Betrayal's Fate

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The Sakura trees were blooming. The whole academy was peaceful. Well, it was until a certain brunette woke up finding herself late for classes.

Mikan Sakura woke up finding her almost late for class. She quickly did her morning routine and ran to class. Her footsteps echoed through the empty hallways. She was nearly there when a certain black cat tripped her over.

" Natsume why do you always do this? Don't you get tired?"

"Nope love hearts!" Nastume said while he smirked

"NATSUME HENTAI!" her scream were heard through the whole academy.


As they entered the classroom Mikan saw Hotaru sitting there looking at some blueprints.

As usual Mikan ran up and attempted to hug her best friend. She shouted "HHHHHHHOOOOTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Her attempt failed and was return from Hotaru with three shots of her newly upgraded Baka bomb


" Ita.. Hotaru why did you do that?" she said as gallons of water or should I say tears came down her face.

" Its because you never learn. Don't you know that I never want you to hugs me. I don't want to get your idiot germs on me!" Hotaru said coldly to Mikan.

" But Hotaru that's so mean!" Mikan shouted

But Hotaru had continued to ignore her.

" Ohayo Ruka-pyon!"

" Ohayo Sakura-san"

" Ruka-pyon! How many times do I have to tell you it's Mikan! I don't like you calling me by my last name!"

" Ok! Sa- I mean Mikan-san!"

" Ohayo Nastume!"

But was replied with his usual "hn"

" Nastume could you at lease answer me once in a while I mean it's been 2 years since I came!"

(A.N: they are 12 now!)

" Tch! Whatever!" he said as their 'gay' sensei came in!

" Ohayo mina-san!" Narumi said happily!

" Today we will be having two new students joining us! Come in!"

Two students came in one male and the other female. They both had strawberry-blonde hair and amber eyes.

" hello we are new students at this academy so please take care of us!" said the girl.

" Class this is Kinomi and Kenji Shinkiya. Their alices cannot be announced yet but they are 3 star and DA!"

" Wow DA! Who will be their partner?"

" Well I have decided that Nastume will be Kinomi and Hotaru will be Kenji's partner, Mi-chan will be RUka's partner from now on!"

" EHhhhhh! I will NOT allow this! As the president of the Nastume and Ruka fanclub I will NOT allow this sissy to be MY Nastume's partner!"

" Since when was I yours permy? I have a girlfriend you know!"

" WHAT!" Nobody could believe that Nastume just said that he had a girlfriend!

He looked down and ran out side

Profile of Kinomi

Name: Kinomi Shinkiya

Age: 12 years old

Birth date: 13th April

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye color: Amber

Alice: Hypnotize Alice (secret from the students at the moment)

Star Rank: 3 star

Love interest: Natsume

Relatives: Kenji (brother)

Other relatives unknown

Rival: Mikan Sakura


Name: Kenji Shinkiya

Age : 12 years old

Birth date: 13th April

Hair color: Strawberry blonde ( lighter shade then Kinomi)

Eye color: Amber

Alice: Control Alice ( Control's people not things)

Star Rank: 3 Star

Love interest: Hotaru

Relatives: Kinomi ( twin sister)

Rival: Ruka Nogi



Today is they day that I officially started to date Hotaru!

Nogi Ruka , Sakura Mikan of class 1-B please come to the principle office immediately. I REPEAT NOGI RUKA, SAKURA MIKAN COME TO THE PRINCIPLE'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!

Huh? What does the principle want with me & Sak- I mean Mikan-san?


Mikan and Ruka heard this and immediately headed to the principal's office. They entered the room and sitting there was the elementary principle and next to him standing there was… Persona,

"Good morning Sakura- san, Nogi-san" the principle said smiling giving them both chills up their spines.

" I assume you wouldn't know why I have called you here today?"

They both nodded

" The school council has made a decision that you two will be transferred to the Academy we have in America,"

" WHAT!' They both shouted.

"Well, I assume that you know that you Nogi-san that you have 3 alices!"


" Yes that is why you have to go to America! To train you other two alices!"

"Question why do I have to go too?" Mikan asked.

" Because we will have to train you other alice as well, the SEC alice?"

" What is the SEC?" Ruka asked.

" Well it is the Steal copy and erase alice that you inherited from your mother,"

" Ok…" Mikan said sadly," But what are RUka-pyons other alices?"

" ok his second alice is the alice of the elements and his third alice is the alice of weapons,"


" That is correct, you can manipulate any element you want,"

" Ok.."


What do I do… I want to stay here with Hotaru… I love her…but ….. I can't just leave Mikan alone in America.

" I want your answer by sundown you can come to the principal's office anytime you want to,"

I walked out of the office with Mikan-chan

"What are we going to do?" I asked her.

"We should tell natsume and Hotaru firstand ask them what they think," she said sadly.

We walked to the Sakura tree and something just mad my mind stop.

I saw Hotaru with Kenji… Kissing… what are they doin?


What does Hotaru think she's doing? She's Ruka-pyons GIRLFRIEND! I I looked over and saw Natsume with the new girl holding have and licking her ear… I was struck back…

"Natsume, Hotaru what are you doing," I whispered to myself.

"How's my best friend doing," I heard Natsume say to Kenji.

I looked at Ruka,he looked very pale. I know I mean his girl friend is making out with some guy and his best friend has just said that some new guy was his best friend… I feel the same… But I realized something I shouldn't cry because of Natsume or Hotaru they lied to us and betrayed us we shouldn't cry over them…

"Let's go Ruka,"

"Where ?" he asked me.

I looked at him, a tear fell down my face and I said, "The principal's office we're going to America,"

He nodded in approval.


Im going to America. I hate Natsume and Hotaru.


" What's your answer?" The principal asked us.

We looked at each other and then I replied," We doing it!"



The next day was somewhat quiet. Natsume did his usual thing and wait for his girl friend to come rushing down the hallway. Hotaru prepared her Baka Bomb for her.

2 minutes…..

5 minutes…..

10 minutes….

The door slide open, everyone thought it was Mikan or Ruka but Narumi came in looking very sad.

" I have some bad news minna-san Ruka and Mikan have transferred to the Academy of America.

Hotaru and Natsume stood and shouted " WHAT AMERICA WHEN WAS THIS?"

Kinomi and Kenji just smirked thinking 'no one can steal Hotaru/ Natsume away from me anymore'

" They left this morning,"

Hotaru just ran outside while Natsume jumped out the window and headed for the Sakura tree.


Why did you leave me Mikan/ Ruka?

Ok this is what happened to Yuri found out she had an Alice.

Her name her adopted parents gave her was Zoe Chow; I will start calling her Zoe and then Yuri when she finds out

And that she was adopted

Any ideas on pairing should Mikan end with Natsume?

Should Ruka end with Hotaru or Yuri?


March 16th

"Zoe! See you tomorrow! " a 12 year old girl called Jenny shouted to her Raven haired best friend.

" Yea ok!"


Real name: Yuri Hijiri

Adopted name: Zoe Chow

Birth date: 8th May

Hair color: Raven

Eye color: brown eyes (okay youchi's eyes are emerald from his mother cause she got emerald eyes and raven hair and their father hair youchi's hair color an brown eyes explained?)

Alice: Spira alice.

Okay let me explain her alice, So I got this Final fantasy thing going on now. With her alice she can summon aeons and espers. She can transform into a summoners clothes! Sorta like Yuna but her sleeves things are midnight blue and her dress is knee length. She can use dress spheres which is also part of her power and she can do what a summoner can do. ( sorta lame but it's funny)

Living relatives:

Sheryl Chow ( adoptive Mother) , Jack ( adoptive father), Melinda ( adoptive Sister), Adrien ( adoptive Brother) Youchi Hijiri ( real brother)

Dead relatives

Kanata Hijiri ( father can't think of another name)

Chizuru Hijiri ( mother)

Love interest: Later on Ruka

Back to the story,

She walks to her mail box and sees a letter posted to her. On it says from the Alice Academy of America, She opens it and it says,

Dear Miss Zoey Chow or Yuri hijiri,

We are here to inform you that you are accepted into the Alice Academy of America. I assume you know that your younger brother Youchi Hijiri had already attended the Academy of Japan since he was three.

As she kept reading she had gotten more and more shocked, she was adopted…..

She will have to go to America

She'll have to leave all her friends behind.

Many thoughts flew through her mind.

She shook it off, can she tell her parents she found out?

"Mama! I home!"

" Welcome home Zoe!" Then she saw the letter! She gasped and dropped the bowl she was holding.

" Where did you get that? Did you read it?"

Zoe nodded her head. " It was in the mail today, I'll have to leave for America in 2 weeks…"

Her mother dropped to the floor and started to cry "I knew this would happen one day! I didn't think it would be so soon!"

That night her adoptive parents explained everything to her.

The academy…

Her birth Parents

Her brother

In America

" Hello students today we have two new students Mikan Sakura and Ruka Nogi from the Academy of Japan…"

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