Summary: The Winchester brothers … on a ranch

Summary: The Winchester brothers … on a ranch? Entertainment!romance. It's always fun.

"Shit, Sammy, what're we gonna do?" Dean exclaimed, obviously annoyed. The Impala – his baby – had broken down on a random, unfamiliar dirt road in Odessa, Texas.

His brother let out a frustrated sigh. "It's your car, dude. I know less about it than you do so if you can't fix it…"

"What am I gonna use? A shotgun? I don't have any tools or any money to get the damn thing repaired!"

Just as Sam was about to reply with some smartass response, the sound of horses' hooves trotting down the road behind them caught both their attention.

One of the riders climbed down from her spot atop the black stallion, her black "cowgirl" boots kicking up dust around her ankles. "You boys need some help?" she asked, tugging the hat from her head so her brown curls bounced onto her shoulders.

The other rider, also brunette, stayed perched on the larger dapple gray horse she'd ridden up on, but tugged off her sunglasses for a better view of the brothers and the muscle car.

Dean quirked an eyebrow at the two of them. "No, we're just sitting on the side of the road with the hood open because I like to randomly admire the engine."

"If you're gonna be a smartass, I'll just leave you here," the first girl retorted. "I was trying to be nice, but—"

"Yes, we need help; just ignore him," Sam cut in. "He's in a pissy mood 'cause his car's broken."

His brother glared at him. "It's not broken!" he stated. "It's just…broke down…" he mumbled.

The brunette standing next to Sam grinned. "I'm Nicole and that," she pointed to the other girl, "is my cousin, Adrianna."

"Sam," he replied, chuckling as he shook her hand. "That's my brother Dean, but he's not exactly in the friendliest of moods due to his broke down baby."

Dean was about to argue, but decided against it. "Look, can you help us or not?"

"That depends. What do you need?" Adrianna piped up.

"Cash," the brothers replied simultaneously.

"Well, that comes in minimum supply around here as hand-outs, but…my dad might be able to help you out," Nicole stated. "C'mon, we'll give you a ride." She mounted the stallion again and looked down at the expression on their faces. "What, you thought I was magically making a carriage appear? Get up here."

The younger of the two men only hesitated for a moment before – somewhat awkwardly – following her example and climbing up behind her. "Dean c'mon, man, we need the ride."

Dean stared blankly at him. "First of all, I am not leaving my car here and secondly, I am NOT riding that thing."

"Sin could always drag you," Adrianna replied simply.

The look on his face quickly changed from "fuck no" to appalled as she tugged a rope from her saddlebag and smirked smugly at him. "You wouldn't," he said, eyes-wide.

"Ride, walk, or you get dragged by Sinister."

"But I…"

"Dean, she might've said walk, but she's really only giving you two options here," her cousin replied, glancing back at Sam as he shifted awkwardly behind her to stay on the horse.

"Fine," he grumbled. "But I'm only doing this because I want my car up and running. Not because I'm scared of you. Just so you know."

"Yeah, yeah," Adrianna grinned as she offered him a hand onto the draft horse she was sitting on. "Hang on and don't let go."

"What—SHIT!" Dean shouted, clutching at her waist as she took off fast to purposely throw his balance off.

Nicole bust out laughing at the sight of it and made sure Sam was hanging on tightly before giving her horse the okay. The stallion trotted off after Sinister towards the ranch.

The fact that the ranch was a ten minute ride away from where the boys' car broke down felt like forever due to their inexperience with horseback riding. When the two of them finally climbed down from the saddles outside the stables, Dean was walking bowlegged and Sam was hilariously trying not to.

The girls returned the horses back to their respectful stables and led the boys towards the two-story ranch house in the midst of a field of long grass, on a dirt path.

"Girls, is that you?" a voice called from the living room.

As Nicole waved off her cousin, signaling for her to do something that the boys didn't understand until Adrianna offered them something to eat or drink.

"No, you'll probably poison it or something," Dean retorted.

"What he means is, 'No, thank you, I'm an ass today,'" his brother corrected as he took a seat in one of the wooden chairs in the kitchen.

Just then, the sound of dog tags jingling entered the kitchen. The mostly black Border collie rested her head in Sam's lap and made a whimpering noise that he figured meant she wanted attention.

Adrianna chuckled. "Well, I'll be damned. Dayzee wants a stranger's affection."

Sam smiled and scratched the top of the dog's head. "She doesn't usually?"

"I'm family and it took her two weeks just to let me sit next to her on the couch."

Dean snorted. "She probably still doesn't want to, she just feels obligated since you live here."

"That stick's really crooked, isn't it?"

"Excuse me?"

"The stick that's shoved up your ass. I swear, it's sideways."

It was his brother's turn to snort, only with laughter. "Dude, you guys are Snarkfest two thousand seven."

Nicole appeared in the kitchen with a smile. "My dad said he can't just GIVE you the money, but if you're willing to work for it, he's more than willing to help out," she stated.

"Work like…here?" Dean asked.

"No, he's gonna get you a job at the nearest Wal-Mart," Adrianna replied sarcastically. "Yes, here."

"As a ranch hand," the other brunette added.

"Meaning?" Sam inquired.

"You do what we do; only you get paid. And don't even think you can get away with the excuse that you don't know what you're doing because our job is teaching you."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he chuckled. "Tell him thank you."

"This also means you get to set up camp here," Adrianna said. "Get a tow truck to tow your precious car back here and then we'll show you your rooms."

Dean mumbled something under his breath and then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket before disappearing onto the front porch. After feeling her stomach grumble, Adrianna decided to make herself a sandwich.

"Sam, I can show you your room now since it might be a few minutes for your brother," Nicole said sweetly. He nodded and followed her towards the stairs, the jingling of Dayzee's collar not far behind.

The brunette pointed out the first door on the right her dad's room, first on the left her cousin's, second on the right Dean's and second on the left as his own. She gestured towards the end of the hall, stating that, that was her room if he ever needed her for anything before stepping into the bedroom he'd be staying in.

"So this is yours," she said with a smile.

Sam perched in the doorway with his arms crossed, listening until the overwhelming urge to push her onto the bed won him over and as he did so, she didn't seem to be surprised.

"Took you long enough," she grinned before his lips came crashing down on hers. Clothes were no longer a burden after a minute.

"Sam," the moan escaped her lips, but it soon morphed into an exasperated sigh, not one of pleasure.

"SAM!" she exclaimed.

He snapped out of the daydream, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "What?" he asked, subtly trying to look her over and realizing she was still fully-clothed, standing in front of him with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face and an eyebrow cocked.

"Enjoying yourself?" Nicole laughed.

"I…shut up." He felt the blush rising to his cheeks and tried to change a subject. "So um…what time is wake up call?"

"Ha, honey, if you hadn't been day-dreaming you'd know that already. I'm up at 6, but if you need until…. 6:05, that's fine too," she chuckled. "Six am. I suggest you get to bed early." She started out the door but turned back around to add, "Maybe Dayzee will wake you up with a kiss," before disappearing down the stairs.

She entered the kitchen where her cousin was making herself a sandwich, all smiles. "Hey, so you and Dean are pretty friendly," she teased.

"He's a cocky bastard," Adrianna replied through a mouthful of peanut butter and jelly.

"You think he's hot, don't deny it."

"Sure, he's hot but he's still a cocky bastard," she stated. "And what about Sam? He's pretty good-lookin'. He was totally checking you out on the walk here."

Nicole couldn't deny that. Not after what had just taken place upstairs. "So?" was all she could come back with.

Adrianna stepped out of the bathroom, towel closed around her chest and completely forgetting that there was company in the house. Just as she passed Dean's room, he emerged and the two of them collided.

"Shit, sorry," he mumbled, collecting himself before losing his train of thought at the realization that she wasn't fully clothed.

"Hey," she snapped her fingers in front of his face, "I'm up here, Dean."

"Hmm?" he hummed, eyes slowly raking up her legs over her hips and finally up to where her hands were plastered over her towel clad chest.

"God you're such a pig," she growled, shoulder checking him as she pushed past him on the way to her room.

"Sor…sorry," he said quietly, his voice cracking. She paused at her door long enough to glance back at him, meeting his eyes before her gaze dropped to the floor and she slammed her door behind her.

Nicole took another bite of the burnt toast on her plate and grinned as the taller of the two brothers groggily sat down at the table across from her. "Morning, sleepyhead. Sleep well?"

"No," Sam replied with a shake of his head as he rested it against the tabletop.

"Plagued by steamy sex dreams?" she smirked before putting a forkful of scrambled eggs into her mouth.

"You know what," he mumbled, lifting his head just a little bit to glare at her. "That's not funny."

"I think it's hilarious. There aren't a lot of boys down here and I knew you for what? A half hour?"

"Was it really that damn obvious? I was just standing there."

"So was something else," she murmured against the rim of her glass of orange juice, trying not to laugh.

Sam sat up straight, awkwardly, a blush creeping to his cheeks. "Where's Adrianna?" he asked, trying to change the subject completely.

Just as the question came out, the sound of pounding footsteps and shrieking flew by in the form of Adrianna – with a pot and wooden spoon in hand – and Dean following close behind; clad only in boxers with bed head hair.

"I'mgonnakillyou," he shouted angrily as he passed the doorway, heading for the front porch.

Sam and Nicole shared a look and then both burst out laughing.

"Started today off nicely," she chuckled.

A/N: LMFAO! I just re-read this – I wrote it a few months ago – and half the shit in here I forgot how funny it really was! Some of it I don't even remember writing! xD

But I felt the need to post it.

And yes there will be more.

I just really wanted to share the comedy with y'all. :)