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The full moon shone eerily on that cold & dreary night, as 4 figures looked on at the scene in front of them. Lying in front of them, the street was riddled with corpses, torn & shredded with their life blood flowing onto the street.

In the centre of all the carnage, a lone figure stood, the orchestrator of the surrounding death. The white ghostly cowl he wore stained with blood of the fallen. The 5 talons on his left hand dripped with the essence of the slain. His normally clean, white hair was dirty & dishevelled.

While the person's current appearance would strike fear into the hearts of most people, there was one part of his appearance which caused the biggest reaction of the 4 onlookers.

His skin was ash-like in colour, 7 white cross-like markings upon his forehead. Through his left eye, a along, red scar could be seen, the pentangle at the top of the scar conjoined with one of the crosses. His normally gray-blue eyes were now golden in colour, another sign of his transformation.

As he stood there in the centre of all the death, his cursed eye, caused by the foster father whom he had previously turned into an Akuma, came to life. As with the rest of him, it had undergone a change; instead of the cog-like monocle appearing in front of his eye, which would have also turned black & red, it went completely black, with 2 golden rings inside one another. Each ring was linked together by 2 golden lines, one on the bottom & the other on the right.

Tears fell from his eyes, tears as red as the bloodshed that surrounded him.

A feeling of shock, horror & disbelief filled 3 of the onlookers as they surveyed the pain & suffering caused by their once gentle friend. However, the remaining onlooker, separate from the others, looked on in glee at what her favourite exorcist, make that former exorcist had done. She smiled, safe in her own little world, as scene began to progress.

The young man, who had already slain many who he had called comrades, began walking in the direction of his former friends. He whispered 2 words, the very same words he had said to the fallen before ending their existence. Now he repeated them, a he began to rush towards his former comrades, his claw ready to strike. The crimson tears began to flow even more, as he neared his next possible victims. The words he had whispered where:

Forgive me.

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Next time: How did this all happen, what caused this horrific event to take place? find out as we head to where it all began.