"Alex?" Pepper called out as she walked through the door. There was no answer. She headed down to the workshop and saw she wasn't there. "Jarvis, where's Alex?"

"She's in the guest bedroom, Ms. Potts. And she is in a very depressed state." he told her. Pepper ran back up the stairs and into the guest bedroom where Alex was in bed, the sheets now completely covering her. "Lights." Pepper said.

"I killed him….." Alex said as Pepper slowly pulled the sheets away to see her face. She saw that Alex had been crying.

"Killed who?" Pepper asked her. Alex turned her head to see Pepper better.

"Will Long. He was…..he was Titanium Man. I killed him. He made Tony sick and I killed him." Alex told her.

'Dear god.' Pepper thought in her mind as she saw Alex was gone. Pepper didn't know what to say to her. "Listen, I got some good news. The doctors found a way to slow the virus down. Tony's got a few more days now and they think they're getting closer to a cure." Pepper told her. Alex didn't say anything. "He wants to see you."

"I can't." she told her. "I can't show myself after what I did."

"It's five at night, it's time to get up. Come on." Pepper told her. Pepper had Jarvis lighten the windows so some sunlight would come in.

Over at a lab a few scientists were trying to find a cure to the virus. They were the ones who were able to slow the process.

"I think I got it!" a male scientist said. Dr. White was there and went over to the microscope to see. What she saw was amazing. What the man had come up with was destroying the virus at a high rate, and new blood cells seemed to be growing in the process. The serum was copying Tony's blood cells, as if it were cloning them.

"How stable is this?" Dr. White asked.

"Very stable."

"Get some of that made ASAP. We need to get that in him." she told him.

Alex walked into Tony's hospital room. She saw that he was asleep. She went to the chair that was near him and sat down. She felt even more depressed looking at him. She wished she could help him, but she felt useless. Tony started opening his eyes and saw Alex.

"Hey." she said to him.

"I was starting to miss you." he told her.

"I know. Pepper told me. How you feeling?"

"About the same." he told her. She saw that he was moving his hand towards her. She went and held his hand, smiling. "I have a question." he said.


"Since I've been lying here sick, I've really been thinking about my life. I have been before this, especially when you left the other night. And I was wondering, if I get through this, will you go out with me?"

"For one, you will get through this. And second…." she said with a pause. "Yes, I'll go out with you." she added. "But I have something to tell you."


"I ran into Titanium Man last night….."

"He didn't hurt you did he?"

"No, no…far from that." Alex said as she took a deep breath. "I sort of….killed him."

"Out of self defense, right."

"Well….." she began to say, not looking at him now. She looked back, still holding his hand. "He gave you this virus, he was saying hateful things about you, and I lost control of my emotions and used my suits power and killed him. He wasn't even attacking me. I'm sorry."

"It's ok." Tony told her with a sigh. "Things happen. We'll get through this."

"Thanks." she said. "Though I do need to ask you something. Titanium Man told me that you shut down some of your weapons factories and laid off a lot people. Is that true?"

"I hate to say it, but yes. I offered those people other jobs, only a few took my offer. I don't like making weapons as much anymore. Yes, I still design them, but it's hardly what I use to do." he told her. Pepper walked into the room with Dr. White. Tony noticed and saw that Dr. White had a syringe.

"This should make you feel a lot better." Dr. White told him as she walked to his bed.

"If it'll get me out of here, that would be better." he said to her. Dr. White then used the serum on him, injecting it into a vain in his right arm. Now they all had to play the waiting game and see how the rest of his body would re-act to it.

The next couple of days went well. Tony regain his strength and was starting to feel back to normal. It seemed that the serum even helped with healing his injuries he had. Alex was happy when the day came for him to be released. Things were looking up for the both of them as weeks went by and their relationship was going great. Tony was no longer having anymore problems within his company as he took care of any issues that came up. Though there would always be something going on to keep Iron Man busy and now he had her, Iron Girl, to help him out. And he was very grateful to have someone like her in his life.


authors note: If you enjoyed this story please keep an eye out for more to come. There will be more with Alex and Tony in the near future. I have some ideas for short stories, some that may have appearances by other marvel heroes.