The day had finally come for Alexandria Knight. The day she would find out where she would be interning. She was twenty-five years old, almost done with college. She was five foot five with mid length brown hair with hazel eyes. She was studying to become an engineer and she was one of the few who were top of their class. She always was the smart one in high school. She had been labeled a nerd at times, even though you wouldn't think that if you saw her as she looked liked she would hang with the popular crowd, though she never really did. She had a thing for taking things apart and putting them back together as a child. She could still remember when she was eight years old and she took apart her foster mothers watch, just to see how it worked, and being able to put it back together with no problem. To this day, her foster mother still doesn't know she ever did that. She walked through the halls of the University, heading to the career services department. She was to meet with Heather Noels, who was in charge of internships for the engineering majors. She didn't have to wait long, as she walked into the department and the woman at the front desk told her that Mrs. Noels was ready. She was nervous as she walked into the office.

"Nice to see you, Alex." she said as she motioned for her to sit. Alex sat down as Mrs. Noels shut her office door. She then went back to her desk where she sat down. She began to bring up Alex's information on the computer. "I got some really good news for you."

"You do?" Alex said with some excitement.

"Yes. You will be interning at Stark Industries. They've accepted you into their intern program." Mrs. Noels told her. Alex had a big smile on her face that she was trying to keep under control. Stark Industries was the company she wanted to work for once she got done with school. But now she had a sure foot in the door since she would be interning there. Mrs. Noels laughed when she saw the look on Alex's face.

"This is a dream come true!" Alex said with joy. "I promise to do my best."

"I'm sure you'll do great, Alex." Mrs. Noels told her as she got up and walked to the printer, getting a sheet that had just come out. "You'll start Monday morning. Here's the information telling you were to go. Mr. Stan Taki is whom you'll report to once there. He's in charge of the internship department." she told Alex as she handed the sheet to her. Alex read the paper and nodded. "Good luck!" Mrs. Noels added as Alex got up. Alex left the department with such a high. As soon as she was far enough away, she ran though the hall yelling, 'I'm working at Stark Industries!'

Tony Stark wishes he could feel what it was like to have a day off. It seemed lately he's forgotten that feeling. It's been nothing but work for him. Either with running his company, working with S.H.I.E.L.D. (who was his newest contract), or just being who he's become, Iron Man. As everyone knows, heroes don't get a day off, and he was beginning to see that. He was in his office at Stark Industries, looking though shipment orders for numerous military branches. Some were for weapons; some were for replacement parts for weapons. Stark made sure he would be the one to approve all orders before shipping. He wanted to make sure everything was legit and no one he didn't know about getting his weapons. He sighed to himself as he leaned back into his chair. You could tell he was tired 'I need a vacation, not a day off.' he thought to himself. He felt his eyes slowly beginning to close. He became relaxed and started to dream. He dreamt he was in Vegas, his favorite place to go. Two beautiful women, one on each side of him, watching him play a game of craps. He was enjoying himself in this dream. The women giggled at something he said. Just as he was about to kiss one, he woke up, startled. He was surprised he didn't fall out of his chair. The intercom on his office phone came on.

"Mr. Stark, Mr. Jackson is on line two for you. Shall I put him through?" his secretary had informed him.

"Put him through." he told her as he rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up.

"Tony!" Mr. Jackson said over the speaker.

"Hello Gene." Tony said back.

"Have I got some news for you! I have someone I would love you to meet. They remind me a lot of you."

"Really? I didn't think anyone could be like me." Tony told him. Gene laughed.

"Well, there is. Can you come by and meet them? You won't be disappointed, I promise you."

"Sure, I'll be there soon." Tony said just before he hit the button that turned off the speaker on the phone. He pushed himself away from his desk and got up. He walked out of his office and to his secratary. "Hold all my calls. I'll be down at the factory." he told her before walking away. Then he stopped and turned back to see her. "Oh and when's Pepper back from her vacation?"

"Monday, sir. That's when she'll be back here, anyways."

"Good." Tony said as he turned away and headed to the elevator.

He headed down to the parking garage where his car was located. He walked up to an Audi R8, which had license plates that said STARK 4. He got in and drove off for the factory.

It had been two weeks since Alex started interning for Stark Industries. People in the engineering department were already impressed with her work. She was able to solve some of the problems they were having with some of Stark's designs. What may have taken them days to figure out, she did in a matter of minutes. It was like she knew what Stark was thinking when he wrote out the blueprints. And cause of that, one man took notice. He was in change of the engineering department of this particular factory. He was also the one who was in direct contact with Stark himself. Alex had heard of this gentleman, but never had the chance to meet him, till now.

Tony Stark entered the lobby of the factory. The factory was one of the more smaller ones. It was also newer, only been open for two years. Tony took off his sunglasses as he walked towards Mr. Jackson, who was waiting for him. Mr. Jackson was an older gentleman, in his early fifties.

"I do need to thank you." Tony said as he approached him. "You gave me a reason to leave the office."

"Come, come," he said to Tony. "Let me show who I've found. I think you will be impressed." He led him towards his office. "First, let me show you something." he said as he handed some papers to Tony. Tony looked them over, trying to figure out what he was supposed to see. "Look closely."

"I am. These are my blueprints I gave you a few months ago. But….." he started to say as he saw someone's handwriting on some, one in particular that showed a flaw in his design. "Whose handwriting is this?" he asked as he put the other papers down on the desk and kept the one of interest in his hand.

"I'll show you." Mr. Jackson said as he began to walk out a backdoor that was attached to the office that lead out into the factory where workers with white lab coats were working on machines. Off into the far corner of the room was where the engineers were located. Working on computers and piecing things together. Mr. Jackson told Tony to stay where he was while he went to get the person. While he did that, Tony looked over the paper, trying to figure out why someone would change a design like they did. He didn't notice the beautiful woman Mr. Jackson was bringing back.

"Tony, I'd like you to meet Alexandria Knight." Mr. Jackson said. Tony looked up and was taken back. She was gorgeous to him. She had on a mid length skit, a lavender shirt, and black heels. She was also wearing a white lab coat like the others. He noticed she was lost for words.

"Please, call me Alex, Mr. Stark." she finally said while shaking his hand.

"Alex, huh." he said. "Well, Alex, did you do this?" he asked while showing her the paper.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" she asked. She couldn't believe that Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries, was right in front of her, let alone talking to her.

"Why did you change the power output?" he asked.

"Well, sir, the power output was too strong for the laser that was inside the barrel. I just toned it down a bit so it wasn't making the other circuits burn out. The others didn't know what to do as they tried other things. But once I fixed the output, we no longer had any problems." she explained.

"Didn't I tell you she's a lot like you." Mr. Jackson said impressed.

"Me, like Mr. Stark?" she said.

"He is right. You are like me. And I feel like an idiot that I overlooked the output, especially on something so small. Mr. Jackson here showed me some other blueprints that you fixed. Seems like I've been rushing these and not researching them before sending them over. I think I got a job for you." he told her. Her eyes lit up. "I want you to be my assistant to my projects. Over look my designs, fix anything you may see is wrong or out of place, before submitting them to the factories. What do you say?"

"Um…" Was all she could say at the moment. Tony smiled. "I'm still only interning at the moment."

"Interning?" Tony laughed. "No, I'm hiring you. You'll be on payroll starting tomorrow." he told her.

"Then yes. I'll take the job." she told him.

"Good. Then I'll see you tomorrow at my office." he told her as he headed out, still holding onto the paper.