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Chapter 12: Definitions

Clark noticed Lana's vehicle pulled up to the house when he returned from the pasture. He wasn't done with the farm chores, but, he could take a break. What he had learned, and accepted for himself-it just wasn't right or fair to Lana. He didn't hate the fact the she wasn't his pair, he just felt horribly guilty that there was something he couldn't share with her.

They were trying their best to be open and honest with each other. Yet, Clark suspected secrets were always going to be a part of their lives. He hid the fact he was an alien from her for too long. How many times had Lana asked him what his secret was? For each of those times, he lied. He wondered who they might be, had he told her at the end of junior year, like he originally wanted. The only reason why he wanted to tell her then was to keep her from going to art school in France.

The light between them variegated from happy colors to poisonous shades. Her presence was a waxy gloss of pigment. Like a child coloring in a cartoon book, Lana filled in his blank areas with interesting tones. She was an artist, as she could paint anyone into anything. Clark was only one her canvases.

Lana made him so happy at times. She stroked his ego with such strong, primary colors. When she stayed within the lines of his character, she made him solid. Those happy moments had earned Clark's affection, and she deserved a chance to be his pair bond too. He wanted to give her all the chances in the world to even things out. But, she had secrets, and now, once again, he did too. Maybe they were even. It was hard to know for sure how far away she drifted.

He had read the police record Chloe had on Lana. How long has she been coloring outside the lines? Clark didn't believe Lex's statement, that she had stolen 10 million dollars from LuthorCorp, but he did now. Clark didn't know what he could do or say to her to make her understand that she should return that money. An ultimatum?

If Lana wanted to be a Kent, she would have to return the money.

Clark entered his home and found Lana arranging flowers in the dining room. The large, fragrant blooms and foliage could only come from a flower shop. Each cutting was nursed to perfection in a structure of enhanced colored-glass.

Her long hair flowed naturally and gracefully past her shoulders. She looked stunning in the natural light filtering through the common glass windows.

She turned as Clark's footsteps announced his arrival. She spoke. "Hey. I heard the police shut the B.C.E. clinic down and that Curtis Knox went AWOL. Did you have anything to do with that?"

Clark swallowed hard. Lana had a hand in this, he realized. She must suspect Chloe's meteor-infection. The only thing he had done was save Chloe. She was trying to put distance between herself and the contacts she had with the B.C.E. clinic, and was using him to do it.

"Turns out he was killing his patients."

Lana looked at Clark, a flash of remorse leaked through her face, revealing secret knowledge. If Chloe were hurt, how could Clark ever forgive her for not telling him what she suspected about Knox? Sasha's body had been found mutilated. That was splashed all over the news.

"Chloe's story got her in a little over her head." Clark said, stunned.

"Oh, my god. Is she okay?" Lana tried to recover from her telling slip, but she was concerned for Chloe's safety.

"You know Chloe. There's not a whole lot that can keep her down." Clark tested Lana, with what she might know about their friend. Do you know that Chloe can't die? He thought.

"She's lucky to have someone like you in her life, Clark. We all are." Lana turned away from him, to finish the arrangement. She did not respond to Clark's hint.

Clark tried to figure out what his next step should be. Usually, this was his cue to let things be.

"What's wrong?" She muttered.

"Lex helped me find Knox."

Lana looked at Clark, trying to judge what he knew or might suspect of her involvement. Did Lex tell him that she went to him yesterday, asking him to shut down the clinic? Did Clark know that her information on Knox came from her spying on Lex?

"Well, he probably has an ulterior motive. Lex doesn't generally do things out of the kindness of his heart."

"He told me you stole 10 million from him." Clark said.

Lana froze, as Clark showed her the blackness of her actions. When it came to Lex, Lana allowed him to define her. Clark had an equally tender spot to his character. Lana decided to use it in her defense.

"You can see what he's doing, right?" Lana asked perfectly straight. "He's trying to destroy what we have all over again. Clark, that money was a part of the divorce settlement. I plan on using it to help the meteor-infected people who have been victimized by LuthorCorp."

As soon as Clark heard Lana uttered the words, "meteor-infected", he thought of Chloe. Lana wanted to help Chloe. Clark hugged Lana, and decided to let her off the hook. Maybe if he just gave Lana more of his time and more of his love, she could be saved.

"Don't let Lex's lies come between us. You know I'd never hide anything from you."

Lana was glad her face was pressed into Clark's ribs. Even she couldn't continue to feign her innocence.

"Hey" Chloe said.

"Hey, how are you?" Clark asked.

"I'm on my way to Metropolis. You'll be pleased to know, I had a major snore-a-thon after you left."

"Chlo' I'm glad you got some sleep."

"Yeah, I had this crazy dream. An alien told me I was his pair-bond, and I believed him for a while."

Clark was quiet.


"Chloe" Clark sounded miffed.

"Ah, come on. Don't sound so hurt."

"So, do you not believe me anymore?"

"Clark I don't know what to think. If it's true. What does it mean?"

"It doesn't have to mean anything. It just, explains stuff."

"Stuff. Clark, your vocabulary is astonishing."

The pair was quiet again. Finally, Chloe spoke up.

"Clark. I'm on my way to see Jimmy. I'm going to try and salvage what's left of our relationship."

"I'm trying my best with Lana. I think, if I give her more love, that maybe, she'll heal from what Lex did."

Chloe could sense Clark's worry. "You should talk to her about this. Don't go back to how you were. She might understand. She knows you're otherworldly now."

"I don't know how to turn her around. It's like we need secrets in order for us to work. She says she hates secrets, but, she doesn't know how to protect me. Not like you do."

"I don't know what to say to Jimmy. He left me three voicemails and covered my absence at the Planet today. You don't know how paranoid he gets. Whatever you told him last night, I think I'm out of excuses."

There was a long pause before Clark spoke up. "You know I trust you."


"Chloe-You can tell anyone you want about me. So, if telling Jimmy seems like the right thing to do. It's okay. You're my pair, and, I trust your instincts."

"Do you really mean that?" She whispered.

"I do" Clark said. "I care more about you, than I do for myself. I don't want you to hurt because of it. Keeping this secret, I don't want it to be your prison too."


"Good luck" Clark said, cutting her off. He hung up the phone, before Chloe could object.

Jimmy thought his new infra-red scanner was useless. It sat on his desk as an interesting pile of spare parts. It had beeped to life for the briefest of moments last night. He heard a grinding static and buzz pour out of the machine. Kara was elated that their machine worked. She insisted that she could understand the noise and that it was "untranslatable" when Jimmy asked what she overheard.

The gizmo seemed to only work for her. Turning the knobs and adjusting the antenna didn't help. Jimmy wanted Kara to return to the Daily Planet for technical support.

He wouldn't call her though, because he was afraid of Clark.

He'd had crossed some-sort of boundary with him. Clark was so protective of Chloe. They might be friends, but they were also something else. He remembered Lana's pointers from last year. "If you want to be with Chloe, you're going to have to learn to like Clark. They're close. That's not going to change, and asking them to, it's the worst thing you could do."

Jimmy tried all last year to be pals with Clark Kent. No more tries after last night. Clark called him pathetic. And he was right. So long as they competed for Chloe's time, Jimmy knew he'd always lose.

Jimmy didn't have to put up with it. There was a new girl in his life now. Kara liked him. She sparkled like a new penny when she looked into his eyes. Just like Chloe, she was headstrong and smart, but unlike Chloe, she wasn't very street-wise. Jimmy could help her transition from life on rural farms, to the huge city of Metropolis.

Should I pursue Kara, or stick with Chloe? He absent-mindedly stirred cream and sugar into his coffee, as he pondered the question at his work desk.

He didn't know what to say to Chloe. He really liked her, no, he loved her. He was pretty sure about that. They had been each other's first in what he thought was a summer of no consequences. When they reunited on Dark Thursday, he thought that they would be able to pick up from where they left off. They might be physical, but Jimmy knew that they were not intimate. More than sex, Jimmy wanted Chloe to completely trust and depend on him.

Right now, he couldn't even trust if she was going to show up like she promised.

When Jimmy looked up, he saw Chloe standing, staring at him as he was reflecting on their relationship. Jimmy glanced down at his watch, and found that she was right on time.

"Hey. There you are." Jimmy said.

Not only was Chloe keeping her date with him, she was 'dressed to kill'. He loved how her fair skin looked creamy smooth against the richness of her royal purple blouse.

"Remember me?" Jimmy said, adopting his goofiest and most endearing of mugs.

"Jimmy!" Her dimple seemed big. Jimmy was glad he could still make her smile.

"That's a good sign." Jimmy licked his lips, satisfied that he finally had Chloe's attention. "Your letter was a little 'Da Vinci Code,' and I'm no cryptologist, but... I brought this...to remind you why we belong together."

Jimmy picked up a cigar box from his table. He held it in front of her as if it were a prize. The timbre of his voice tightened a smidgeon, as he presented tokens from their past.

Chloe watched as Jimmy dragged a chair towards the end of his computer table. The feet and the wheels of the stool protested. Chloe accepted Jimmy's offer to sit next to him, as he carefully positioned the collection in front of her.

"Aaah" Chloe purred.

She couldn't believe that he still had some of this stuff! She picked up an old napkin with her number on it. Jimmy smiled as she fondled it.

"It's the cocktail napkin from that July Fourth party where you gave me your number."

Under the napkin, Chloe saw the photo-strip from their reunion date last fall.

"Oh, the Granville carnival. This was the best first date ever."

Jimmy took it from her and set it aside and revealed the best of the collection, a shard of broken blue art glass.

"And my favorite…a piece of stained glass from the bullpen that broke during that weird earthquake last fall."

Chloe barely remembered that there had been an earthquake on Dark Thursday too. She thought that the glass might be remnant from the window that was broken when the car went through it. Clark had saved her from the out-of-control car, by wrapping her into his arms, swiveling, and raising his hand to stop the car's momentum. He didn't let go until the broken stained-glass had settled to the floor.

"Okay, now I'm the one that needs the decoder ring." Chloe said, not able to figure out why Dark Thursday was important to Jimmy.

Jimmy sighed, almost dreamingly.

"We lost touch for the longest time, and the day that we bumped into each other again, the world... well, it literally shook."

Jimmy flicked the shard with his fingertips, producing a dull thwack. He was pleased with the sound.

"And if that's not a sign, I don't know what is."

Jimmy set the item back into his box for safe keeping.

It's a sign alright. Chloe thought.

The stained-glass shard wasn't a reminder of Jimmy: it reminded her of Clark, and what they meant to each other.

She had kissed Clark after those colorful windows fell, because there was nothing left in the room to distort the light between them. A platonic love or a romantic love, those adjectives were as broken as the stained glass on the floor. They finally saw what everyone else did. There was only love between them. No color existed. No artist could define them. Together, they gave off a strong, unfiltered, colorless light. They saw their love, at the basement of the Planet, only to discover, it was the type of light, which could be the foundation of the world.

The glass witness that Jimmy had held before her only served to show what had to be. And for the first time, Chloe embraced Clark as her pair, and saw what she should do.

"Jimmy, I'm so sorry about all the craziness I've put you through in the last couple of weeks."

"Well, let's just agree that the future will be more normal. Deal?"

Very gently, Chloe leaned over and knowingly spoke. "You know, I don't think I can make you that promise. I don't think things will ever be 'normal' between the two of us."

Jimmy's definition of normal was a relationship without Clark around her.

Jimmy stood. He put his hand on his hip and looked around for something else to focus on. His eyes returned to the infra-red scanner he made with Kara. He checked Chloe's face again, as she wrinkled her brow, trying to not to be harsh, but definitely—most definitely—being firm. She wasn't going to give up Clark. Not for him. Not for anyone at all.

"Okay. Wait a sec." Jimmy started to pace around her, uncertain how to express his complete disappointment. "Is this because of Kara?"

Chloe started to shake her head. No, Kara has nothing to do with this.

Jimmy continued. "Because after all the times that you left me on hold to go run off and help Clark, I'd hate to think that you're gonna give me a hard time for helping Kara once."

"No, this isn't about Kara. This is about me. This is entirely me." She was on her feet too. She grabbed his biceps, trying to slow him down. Tears were rolling down her face. Jimmy had been her boyfriend, and even though she knew it was better to let him go, it was the hardest thing to do.

"What's going on, Chloe?"

I can't explain this Jimmy. She shook her head as sorrow and regret continued to flow from her eyes.

"Um... If you can't say it... try some sign language or subtitles."

"I can't. I'm sorry." She reached up and wiped her face, smoothing the wetness across her checks.

"So am I."

Taking a step back from Chloe, Jimmy forced himself to take her portrait in. Jimmy noticed her blouse had a red horizontal line below her bust. It was a reminder to him, that Clark had his arms around her. Chloe belonged to Clark.

"'Cause I've tried really, really hard to be the understanding boyfriend, but there's only so much a guy can take before there's nothing else to do but jump."

"I don't know what to say." Chloe couldn't honestly tell Jimmy anymore than she and Clark were just friends. Telling and explaining that Clark was her pair was out of the question.

"Maybe that earthquake wasn't a sign. Maybe it was a giant fluke just like this relationship."

"Maybe you're right."

"You know what? I can't do this anymore, Chloe. I can't."

He gave her one last moment to change her mind, as more tears rolled down her face. She could stop him from walking away, but because she didn't, Jimmy felt justified. For more than a year, he's felt the pressure of never measuring up to Clark-never being able to come before him. She turned away from him ashamed.

Emotional relief came, removing some of the stripes and stings of a failing romance. It was over. It wasn't his fault. It was her unwillingness to trust him, and her unnatural bond to Clark Kent, that caused them to fail.

Kara brought Lois some coffee as they sat down together in LAX. Lois took it gratefully.

"Tasty, but not as good as the Talon's" she complained.

"I can go and get some?" Kara offered.

"Don't bother." Lois said. She winked at her. "It's not the coffee that's bad, but the fact it wasn't made by my favorite alien barista."

"Honestly, Lois." Kara said. "I didn't think you were going to remember. You were really, really, drunk last night."

"I suppose you haven't seen anything like that before."

Kara hunched unattractively in her red, halter dress. "No" She smiled at her. "You showed me something that was only academic before."

Lois snorted, drawing the hot beverage into her nasal cavity.

"Glad to be of service." Lois coughed.

Kara chuckled too, as she patted Lois's back and handed her a napkin.

Lois let Kara take the cup from her. Her head hurt still from the evening of vodka shots.

"Lois" Kara asked. "Is it too much to ask you not to tell anyone that I'm an alien."

Lois rolled her eyes, understanding that she already screwed up. "I told Chloe. I'm sorry."

"I know. I was there. Remember?"

"Right" Lois drew her legs to her chest and hugged them. "She knew already, didn't she?"

"She knows."

Lois lifted her head and stared intently at the blonde woman. "Clark?"

Kara shifted her eyes and nodded.

"I see." Lois rested her head down again. "I can't believe those two. Keeping something like this from me."

"Lois—please leave them alone. They need to figure out who they are together first. They're still defining their relationship. I'm sure, once they're ready for you to know, they'll tell you."

"Clark's with Lana again" Lois said. "He's a moron."

Kara got up and threw away the coffee. As she did so, she bumped into a tall, familiar black man. Her skin crawled in disgust. She ignored him as best she could, to focus on Lois.

"You better hurry" Kara said. "The line for the TSA check is very long."

Lois stood and grabbed the handle of her carry-on luggage. Her driver's license was in her hand. She followed Kara's lead down the well-worn, dingy hallway of the concourse. Before she stepped forward to take her place, she felt Kara's hand on her shoulder.

"Lois" Kara said. "I'm leaving Smallville for a while."

"Where are you going?"

Kara ignored the question. "Can I get a hug?"

"Of course" Lois said. Lois allowed the younger woman to grasp her around the shoulders, in a brief, but friendly exchange. "As weird as last night was, I'm glad it happened."

Kara smiled. "Have a safe flight Lois."


Lois boarded the plane. She was torn. She really wanted to ask Chloe about Kara, but, she didn't think she could feign her knowledge about Clark too. Lois had the option of pretending that she had in fact, blacked out the events of last night. To several degrees, it would be fun. She could drop giant sized anvils that she knew the secret of the Kent family, and see Clark and Chloe on panic mode.

It was an interesting choice and she knew she'd have fun busting Clark's ass over it.

She laughed heartily to herself. Oh Clark! You really are the universal dork.

And of course, she toyed with dropping the bomb on him. Hey Clark! Kara told me the Kent family secret. Why is it that you never told me? Clearly, you must be ashamed of what you are or you think I'm not a good friend. Which is it?

But the fun wouldn't last. Clark would get weird with her and then, so would Chloe. Lois shrugged, as she decided it would be best, just to pretend like last night had never happened. Even though, more and more memories seemed to be coming back to her.

The whole situation was funny, and a good distraction from her headache.

Have I seen Clark use his powers?

There was evidence of weirdness all around him. Lois chuckled, thinking about that red barn door that nearly landed on her from above. Clark had to be behind that one, although, he was sick at the time. Maybe he sneezed it off the hinges and that was why it fell out of the sky.

Didn't he fall out of the sky, naked no less. Oh man. This makes so much sense now. And Chloe knows. She's a confidante for Clark.

Lois stowed her carry-on underneath the seat in front of her. Her neighbor was resting. He had a small pillow propped up blocking his face. Her fingers itched to write out her thoughts, but she quelled that urge. Lois didn't want to run the risk of the wrong person reading those notes. She sat quietly, and let different ideas take shape inside of her.

A flight attendant came by, and offered to make very expensive drinks. The man next to her blinked his eyes open and smiled at his neighbor. He ordered.

"I'll have a bloody Mary and give this lady whatever she wants." He said. "I don't like drinking alone."

"Just tomato juice." Lois decided. Turning to her benefactor, she politely thanked him.

"It's my pleasure." The black man said. "You look like you have a good story to share, Miss?"

Lois froze. She knew this man already, and her mind started to hum as all her memories rebooted.

"You're the man that follows Chloe." Lois said. "You're the one that get's inside my head and changes things!"

"And I have to do that again."

"No" Lois argued. "Who are you? Why do you do this?"

"I am an alien from Mars. I first came to Earth five hundred years ago, and I allowed my visit to be recorded." He said. "I broke every traveler's code of ethics in existence—and I started a family with humans." He paused. "I was brought to council on Krypton, for my crimes, and forced to leave the love of my life.

"The House of El saved me from banishment and prison. I became indentured to them. To pay for my past crimes, I was a mercenary for the Els, until Jor-El had enough and freed me. In my gratitude, I promised him my assistance with anything. Krypton was in a civil war, and I thought my experiences and powers would be used to save Krypton from destruction.

"I was wrong.

"He let me come back to Earth, and find my children. From them, I found an infant girl, whom I selected as a bride for Jor-El's son, Kal-El. Jor-El sent Kal-El to Earth, and I made sure Chloe Sullivan found her way to Clark Kent's life."

Lois looked at him shocked. "I had no idea. You're telling me, that Chloe's not human either."

"She is human, but more than human." The black man explained. "Her genes, like those of my family, can mutate and adapt to what's called of her."

"She's like a sister to me. I want to know this!" Lois felt a single tear escape her eye.

The man exhaled. "You're a very stubborn subject. Eventually, I'm not going to be able to hide all the things you've seen and witnessed. You will be called to your own role, as you are Chloe's closest family, but, they're not ready yet, are they?"

Lois gritted her teeth. She could feel him inside her head again, as he poked around. He wandered the labyrinth of her unconscious. Kara was also on her mind. Lois worried about her loneliness. He grabbed Kara and pushed her into the tomb of her heart. Only her mother's ghost went there. Then, he moved his confession, into a deeper and more primal part of her brain. He told the little girl inside of her, not to worry, one day, she would be, a confidante for Kara.

The End

Author's Final Notes: Thank you for reading "A Confidante for Kara" or "The Confidantes". This story started out as a challenge. The task was simple, use Kara in an intelligent way. She was lacking in my first long story fic, "I Choose You". In the process of writing this story, I came to really like Kara and I really hate how she was used by the CW. She actually could have been great as an expert in all things Kryptonian. What we got instead was just lame. If you thought I did a good job with Kara, let me know and rec the work to Kara fans out there.

Thoughts on this chapter

Something's off with the Clana scene-I'm really trying to point out the fact that the Clana relationship is a reactive one. Clana reacts to one another, they don't experience things in a proactive way. Therefore, Lana's a painter that tries to color relationships. Contrast that to Chimmy's talk and Chloe's realization that without outside influences coloring things, there's a very strong love and light between her and Clark. (Is that still confusing?)

The Chlark scene over the phone where Clark tells Chloe that she could share his secret, that he's not gonna let it be a burden on her, I can sort see of Clark doing that. However, I don't particularly like it myself. I added it to the chapter after my Beta reader came back with comments. I think that Clark knows that in the end, Chloe's not ever going to tell anyone about him or his Kryptonian genetics. But Clark telling Chloe that she has the option empowers her and gives her leverage in the Chimmy scene, therefore, I kept it. Giving Chloe options on what to do makes her decision more relevant to this story.

The Kara and Lois scene at the end-I would love for Lois to know about Kara's secret. I honestly wish that Lois could know about Kara, and I think it's still possible at this point. I need to see how the series ends and I may rewrite the last two scenes. Kara runs away from Smallville and when Lois and Kara reunite, it's in Fracture, when Kara has amnesia. Lois hunting down Kara makes sense if Lois is Kara's confidante. I don't think there's a scene between Kara and Lois that would interfer with Lois knowing the secret, because either Kara's has amnesia or Kara's Brainiac.

To remove Lois's knowledge of Kara-I had the Manhunter do it, as he has psi powers. Yes, it's a weird end. I get it.

But thank you again for reading this story. It's quite possibly, the tightests thing I've ever written. I'm proud of this piece. I"m not saying its perfect, but...it uses a lot of canon to support my belief that Chlark has an incredible friendship and bond.