A visitor from Tortall

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(By the way from a review this is based just after Lioness Rampant and just after Briar's book.)

Alanna hunched over, beads of sweat dropped from her forehead. There was a contest the next day and she was determined to win. She turned and faced Gary who looked worried.

"What Gary scared?" she taunted

"No I just don't want to hurt you. You've just been useing your magic. I know how it drains you."

"Excuses,excuses Gary. I'm FINE. Real warriors don't need magiuc to win."

But that retort made Gary even more nervous. She was still tired from the large battle and Liams death. Never the less the lioness knew what she was doing and she faced him. He swung at her testing her reflex's. She jumped back and jabbed at his chest.

Risky move he thought. Neither of them were wearing any padding or armor and by jabbing he could easily break her guard. But she knows that. He swung his sword and as he supected Alanna used this to hook her own sword under his hilt and flip it out of his grasp. She pointed the sword at his throat.


"I yeild" he said putting his hands in the air.

"Come on Gary, lets sit down" she told him gesturing at the grass.

Relived he sat next to her.

"Still the best Lady Knight"

"Hmmm your not bad yourself" she told him.

Alanna lay back then cried out and grabbed her sword.

"Alanna what is it?" asked Gary worridely he didin't see anyone but them selves.

"Somethings pulling on me. Stop it." she growled digging her feet into the ground.

With a flash a mutli-cloured hand reached down and grabbed her. She stabbed at it before it disappered taking Alanna with it.

"ALANNA!" Gary screamed swiping his hands through the air where she had been.

"ALANNA NOT FUNNY!" he screamed. He began to sprint towrds the castle screaming at the top of his lungs. Heads turned in confusion and worry as he ran into the castle.

"Okay just try one more time, please" Sandry pleaded with her siblings.

"Fine, once more" Tris grumbled.

Focus thought Sandry to them.

What do you think I'm doing? thought Tris angrily. They had been sitting in the kitchen on the floor for over 2 hours attempting this spell. Daja sighed and accepted the fact Sandry wasn't going to give up. Briar sick of all the chanting and mumbo-jumbo. Nothings going to happen! he thought angrily to himself.

"Okay on three. One,Two,Three" counted Tris.

The four focused on a hand in their minds. It glowed softly and they mentaly threw it into the mist in their minds that was unexplored kingdoms.

We got something! Sandry exclaimed as they felt the hand grip something.

She wondered if it was also just her who felt the sharp pain in her menatl point of their was to attempt at reaching something with there minds from past the islands out at sea. The other threer also felt a weight at their minds and all four began to mentally pull, wondering what they brought.

"BRIAR,TRIS,SANDRY,DAJA DOWN STAIRS NOW!" Rosethorn boomed her voice making the young mages jump.

"Cat dirt, we were so close!" Sandy complained before they ran towards Rosethorns garden.

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