never let the brat know.

'If you were doing this for me then you would let me do it!' he shouted in frustration.

'Oh please, like you would really make a move you chicken shit,' chuckled the beast, and Naruto seethed at the comment.

'And besides, it's been a while, I want to go further. Now shut up and enjoy yourself.'

Before Naruto could retort, the Kyuubi cut the connection, ending their little argument.

Still pinned to the tree, Sakura was unable to do anything the entire time the argument went on in Naruto's head, then suddenly she was attacked with another intense kiss by the hunk of a man that held her to the tree. This time, however, she responded immediately.

When Sakura licked his bottom lip it shocked him a bit, but nonetheless he granted her access, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth. Soon they're tongues were in a fierce battle for dominance.

During the heated kiss, Naruto's hands did not remain idle, he pressed himself against her, and rubbed and squeezed her ass and thighs, causing the young woman to moan in their kiss.

Moving up, Naruto grabbed the hem of Sakura's shirt and broke their connection to tug it over her head. Before she could cover herself in embarrassment Naruto swiftly grabbed her hands and held them above her head against the tree.

"Sakura-chan, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You are the most beautiful sight I have ever laid my eyes on," confessed the blonde as he gazed deeply in her emerald orbs. Although his voice was still demonic and the chakra cloak still enveloped him, Sakura could hear the soft, caring Naruto she knew so well and possibly even loved.

As the jinchurikki scanned her upper body, he could feel himself hardening; her smooth creamy skin, begging to be caressed; well toned feminine abs, asking to be kissed; and the lacy pink bra that held her luscious, c almost D-cup breasts from his view was teasing, taunting, begging him to rip it off.

'Isn't this far enough?!' Naruto yelled at the fox.

'No, I cannot rely on you, I'm not finished.'

Snapping out of thought and back to the real world; (the place with a half naked, drop dead gorgeous girl pressed against him) he pressed his lips to hers again. Cutting this kiss short, he sucked her tongue before trailing light kisses slowly along her jaw, back to her ear. He then began nibbling and sucking on her earlobe, gaining an immediate moan from the pinkette.

Melting in his arms under his firm yet gentle touch, Sakura found herself relying more and more on the tree to keep her standing, as she closed her eyes and tilted her head, inviting the man to suckle her neck.

Noticing her silent plea, Naruto trailed his tongue away from her ear to her neck, where he began to nip and suck at her skin. Leaving little love bites all down her neck, he moved to the sensitive spot between the neck and shoulder, sucking hard.

Never stopping with his talented mouth, Naruto used his hand to hitch one of Sakura's legs up and around his waist, and began grinding their lower bodies' together. The response was immediate.

"Ohh yesss. Mmm.. Naruto, d-don't stop."

Her soft moans filled his highly sensitive ears, turning on the blonde even more, and putting a strain on the Kyuubi's hold.

Although Sakura was highly enjoying herself, the pain of the bark rubbing against her back was beginning to irritate her, and from being so close to the mutilated corpses, the smell wasn't too pleasant either.

Struggling to speak through her gasps and moans she managed, "N-Naru-Narut-to?"

Hearing the object of his affections speak, he stopped his ministrations and gave her a questioning look.

"Let's take this somewhere more comfortable, baby," she said with a seductive tone lacing through her words.

Hearing those words come from her mouth was more than enough to make Naruto the happiest man in all the great villages, even being named Hokage wouldn't match up to it.

Then right before her eyes, the bloodlusting chakra disappeared and those deep blue pools of Naruto's that Sakura couldn't stop gazing into returned.

"My job here is done." The Kyuubi muttered to himself.

Then Naruto and Sakura were flashed to a clearing of luscious green grass, thanks to the Hirashin no jutsu.

Before any more words could be spoken, the blonde captured her lips in a sensual kiss; one unlike all the others, this one was slow and passionate while the others had been hot and rough. Sakura knew this was the man that loved her deeply, and would do anything to prove his love to her.

Breaking their kiss, Naruto stared into her mesmerizing emerald orbs.

"Are you sure about this Sakura?" he asked with the utmost concern in his voice.

"Yes. Naruto, I want this. I want you. I. I want you to make love to me. I love you Naruto," she declared with no question hidden in that angelic voice or behind those gorgeous eyes of hers.

Then with a shit-eating grin, the young shinobi kissed her for all he was worth, pouring all his love into that one kiss.

After breaking apart he sincerely whispered, "I love you too."

Grinning, the rosette spoke, "Okay, so you have me half naked in your arms and very horny. Are we going have a heart warming talk, or are you gonna fuck me?"

Just hearing Sakura talk like that made his erection become harder and he didn't need to be asked twice.

Before the pink haired female could register what was happening, her bra was on the ground and her breasts spilled out into the open air.

'How the…' her thoughts wondered off as Naruto smirked before he pecked her lips and trailed his hot kisses down her neck.

As he continued to suck her neck, he slowly reached his hands up to cup her luscious mounds.

"Ohhh… Naruto…"

The hot blonde loved to hear his name in that heavenly voice of hers.

He lightly pinched and rolled her nipples in between his thumb and index finger, all while gently kneading it with his skilled hands, eliciting more throaty moans from the kunoichi that was now beneath him on the soft grass.

Stopping what he was doing on her neck, he drug his tongue across her skin, down her chest, and to her now hardened nipple, taking it in his mouth and sucking it.

"Mmm… sooo good...yess." she moaned.

After swirling his tongue around her nipple and giving it a few more good sucks, he moved on to its twin.

Feeling a slight push, the young man stopped to give her a questioning look, only to be pushed back and onto the grass, being straddled by the pink haired goddess.

"Sakura?" he asked.

"I want to touch you now," she whined with a hungry look in her eyes, as she took in the sight of his manly pecks that were begging for her to lavish and rock hard, sun-kissed abs, with a deep 'V' that lead down below his waist. His near flawless skin and well built muscles created the upper body that every woman wanted to have for her man and Sakura was salivated just looking at him.

"Very sexy," she said as he grinned. He had never had a woman take this much interest in him and it felt great.

His eyes watched in fascination as she mapped out his chest as if memorizing each and every scar, dip, and crevice. He bit his lip in an effort to contain any sounds of pleasure as Sakura placed random light kisses all over his chest and upper abs. When she got to his pecks she bit the bulging muscle and he hissed out in pleasure, letting his head roll back, eyes closed, and grabbed a fistful of her hair.

The blue eyed young shinobi then hauled her up his body and smashed his lips against hers in a fiery kiss. Kissing the blonde, Sakura ran her hands through his hair and loved the full, lush feeling of it; if she was to describe she would say it felt more like fur than hair(presumably from the Kyuubi), and she was fast growing addicted to it.

During their heated battle of tongues, Naruto gave Sakura's ass cheek a tentative squeeze, and responded to her moan by letting his other hand join in feeling up the kunoichi's fine ass.

Naruto then decided to take things a step further and began sliding the young female's skirt down her hips. To get the pink haired goddess fully naked, he rolled them over so he was on top and successfully removed the last of her clothing, fully revealing that sexy body of hers to his hungry eyes.

Naruto looked like a hungry animal ready to find his next meal and gave Sakura an absolutely sexy growl that only caused her to get wetter.

"Sakura, you are so fucking hot. I can't believe I have you," the drooling blonde choked out as she heavily blushed before responding.

"Now that I'm yours, are you going to sit there drooling over my body or are you going to enjoy having it?" she said with an evil smirk plastered on her face as Naruto grinned, he loved how she talked dirty to him when aroused; it was a pleasant change.

Not wanting to waste anymore time he roughly kissed her before leaving hot butterfly kisses down her jaw, neck, and then took some time at her tits to give each a healthy sucking, and continuing his quest south…

As soon as he got to her belly button, she began squirming with anticipation and grew hornier with each second.

Then his tongue was licking her netherlips and the extreme pleasure that blasted through her body caused her to thrash about as she dug her hands into his hair and wrapped her thighs around his head. Naruto had the use his hands to keep her legs spread so her powerful limbs wouldn't crush him.

The blonde decided to begin his mission by sucking, licking, and nibbling on her clit.

"ohhh yesss… fuuuccck… mhhmmm…that's soo g-good baby.. mm yess…eat me..lick me…that's it baby," she moaned out, not even registering what she actually said and Naruto had to restrain himself from taking her right there.

Continuing what he was doing with his skilled mouth and tongue, the jinchurikki dove his wet organ as far inside of her as he could and began tongue fucking her.

Her moans became louder and endless as the wave after wave of euphoria washed over her body, pushing her closer to her climax.

"ohh gooddd.. mhmmm..Oh…N-Naruto!" she screamed as he slowed the rapid thrusts of his tongue to let her ride out her bone shattering orgasm.

Naruto licked her clean, enjoying the bittersweet taste of her juices, and moved back up her body with the biggest smile going across his face. He could not believe that he just got to go down on the sexiest woman in Konoha, the woman that he has loved since childhood.

After catching her breath Sakura let out, "Oh Naruto thank you baby that was. It was. It felt soo goodd!" as she planted a kiss on his lips.

Separating from the kiss, Naruto decided to ask her once more if she was sure about this, "Are you sure you want to do this Sakura? We don't have to."

She gave him a warm smile and a chaste kiss.

"Yes, Naruto, I want you in every way I can have you. I love you."

Naruto could never tire of hearing her say those words and gave her the infamous Uzumaki smile before removing his pants and boxers.

Naruto guided himself with one hand, and spread her legs, pressing slowly into Sakura as he groaned. Once securely sheathed inside of her, Naruto's hands anchored themselves around her buttocks. Another cry was drawn from her as he pulled out ever so slightly and thrust back in. Sakura's legs wrapped themselves securely around Naruto, giving him more control as he thrust again.

Kunoichi, like Sakura, had lost their hymen through vigorous training, making this much more enjoyable than it would normally be for virgins.

Naruto bit his lip as he found a steady rhythm with his thrusts, Sakura following that lead well, quirking her hips with his well timed movements, grinding against him when he would push all the way in and pause momentarily. Naruto knew Sakura inside in and out, and it showed in how he set a medium pace, one that was gentle for the most part, but every few thrusts he would give a harsh push of his hips, crashing all the way inside of her, making her cry out or arch back unconsciously.

A few minutes of the tantalizing pace and Sakura's lips met Naruto's, kissing him furiously.

"fucckk…Na-Narutoo..mhmm…oh kami.. faster" she managed through her heavy gasps and moans.

He complied to her demand and sped up his thrusts, banging into her with more force each time, and Sakura following suit.

Naruto started whispering small incoherencies, mostly broken words and phrases, but Sakura could make out something through his groans every once in a while. They ranged from "fuck" to "beautiful" to "I love you".

Both were breathing erratically and Sakura kept calling out to her lover, moaning his name as she swam in a pool of pure pleasure; Naruto growling in her ear every time she would dirty talk him.

"Sooo Cllossee..come baby.. mhhmm… that's it… harder…oh yes" she moaned.

Naruto could feel her walls tightening around his shaft and after a rough thrust commanded, "Cum for me."

Then after a few more deep, penetrating thrusts, she reached the edge and let out a scream as she called her lovers name.

After pushing into her a few more times Naruto came as well, releasing his seed deep inside of her as her name rolled off his lips.

"G-Good, Gods you were good, Sakura," he whispered, his words gruff and hard to make out. Staying inside of his partner for a few moments, just silently holding the woman he'd loved for years, he whispered, "I love you Sakura," then withdrew as he laid there on the ground with her in his arms and head on his chest.

"I love you too," she murmured before falling into a peaceful slumber.

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