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Chapter 9

"You are allowed to use bankai. However no hollow form Kurosaki." The old man informed.

"Lets go Kurosaki." Hitsugaya unleashed some of his reiatsu and Ichigo did the same.

Both used shunpo and their blades came into contact with each other. Sparks stared to fly as each of the blades came crashing on to the other.

Things were getting intense as each of them headed straight for one another.

"This is getting us no where Kurosaki. I guess it's time that you see my zanpaku-tou's true form." Toshiro jumped in the air and called his zanpaku-tou's name.

"Set upon the frosted heavens Hyourinmaru!" Water came out of his sword and circled into the sky, as it got cloudy. Then a dragon of ice appeared and shards of ice started falling down from the sky. Ichigo's eyes widened as he saw Hyourinmaru.

(At the stands were everyone was watching)

"OWWW! Rukia stop griping my arm so tightly!" Renji looked at the girl crushing his arm.

"Sorry, I'm just worried."

"Rukia he'll be fine. You know how strong he is so it'll be okay. Just watch."

"I know it's just that…"

"Rukia stop worrying too much! Just shut up and watch!"

"Don't tell me what to do Renji! You shut up!"

(Grip) "OWWW! You little…"

"Stop bickering you two." Matsumoto cut in.

"Ano Hinamori why so sad?"

"It's just that I'm worried for Shiro-chan too. I don't want them to get hurt too much."

"AWWWW! That is so cute Hinamori! You're just like Rukia! Both of you worry too much." Rangiku giggled while Hinamori blushed.

(Back to the battle)

Hyourinmaru's speed was incredible. Ichigo was covered in water, soon enough the water became into ice and covered his skin. "What the hell!"

"Kurosaki you're slow." Toshiro swung his sword again and Hyourinmaru went for Ichigo one more time. Ichigo however tried to swing Zangetsu but failed to for his arms were becoming stiff from the ice.

The only thing he could do was to try and block Hyourinmaru. Ichigo managed to shake some of the ice off him, as Hyourinmaru was about to swallow him whole again.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" A crescent white light shattered Hyourinmaru.

"Not bad Kurosaki, not bad at all. Why don't we take it to the next level."

Both of them released huge amounts of reiatsu and yelled, "BANKAI!" Ichigo had a normal sized sword, with his black kimono and the ends were ripped.

He looked at Hitsugaya's bankai. He had Hyourinmaru's wings, with three crystal flower pedals at the top.

"All of your bankai's are so impressive compared to mine."

"Looks don't matter Kurosaki."

They charged at one another with their blades coming in contact as sparks flew. They had been fighting for at least half an hour but it seemed like forever.

They were both panted really hard for both were getting tired. They both had cuts and blood that ran down their faces.

"Lets finish this Kurosaki." Both put their last remaining strength into one final hit. They charged one last time and there was a loud explosion. Ice flew everywhere.

They stood still for a few seconds and then blood poured out. Both of them had fallen but still alive.

"Congratulations Kurosaki Ichigo! We are proud to welcome you to Gotei 13!"

"Arigato Yamamoto-sama."

"You are now the new captain of the 5th squad. Your vice-captain is Hinamori Momo. Will give you your captain's haori soon."

"Ano Yamamoto-sama… could I finish my school work first in the real world be for becoming a full time captain."

"I see no harm in that. Very well Kurosaki."


Captains and vice-captains came and congratulated him. "Ichigo!" Rukia gave him a hug.

"Oi Ichigo! I'll look forward to fighting you soon." Zaraki grinned.

"You know how to kill everything don't you Kenpachi?" Ichigo said while still hugging Rukia.

"Oi! We all should go out and celebrate since Ichigo is now a captain!" Matsumoto burst out. Everyone agreed (Except for Byakuya, Komamura, Yamamoto, and Kurotsuchi. He let Nemu go.)

"I don't want to go." Toshiro said.

"But taichou!"

"NO, Matsumoto I don't want to!"

"Oh I see. Well then I guess that I have to tell everyone and show them..." Hitsugaya's eyes widened

"Don't you dare Matsumoto!"

"So taichou are you going?"

"FINE!" Hitsugaya shouted at her.

"That's wonderful taichou!" She grinned deviously.

People were wondering what Matsumoto was going to do if he didn't come.

There was a lot of laughing as everyone was drinking. Kyouraku was already drunk and was singing to Nanao.

"Kawaii, kawaii Nanao-chan! Lovely, lovely Nanao-chan! Will you give me a k…"

"Kick! Sure taichou I'll be glad to!" She looked at her drunken captain. So she takes a gallon of water and pours it on his head.

"Ahhh my Nanao-chan she is so cruel. But she so cute when she's mad."

Kiyone and Sentarou were arguing who could drink more sake between the two of them as Ukitake watched.

Ikkaku was drinking two sake bottles at once for he lost a game against Renji, then all of a sudden Yachiru comes and shoves it down his throat causing him to choke.

Matsumoto was gossiping once again and trying to get Soi Fong to drink this time.

"Soi Fong taichou you need to drink some sake! Nemu tried it so now it's your turn to drink some too. Not to mention Yorouichi-san will be proud of you!"

"Fine Matsumoto I'll drink some." Soi Fong replied

Hitsugaya was sitting near Matsumoto very irritated but Hinamori tried to cheer him up.

Rukia notice Ichigo outside and went to him.

"Ichigo why are you here?"

"Just wanted to get some air"

"I see." She hugged Ichigo and he did the same.

"Ne… Rukia what did you think Rangiku-san have on Toshiro. She made him come even though he didn't want to."

"I don't know. Lets ask her when she gets drunk. Which is in about a few minutes."

"How do you know?"

"You'll hear her passing out then gasping for air. She usually does that every time we go out. So in 3… 2… 1"

"Whaaa! I was going to die! I need to get some air!" Rangiku shouted while gasping.

"Told you." Rukia smirked while Rangiku step out side where they were.

"Ahh so you two are here. Guess I should leave you two alone." She said smirking while the two blushed.

"No its okay Rangiku-san. Ano… what do you have on Hitsugaya taichou cause you made him come."

"Ahhhh that… I can't tell you."

"But Rangiku-san! You owe me! I've saved your ass from Hitsugaya taichou a lot of times now!"

"Okay, okay! BUT! You have to promise you will NOT! I REPEAT NOT! TELL!" They both nodded and Rangiku was looking to see if anyone was around.

"Okay well it all started at the office…"

(Flash back)

"Matsumoto stop drinking sake and finish your paper work!" Hitsugaya looked at his lazy vice-captain while she was drinking.

"Hmmmm taichou you're so mean. Relax a bit will you."

"How can I relax a bit when there are so much paper work to do! And you haven't even finish your pile yet!"


(Few minutes later) "Taichou I'm finished!"

"Good. I'll give them to Yamamoto-sama. By the way Matsumoto, can you make some tea?"

"Hai! Anything for taichou!" He rolled his eyes as he left.

As Matsumoto was making tea a thought crossed her mind.

'Hmmmm I wonder what taichou is like when he's drunk. I hope he's not mean drunk. I have another bottle of sake. I don't think it'll hurt to try.'

So she puts sake in the tea. When Hitsugaya came back, "Taichou here's your tea!"

She greeted him with a big smile. "Arigato Matsumoto." He sat back down at his desk and took a sip of the tea.

"Matsumoto… is this a new flavor? Cause it taste a little different."

"Ahhh… yeah… it is a… new flavor. Why… is it bad?"

"Actually no, it taste quite good." A few minutes later after he drank all the tea, 'Hmmmm I feel a little dizzy.' Hitsugaya thought to himself with pink checks.

"NANI!" He suddenly shouted.

"Taichou what's wrong?"

"M… Matsumoto…"


"There are two offffff youuuuuuu!"


"There are two Masumoto! NOOOOO!"

"Taichou! Your drunk"

"No I'm not… no one can get drunk frommm teaaaaaaaa."

"But your drunk right now."

"Maybe you're the…one who's drunk Matsumoto…"

"No I'm not taichou. Your crazy"

"I'm not crazy you are"

"No taichou you're the crazy one"

"Call me crazy again and I'll get my zanpaku-tou out."

"… Your crazy"

"Set upon the frosted heavens Hyourinmaru!" (SPLASH)

"See your face is frozen solid! You can't even say a word"

"… TAICHOU! That was my last sake bottle! And I'm still sober! I think"

Instead of grabbing Hyourinmaru, Hitsugaya grabbed the sake bottle in front of Matsumoto and splashed it in her face.

(Crying a river of tears) "Taichou how could you! That was my sake! MINE!" (Sob, sob, sniff, sniff)


"… zzzzzzzz" (Evil smirk from Matsumoto.)


She takes out a camera and a marker then takes pictures of him sleeping as well as drawing on his face.

Snap, click, click, flash.

When Hitsugaya woke up he saw Matsumoto sleeping on the couch and saw pictures everywhere.

"Matsumoto your so messy"

He was going to pick up the pictures, when he passed by the mirror and was horrified by whet he saw. His blood began to boil.


He was about to strangle her but then he saw the pictures on the floor and noticed it was of him. He started ripping the pictures to pieces but he didn't know that she had copies made just in case.

(End of flash back)

Ichigo and Rukia jaw dropped, for they could not believe what they were hearing.

"What you two don't believe me? Fine I'll show you proof"

Matsumoto takes out the pictures that she took of Hitsugaya while asleep. Their eyes widened when they saw the pictures.

"M…M… MASUMOTO!" The temperature suddenly became 20 degrees colder.

"Hay there Taichou!"

"Matsumoto give me those pictures back!"

"Calm down taichou. At least yours isn't worse as Renji's" Rangiku holding up the pictures so Toshiro couldn't reach them.

"Renji's?" both Ichigo and Rukia looked puzzled at the 10th squad fuku-taichou.

"Well yeah. How do you think we got him into the whole fake wedding thing?" Rangiku pulled out a picture of Renji.

"Witness with your own eyes Kuchiki Rukia (Soon to be Kurosaki) what your best friend has been up to."

Both Ichigo and Rukia burst into laughter. "OMG! That's Renji! I can't believe what I'm seeing!"

"Hahahaha! I bet if Byakuya ever saw what his fuku-taichou has been up to, he would never look at him the same way!"

"My stomach hurts from laughing to much! Hahahaha! I would so like to see Nii-sama's reaction!"

"What the hell are you two laughing at? Both of you are so loud everyone can hear you inside" Renji asked with Ikkaku and Yumichika right behind him.

"Hay Renji!" Matsumoto said holing up the picture so the three could see what it was.

"…. RANGIKU-SAN! You promised that if I went along you wouldn't show any one!" Renji was beyond horrified.

"Oi Matsumoto! You traitor!" Ikkaku yelled from behind Renji.

"How troublesome. This not beautiful at all." Yumichika gave a big sigh.

"Ne, ne how did this all start anyways?" Rukia was trying to stop laughing with no luck at all.


"Shut up Yumichika! Why the hell are you going to tell them?!"

"Might as well tell them since they already saw the picture."

"pft whatever do what you want"

"Alright well I warned Renji about it but he wouldn't listen."

"It's not that I wouldn't listen to you Yumichika but I just didn't believe what you said."

"Anyways as I was saying… it started when we were walking back to the 11th division because Ikkaku here decides to get drunk and wasted. I learned a lesson to not be near Ikkaku when he is drunk."

"Why is that?" a confused Ichigo asked

"When Ikkaku is drunk he thinks a guy is a girl and a girl is a guy." a moment of silence then…

"Hahahahaha! That is so retarded! Hahahaha Baka!" more laughter came from the two along with Matsumoto and Toshiro snickering.

"Urusai!" Ikkaku said very irritated.

"As I was saying… then Ikkaku starts flirting with Renji while he was helping him walk. Renji however was freaking out and trying to ignore Ikkaku."

"It all happened in a flash! One moment I was helping Ikkaku and then he… he… as you can see from the picture what he did." Renji was so ashamed of what happened that night.

"HE KISSED YOU!" Matsumoto shouted. "SHUT UP MASTUMOTO!" Ikkaku hissed at her.

"You thought that was embarrassing enough, I then heard a click and a flash. It was Rangiku-san a Yachiru fuku-taichou that took the picture." Renji buried his head in his hands.

"Suck for your ass Renji!" Ichigo was on the floor laughing.

"I also heard from Yachiru that Ikkaku once started flirting with Zaraki taichou." Matsumoto no longer could hold her laughter in.

"Matsumoto you have such a big mouth"

"Now, now taichou don't worry your secret is still safe with me."

"What secret! When those two already know", Toshiro pointed to Ichigo and Rukia.

"Matsumoto give me back those pictures!"

"I will so kick your ass for this Matsumoto! Even Yachiru fuku-taichou knows about it!"

Both Ikkaku and Hitsugaya were about to charge at her when she put the pictures in between her huge valleys.

"Fine go and reach down there since you two want them so badly" Rangiku smirked at them.

"Oi Abarai! Go and get the pictures from Matsumoto!"

"What! Why me! She's your fuku-taichou!"

"Cuz I said so."

"I thought you guys wanted the pictures. Oh well! I'm going to the 9th division to ask them to put the pictures on the upcoming newspaper. Ja ne!" She stared walking off.


"Matsumoto! Get your ass back here!" The three started chasing her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Run away!" You could hear Rangiku screaming at the distance.

"Run for your life Ran-chan! Run RUN!" (me)

"I'm running as fast I as can!" (Ran-chan)

"Don't look behind you Ran-chan but there gaining on you!" (Me)

Ran looks behind her... "Ahhhhahahaha!"

"I told you not to look!" (Me)

"I couldn't help it!" (Ran-chan)

"Run faster!" (me)

"It hard to run super fast when you have big boobs!" (Ran-chan)

"MATSUMOTO!" (Toshii)

"Crap taichou is gaining on me!" (Ran-chan)

"Were almost there Ran-chan!" (Me)

Running towards the 9th division when we reached the door...

"Naniiiiiii! NOOOOO!" (me)

"They can't be closed!" (Ran-chan)

"Who the hell closed it?!" (me)

sign says...

Closed for today by order of Hisagi-Fukutaichou

"That Hisagi!" (me)

"Heheheheheh we got you now!" (Renji, Ikkaku, Toshii)

"Oi your that girl from before!" (Toshii)

"hehehehe... Later Ran-chan!" (me running away)

"Wait! Snow-chan don't leave me here!" (Ran-chan)

"Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" (Ran-chan)

To be continued... Chapter 10 is the FINAL Chapter!