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Chapter One: Genius Deduction

"No way! Haibara-san is the weirder one!" exclaimed 16-year-old Amanda Terkous. Her taller, blond haired frind was walking next to her.

"But Shinichi-kun can't keep his mouth shut! Besides, unlike his mom, he's a terrible actor!" Her friend Emily Haire replied. Both girls were switching off between English and Japanese. They were walking together from school to a café where they would get a snack and work on their story. At the moment, the two were arguing about their favorite series, Detective Conan.

"I know, but most kids wouldn't be so quiet at that age. Even I was talkative." The two quarreled until they reached the café. They stopped only because of the large crowd and the police cars.

"Excuse me, but what happened?" asked Emily. The person she asked was a middle-aged man with a suit on.

"Didn't you hear? Someone died in the café," he told the girls. They exchanged glances.

"Do you think we might see D-boy here?" asked Amanda in English to her friend.

"But he's only a fictional character. He's not-" she cut herself off as she spotted something. Curious to see what made her normally talkative friend balk, the brunette looked to see what Emily saw and found herself looking at a young boy with glasses glancing over the victim.

"Let's hurry, Em! Maybe we can help him out!" whispered an excited Amanda as she rushed to the boy. Emily grabbed her arm and made her turn around.

"He's got the smirk on, meaning he's got it! Besides, don't you see that FBI agent over there? I don't want my private life looked into, thank you!" Amanda pouted when Emily yanked her back.

"But don't you get it? Sonoko, Dr, Agasa, and Mouri-san aren't here and neither is Heiji-san. We gotta play detective and help him explain!" As Amanda was talking, Emily thought this over. Finally, she agreed.

"Hey, Em, isn't that the kid who figured out Kaitou Kid?" Amanda asked so only Emily and Conan could hear. He turned to face them, and realized what Amanda said earlier. His smirk turned into a look of frustration.

"Can we be of service, young detective-san?" asked both girls. A startled Conan looked them over then decided it was ok. He nodded and told them the plan. After he finished, Amanda went to get the scene ready. Emily went to Inspector Megure and told him she solved the case. Conan stepped up behind her with his voice modifying bowtie. Matching her mouth to 'his' voice, Emily explained the case while Amanda made sure no one saw.

"The trick used here is very simple, Inspector. See these lines on the victim's wrist? They're distinct knife cuts." The inspector was skeptical.

"So? She slit her wrists. It's a suicide." Emily stopped him from leaving with her next words.

"Really? Then why go to all the trouble of hiding in the broom closet and locking the door? Besides, you haven't found the weapon yet."

"But the manager sent her in there to fetch a mop at four-thirty, and no one saw her since. If not suicide, then…"

"Yes! Closed room murder! I know the trick and the culprit." This announcement made him laugh.

"But you're only a high school girl."

"Humph! Don't you know? My friend is the genius girl, Emily Haire!" said Amanda, insulted by his comment. "Besides, aren't the two best detectives in Japan teenaged boys? Hattori-san from Osaka and Kudo-san from here!"

"As I was saying, the trick is very simple." Emily said. The inspector went over to her.

"Are you saying this was planned? But only one person knew she would be here."

"I don't think so. The boy with the glasses told me the victim was told to go in there in front of three customers." AS she finished, Conan popped up with wide eyes.

"Yeah! And I even remember what they look like!" Turning to the two tables closest to the door, he pointed at the three people. "The woman with the long nails, the man with the long hair and the man with the laptop." After pointing them out, Conan went back behind Emily to finish the explanation. The three accused came over to explain their innocence.

"I am a beauty school student, Taiga Mina. I was having coffee while looking over make-up colors." Said the woman. "I was sitting by the door the whole time."

"I'm Uma Thomson, my father is an American businessman and I work for him. We're here on business," said the man with the laptop. "I was working on my accounts and didn't know someone had died until a while ago." His accent was certainly American, he wasn't lying about that.

"My name's Dorobo Gomoto. I was waitin' a buddy 'o mine."

"And who is this 'buddy' of yours?" asked Inspector Megure with his notebook and pencil out. The man looked irritated by this question.

"My buddy that I haven't seen since grade school, Hirigoshi Tomoko. He contacted me a week ago and said he wanted to meet me here," he said with a huff.

"Alright, alright! No need to get testy," said the inspector, holding up his hands in surrender.

As the questioning took place, Amanda scanned the crowd carefully. Sure enough, she spotted them. The man in the black silk hat was staring at them. She stared right back until he looked away. On the opposite side, she spotted an old man also watching intently.

Too bad, thought Amanda as she inwardly smirked, that Ms. Pierce's books weren't translated into Japanese, for them that is. She was recalling three books in particular.

Her smirk, though inward, faded when she spotted a certain blond-haired woman. A quiet woman, not trying to attract attention. She made a mental note of her every detail.

"Hello! Are you awake?" Emily was waving her hand in front of Amanda's eyes. "I just finished my deduction nd you weren't paying attention!" She was pouting annoyedly. Amanda leaned in closer to Emily.

"Didn't you see them? The people always watching Conan," she whispered to the blond in English. Emily began to look around, but stopped as she spotted the people Amanda had seen earlier.

"What do we do?" Emily whispered in English as well. "Conan's watching us, you know." Amanda nodded.

"Mmm. Yes, but not here. We should go to the doctor's place." She turned to Conan and bent down to his current eye level. In Japanese, she said, "Conan-kun, let's go to Dr. Agasa's place. We can talk there." She smiled sweetly at Conan. He hesitated, then nodded.

After this, Emily took his hand and began walking to their destination. Amanda walked casually the other way. Conan looked back at her.

"Um, where is she going?" asked Conan. Emily looked behind them.

"She's going to make sure we aren't followed or overheard." She smiled at his look of pure confusion. They walked silently after that. When the duo reached Agasa's place, they found Amanda leaning against the front door.

They went in, Conan cautiously, the other two casually. Dr. Agasa was at his computer, working on some sort of project. Ai was watching over his shoulder until the other three came in. Then, without changing her usual serious expression, she greeted them. Rather, the girls greeted her.

"Hello, Ai-chan!" They chorused. Ai blinked, trying to figure out who the two strange girls were. "Hello, Dr. Agasa!" The girls chorused. When he didn't respond, but looked to Conan, the girls exchanged glances. They made absolutely sure no one was listening or recording. Then, Emily, unable to keep, spoke.

"This is sooo cool!" she practically squealed. "I can not believe I am meeting Shiho Miyano-san, Shinichi Kudo-san and Dr. Agasa in person!"

"What we want to tell you is this," Amanda spoke up in a more serious and quiet tone. " We know about the B.O. and the drug that shrunk you two. "

"We also know that Vermouth is the 'male serial killer' you and Ran Mouri-san met a year ago," Emily added.

"How did you know about my bow-tie?" asked Conan. He appeared to have been curious the whole time. The two teenagers exchanged glances. Then, they began whispering in English to each other.

"What do we do?" asked Amanda. "Should we tell them the truth?" Emily appeared lost in thought.

"Truth about what?" chorused Conan and Ai.

The two older girls exchanged nervous glances and Emily paled as she spoke.

"Amanda, I think we forgot the fact that Conan-kun and Ai-chan know English."

"Eh?" asked Dr. Agasa, confused. He alone couldn't understand the conversation.

"How do you know that we know English?" asked Ai in English. She narrowed her eyes and her posture was tense.

Amanda took a step back from the small, but scary, Ai. "Uh, um, it's a long story. " She managed to stutter.

"Yeah! One that I don't think you could handle." Added Emily, going along with her friend.

"Ha! I've handled murderers and hardened criminals, so I think I could handle a story!" Conan told them cockily.

"Oh yeah? Then, mister I-handle-criminals-all-the-time, why do you get scared of you're your girlfriend when she's mad?" retorted Amanda with her hands on her hips. Conan's face went beet red and he became flustered.

"I-I-I…" Then, suddenly, his face went back to its normal color and his eyes lit up in realization. "How do you know, uh, that?"

"Uhh, it was a guess?" Amanda replied. It was her turn to be flustered. Emily slapped a hand to her forehead in exasperation.

"Judging by your friend's reaction, I take it as a lie." Said Ai coldly as usual. Amanda glared at the taller girl, who smile meekly in response.

"It's not my fault that was so unbelievable." Emily paused. "It's like all of Danny's excuses from Danny Phantom." Amanda sighed as if to say 'here we go again'. The other three just stared with confusion plain on their faces.

"Anyway, how do you know all about us?" asked Conan.

"Uh, uh, Emily will explain it to you." Said Amanda, hiding behind her friend and pushing her forward.

"Why me?" Emily hissed over her shoulder.

"Because you're the one with the best people skills, " Amanda whispered softly back. "And you 'met' them first." Emily faced the others.

"We're psychics." Emily said and Amanda cringed at the lameness of her answer. Ai raised an eyebrow in skepticism.

"Gee, right now we could really use Sailor Pluto's powers." Whispered Amanda drily.

"Who's that?" asked Emily. Amanda winced at her own stupidity.

"Gomen nasi, I forgot you don't know Sailor Moon." She paused. "Or the Time card would work. I wouldn't mind having a day to think. Emily turned to face her friend, confusion showing plain on her face. "The cards from CardCaptor Sakura can be hard to memorize."

"Yeah. Like Clockwork?" asked Emily, temporarily forgetting the other three. Amanda had to think for a minute. "You know, the time ghost from Danny Phantom," re-explained Emily and Amanda nodded.

"Sort of. But not completely." Replied Amanda, also forgetting the situation. "See, Sailor Pluto guards the Gate or Door of Time, and she doesn't change ages, really. The Time card is the Clow Card from CardCaptor Sakura that turns back time up to one day and only people with magic remember. I think it can freeze time, but that totally clashes with Pluto. When she stopped time once, she was severely punished." Amanda took on a thoughtful pose as Emily saw the other three and remembered what was going on.

"But, Amanda, that still doesn't help-" She was cut off as Amanda actually squealed. The brunette ran out the front door, grabbed the little, pink-haired girl that was passing by, ran back in with her and shut the door. Everyone except Amanda blinked in confusion. Said girl was soon squeezing the newcomer tightly with a huge smile on her face.

"Chibiusa-chan! You're even more kawaii in person!" She was still squealing. Emily cleared her throat, and immediately the other girl let go of the poor, confused child.

"Gomen nasi, couldn't resist. This is Princess Tsukino Usagi, Small Lady Serenity, Sailor Chibi Moon, Chibiusa for short." Amanda told them. To Emily, she said "She's Sailor Moon's daughter."

"Who are you and how do you know all that?" asked Chibiusa, narrowing her eyes.

"My name's Amanda Terkous and Sailor Pluto told me so." The told her confidently.

Still suspicious, she asked "Did Puu-chan really tell you that?" Amanda nodded and Chibiusa relaxed slightly. Emily rolled her eyes at this, trying to restrain her laughter. Conan noticed. Putting on a child's innocent face, he asked,

"Why'd you roll your eyes?" As he spoke, the blonde's friend glared at her. Before Emily could answer, Chibiusa spoke up.

"How'd you know that Sailor Pluto is Puu-chan?"

"Context clues, darling." Replied Amanda dramatically with a wink.

"Hey, aren't you the daughter of the people who recently got a notice from Kaitou Kid?" questioned Conan. Chiniusa nodded.

"Kid's gonna appear? Really? Where?" asked Emily excitedly. They all turned to her.

"Uhh, Emily? Can we talk for a second?" asked Amanda quietly. To the others, she said, "We'll only be a minute." Then the brunette dragged her friend into the other room.

"What?" asked Emily. Amanda let go of her friend's arm and turned to face her.

"Either we tell them the truth or make up a, hopefully, believable lie. I want to go for the truth, but that might make things too complicated." Emily thought about this.

"Conan and Ai would never buy into a lie, though. " Both girls lapsed into silence, trying to think of something.

"For now, our excuses will have to wait. Emily was puzzled. "Didn't you hear? Kaitou Kid's coming to Chibiusa's place. I bet he's going to steal her mom's crystal. It's not the Phantom Silver Crystal for nothing. He might mistake it for Pandora!"

"No he won't," said a girl-child's voice. Amanda cringed, because she practically shouted the last part. Amanda turned from facing Emily to facing the door and the red-eyed girl leaning against the doorframe.

"Uh, explain again about the crystal," whispered Emily. Without turning back around, Amanda told her quietly out of the corner of her mouth.

"The Silver Crystal is very powerful. It once supported an entire civilization on the moon. Its power covers just about everything with only one draw back. To use it, you need plenty of energy to supply it with and the more power that is required, the more energy it needs." After a pause, Amanda asked Chibiusa, "Are you guys really that good?" The younger girl straightened and walked over to them.

"Yep. Phantoms are no match for us," Chibiusa told them matter-of-factly. "But if you want to see it for yourselves, you are all welcome to come with me to Crystal Pa-, er Mansion." At that moment, Conan, Ai and Dr. Agasa walked in.

"Sure, and I'd like to take a look at the notice if you don't mind." Conan rold her. Chibiusa rolled her eyes at him.

"My friend already figured it out. He'll strike tonight at eight, and he only wants a 'small detective' to know. I guess he's met you before." Amanda and Emily got determined looks in their eyes.

"Then it's settled," said Emily.

"Crystal Mansion, Sailor Senshi and Kaitou Kid-kun here we come!" Amanda jumped her legs apart, held up a V-for-victory sign and winked.