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Chapter 1

He heard that she was coming back but only for one day. All he wanted was to see her face, the face that always cheered him up when he was down. Ichigo didn't admit it but he missed her and he wanted to see her at that very moment. He was lost in his thoughts about her and wasn't paying attention to the lesson. He even forgot that he was at school right now.

He sat there looking out the window daydreaming about a certain little shinigami and as the bell rang, he realized that she would be arriving soon. As he gathered his things and headed out the door, but suddenly he stopped. 'Man I haven't seen her in a whole year since the winter war ended. What should I do?' Ichigo thought to himself. His heart stared to race just thinking about her.

He also wanted to tell her… tell her that she meant so much to him and didn't want to see her leave him again not knowing when they might see each other again. He hated that the most. Their worlds were different yet he didn't care as long as she was with him. But knowing Kurosaki Ichigo that was unlikely for him to tell his feelings that straight forward to anyone especially Kuchiki Rukia. Ichigo's thoughts were interrupted when he heard some one calling his name.

"K… K… Kurosaki-kun," Inoue said in a low toned voice. As Ichigo turned around to face her she was blushing. They were the only ones left in the room and Inoue wanted to tell him something that she had always wanted to tell him but never had the courage to until now.

The door opened and a hell butterfly came out as the petite shinigami stepped out the door that linked the living world to Soul Society. Urahara greeted her with his warm voice, "WELCOME BACK KUCHIKI-SAN! You're rather early and by the way you look as cute as ever!" He smirked at her. "Shut up! I didn't come back here to hear your smart ass remarks!" Rukia shouted giving him a glare. "Of course your not here for that. You're here to see K-U-R-O-S-A-K-I NE?" Urahara teased her.

Rukia's face grew red and her heart began racing just by the mention of the name. "Don't talk about something so stupid as that. I didn't come back here to see Ichigo. Besides this is the only day off I have since I've been so busy lately." Rukia responded trying to avoid the subject. "Ah… so I've heard. You're the new 13th squad lieutenant ne KUCHIKI FUKU-TAICHOU DONO." Rukia was wearing her lieutenant's arm ban that stated that she was a lieutenant and it had the seal of the 13th squad. "Just shut up and lend me a giga baka!" Rukia glared with her furious eyes.

"As you wish Kuchiki-san. I'm just joking with you since I haven't seen you in over a year." Urahara smiled at her. Rukia was in the gigai now. She was wearing jeans with brown boots, a white scarf, a black turtleneck, and a light jacket. "Ohh Kuchiki-san you look so Kawaii in that outfit! It's not every day that you see Kuchiki Rukia wearing something like that. Aww this will make Kurosaki's day."

Urahara teased her again. "Oi! Urahara I told you to stop talking nonsense! BAKA!" Rukia shouted ready to strangle him. "Kisuke stop making fun of Rukia will ya?" A longhaired woman said standing in the doorway. "Yorouichi-san!" Rukia looked back surprised.

"Don't mind this fool and don't let him get to ya. By the way aren't you here to see Ichigo?" "NO!" Rukia answered back. "And its not like he knows I'm here. I just came to get away from all the things going on in Soul Society." "Well… actually after you said that you were coming, I kind of told Kurosaki and boy did he seem happy about it cause his face lit up when I said that." Urahara said in a different tone of voice. "YOU DID WHAT!" Rukia's eyes widen in surprise.

"I thought he had to know." Explained Kisuke. Rukia stood up and headed for the door. "Where are you going?" asked Yorouichi. "I'm going out for some fresh air." "By the way don't forget to drop by the school! Kurosaki-kun will still be there!" Urahara suggested as she left. "You butting in Kisuke." Yorouichi glanced at him. "Hay don't put the blame on me it was your idea too." "SHUT UP will ya! Rukia might hear you!"

Rukia was trying to clear her head of all the things going on in her life. 'Stupid retarded Kisuke!' She said in her thoughts and she didn't know why but she had ended up at the school. "Guess there's no choice."

She headed towards a certain room. She knew Ichigo was there because she felt it inside her. 'What should I do? What am I going to say to him when I see him? Should I even be here?' She bit her lip trying to calm her self down. Rukia stood near the door and was about to open it, and then she heard voices coming from inside of the room.