I'm sorry I'm lazy. So I'll give you a long chapter. Maybe then you'll forgive me?

"So... Alanna." Daja began "Brair."

"What about him?" Alanna asked.

Daja grinned. "Very nice. Been practicing your unconcerned voice?"

Damn. Clearly Daja wasn't buying it. And yes she had been practicing.

"Am I that easy to read?" Alanna attempted to hide her red face.

"No, don't worry. But every female in the house-" Daja paused thinking of Rosethorn and Lark "-Every female in the house under the age of thirty has had feelings for Brair."

"Wouldn't that make him full of himself?"

"Oh he doesn't know. We've lived together for four years and them some. He's never even guessed. Or if he has, he hasn't mentioned it." Daja was grinning widely. "The only one of us that's been near a male for months is Sandry and don't ask her for advice."

"Why not?"

No. No, no, no. Just trust me on this. Past experiences. Never ask Sandry for help in this type of thing." Daja shot Alanna a meaningful look.

"So how much experience with guys do you have?" Tris asked walking into the room, book under arm.

"Tris!" Daja cried exasperated.

"What?" Tris replied chuckling "That felt so good. I haven't used the winds to eavesdrop in a long time! I feel I'm welcome. Three girls, one guy. What do you thinks going to happen? Now all we need is Sandry."

"NO!" Daja jumped up faster than either of the others thought she could move and slammed the door shut.

"Wha-?" Tris began.

"Just no." Daja said firmly.

"I already tried." Alanna told Tris from the bed.

"Back to you then. Experience?" Tris asked sitting down next to Alanna.

"Ummm... almost none. Did I tell you how I became a knight?"

"Oooo intriguing." Tris commented.

"Well basically girls weren't allowed to be knights. And I had a twin brother." Alanna started ", And he didn't wanted to be a knight. So I pretended to be him and the rest happened."

"You. Pretended to be a boy? Okay I don't want to ask but how?"

"Cut my hair. Ummm. Special binding for..."

"Moving on!" Daja yelled. "The point of that very brief story was?"

"I spent all my time with guys. I've had to deal with faking a crush on another woman and having them chase after me. Once everyone found out I was a girl-" Alanna held up her hand silencing any questions the two were going to ask. "Later. I don't know. Men started coming out of who knows where. Liam, George, Jon."

"Basically I have no idea what to do with guys other than fight them or be friends with them." Alanna concluded.

"Daja, don't react like before. But we're going to need Sandry." Tris said.

Anyway that felt like a long chapter to me. And all that needed to be said. Sorry if Alanna a bit OCC in these but she has just landed in a foreign world and has been arrested in it.