She stood there gazing at the tranquil Atlantic as the breeze caressed her. Her feet felt warm among the soft sand and the blue sky resembled her peaceful and clear mind. She closed her eyes and thanked Providence for the sweet bliss she felt, for the family she had found and the family she was making. A small but pleasant smile graced her lips as she thought about that and her hand touch her yet small but swelling belly.

"Jane, there you are! The weather is getting cold, here…" and he put the shawl gently on her shoulders."

"Mr. Eyre warned you about the charms of this beach, did he not?" Edward teased but Jane could feel his worry and that made her even gayer. How she loved his protectiveness of her and the child she was carrying…his child.

"Let's go back inside" she submitted silently to his gentle, guiding hands.

"I was thinking about how events had turned out to work in our favor during the last two months." She finally said.

"Very fine recollections." He remarked for he too felt blessed and tranquil at last after all he had suffered.

"It feels as if it was only yesterday that you brought me here to see my uncle, how hostile he was towards you!" she said tenderly, taking his hand in hers.

"After all he did think I was still deceiving you." Edward answered darkly.

"Well you did prove a very agreeable nephew in law; he is quite fond of you now."

"He is a man of the world, very wise; I have to say I like the man myself." Edward chuckled.

"But not ? I can't believe he is actually gone to India, but he is very determined, good and great. I don't understand why you dislike him?"

"I wouldn't if he was a bit like his sisters, but although I acknowledge his goodness and nobility, I can not bring myself to understand his disapproval of our marriage, his coldness towards you, my darling." And he caressed her tighter.

Jane was silent foe sometime. "But Diana and Mary are very amiable and sweet young ladies."

"No doubt, no doubt." Edward murmured.

"I'm glad Uncle John is reconciled with them, they would do him good."

Edward was silent. He was gazing abstractedly at the sea.

"Do you miss England, Edward?" she whispered. He turned his gaze away from the calm blue to smile at her.

"It's strange, Janet, never before when I was away from England, had I missed Thornfield. You know how I abhorred the place! But now the beauty that my memories with you there shed on that place makes me want to see it again. I had forgotten my childhood there; it all seems to be coming back to me, the true charms of life."

"I, too, long for that dear place. I had told you that it seems like a mansion to me and it still does."

"If Diana and Mary are to remain here with your uncle, I'm sure he wouldn't mind us going back, would he?"

"No, but I wish he could come with us. It's a pity his health does not allow traveling."

"But we could always come back Janet, and next time it will be three of us intruding on his hospitality." Edward said with a smile in his voice and Jane was filled with warmth at the reminder.

"Jane, Mr. Rochester, are you coming in for supper?" Mary's kind voice called. And as they were going in she addressed Edward "I thought you were to bring her inside not to remain outside with her." Edward only chuckled in response as they went in to join Diana and Mr. Eyre.

Jane was still smiling at the wonderful prospects life had put in front of her, she thought seeing Mrs. Fairfax again and bringing Adele home. She had not told them yet that she was married to Mr. Rochester, since they had not had any interacts ever since Mr. Rochester and she had departed for Madeira. She meant to surprise them. God had indeed been very kind to her and her dear Edward.

The End

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