"Unlock the door, Sam!" Danny pounded his fist on the door, irritated.

"No!" A small voice was heard inside his bathroom. "I'm not coming out."

Danny groaned as he laid his head on the door. "Why not?"

"It's fun annoying you." Danny crossed his arms as he heard the smile in Sam's voice. She laughed and continued, "Why do you want me to come out, anyways?"

"If Jazz finds out we're not studying, she'll be furious!"

"Furious with you, you mean."

"No, both of us."

"Suuure." Danny jiggled the doorknob one more time before slamming his fist against the door in frustration, again. "Come on!" he growled, hitting against the door some more. Suddenly, a smile flickered across his face. "Oh, Sam...?" Danny said in a singsong voice.

"Yes?" But, instead of answering, Danny turned intangible. Without making a sound, he stepped through the door and into his locked bathroom with Sam inside. "danny? I'm not coming out, remember? And you can't pick the lock. You don't know how."

Danny materialized, but stayed invisible. "I don't need to," he whispered in her ear, sneaking up behind her.

Sam screamed in surprise, accidentally whacking Danny upside the head - which sent him to the ground. But, because he had his arms around her waist, Danny pulled Sam down with him. She landed on top of him in an instant, completely confused and dazed.

Sam laughed, trying to make focus of the dark room with Danny underneath her. "What just happened?"

Danny joined in, as well. "You locked the door, I phased in, and now we're here: on the ground with you on top of me."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" Sam asked, her eyebrow cocked.

"No - that's n-not wh-what I meant..." Danny stuttered, blushing. He silently thanked God that it was dark in the room. He didn't want Sam to find him blushing right then. But, before he could say anymore, Sam laid her head down on his chest and relaxed in his embrace.

"Shhh," she hushed him quietly. "Don't ruin the moment."

Danny was panicking. He didn't want anyone to find them like this. Many questions would rise if someone did! "What moment?!" he half-shrieked. "There is no moment to ruin!" Being the bothering pest she was, Sam covered danny's mouth wordlessly.

"I said, don't ruin it." Sam said through gritted teeth. She sighed as Danny nodded under her hand. She relaxed a bit more, then nuzzled her face into Danny's shirt. But then a thought came to her.

"Is the door still locked?" Sam asked, not really caring for an answer.

Danny watched as Sam rose and fell with his chest as he continued to breathe, answering, "I don't know. Don't really care, either."

Sam closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. "Me neither."

For a few minutes, they both lay there, wrapped up in the moment they were having... no matter how much they denied it. They were so engulfed in the sensations they were feeling right then, that they didn't notice the handle begin to jiggle. A small Click! was heard - but not by the two on the floor - and soon a stream of light from Danny's room poured into the bathroom. Soon, the bathroom light came on.

"Danny?" A voice exclaimed. "Sam?" Danny and Sam looked up from where they were on the ground, their jaws dropping at the same time. "What are you two doing in the bathroom...locked in...on the ground...on top of each other...?"

Sam could sense the doubt in the air as she got up, madly blushing.

Her face red, she marched out the bathroom, out Danny's room, and out the door, not bothering to grab her books. Danny still hadn't moved as Tucker crouched down to help him up.

"So, are you going to tell me?" he asked.

Danny glared at Tucker as, standing up. He wiped the back of his jeans with his hands and growled, "You ruined our moment. We were having a moment - one that I recognized, this time - and you ruined it."

"What moment?"

Danny sighed.

"Is that why the door was locked?"