Hey, welcome to Friends: Book 1. Together, Amanga and Em Phantom (ourselves, of course) have spent countless lunch times, hours on the phone, etc. writing this story. It all started with a simple idea: How would two crazy teens such as us fare in the world of Detective Conan? That thought blossomed into a full fledged story, filled with odd lines, crazy reactions, and unbelievable lies.

Em Phantom: My character is Emily Haire, and yes, the character is based off me. And yes, I purposely say all those crazy lines. It's my personality, so I had to make sure that my character would act the same way. Oh, and you don't really need to know anything about Sailor Moon or CardCaptor Sakura to understand this. I didn't know either when we started this.

Amanga: I have cast myself as Amanda Terkous, the other main character. I'm the Sailor Moon and CardCaptor Sakura expert. Disclaimer: We do not own Sailor Moon, CardCaptor Sakura, Magic Kaito, Detective Conan or WITCH, but we do own ourselves and our original characters.

This is our first omake chapter as a reward for your endless patience with our laziness on updating. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

After the girls and Conan greeted Ai and Dr. Agasa, there was a long, awkward pause. Just then, Yamakazi popped up.

"Speaking of greetings, did you know that a hundred years ago, people had many different ways of simply saying hello? It got very confusing," he told them. They blinked and he made as if to continue, but a voice stopped him.

"Yamakazi! That wasn't in the script!" Chiharu pulled him off the set by his ear. The others sweatdropped.

"That's Yamakazi-kun all right." Amanda sighed.

"And Chiharu. That is sooo her," Emily added.

Chapter 2, omake 1

KID's poker face returned. He crouched and kicked a leg out in front, causing the woman to fall. He then pulled out a device, planning to use smoke to cover his escape. However, instead of his trademark pink smoke, everyone was covered in confetti. Kaitou groaned, causing the others to laugh.

"Now, do you see why you listen to Neo Queen?" laughed Amanda.

Chapter 2, omake 2

Emily ran a hand through her hair, unsure of how to answer.

"I always wished…er, hoped…urgh!" Enily fumbled. She turned to the director. "Line!" Amanda woke from her slumber.

"That's not how professionals do it!" She scoffed. "You should've memorized your lines!"

Chapter 3, omake 1

Kaitou raced around the room, determined to get away. Aoko at last caught up to him.

"I've got you now!" She cackled, hitting him.

"Jeez, Aoko. D'ya have to hit so hard?" She dropped the mop, which then promptly disappeared, probably got whisked away by a stage crew member.

"Kaito?" She ventured while Emily thumped a hand to her forehead.

"Now he's done it," she mumbled.

"Kaito! You otaku!" yelled Aoko, slapping him on the back. "For a second, I thought you were Kaitou KID!" Everyone except Aoko sweatdropped.

Chapter 3, omake 2

Amanda crept slowly and carefully down the stairs to Sailor Pluto.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. The sound echoed through the silence of the serious atmosphere. Amanda stopped and turned.

"Who's eating?" she asked. Emily came down the stairs with a bag of M&Ms, munching on them all the way.

"Look! Gin-san gave me candy!" She said.

"He's not even in this scene!" cried Amanda.

"Neither am I, but he gave me 'n Hakuba candy that he had in his car. Isn't he nice?" Emily offered Amanda some and the brunette took a peculiar looking red and white piece and popped it in her mouth.

"Can I get a little help here?" asked an annoyed Amanda.

"Gin! You weren't supposed to put the APTX in there!"

"Come, my minons of chibiness!" he cried from off set. Amanda raised an eyebrow.

"It's not mind control," she told him and he returned to his dressing room very disappointed.

Omake on Break

The entire cast of Friends Book 1 was gathered at the Winter Holiday Party. They all played games and had plenty of fun. At last, the group of stars sat down on the couches, swapping stories. Hakuba had an arm around Emily, while Ran leaned on Shinichi. Amanda, after having been given way too many Sherly Temples by Gin, was running around with two sticks of mistletoe.

"I'm HYPER!" She screamed. "I'm hyper, I'm hyper, I'm hyper!"

"Oi, sit down," ordered an annoyed Heiji. At the same time, Kaito commented:

"You're even worse than Emily-chan when she's hyper. And that's saying something." This earned him glares from Hakuba, Emily and Amanda. Amanda grinned evilly when she saw who the two offensive boys where sitting next to. The hyper teen swung one stick of mistletoe between Kaito and Aoko and the other between Kazuha and Heiji. All four looked up, surprised.

Ran, who was on the other side of Kazuha, nudged her friend to the dark-skinned detective. Not expecting this, Kazuha and Heiji found themselves lip to lip and eyes wide.

Emily copied Ran by nudging Aoko to her best friend, so Aoko and Kaito were lip to lip and very surprised.

Both pairs leaned into their partners for a better angle. The other two pairs smiled gently and soon their were four kissing pairs. Amanda smiled in satisfaction before whipping out her brand new, fully charged video camera and began filming them from every angle.